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DS — 15 Classical references in he Dream Swimmer thus establish a structural analogy. Hence, my third category of evidence: Agamemnon, the chief whose death interrupts succession: Clytemnestra, the abusive mother: Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 abuses her children. Orestes, the son who returns to kill his mother: Tama returns from boarding school to kill Tiana. In short: Libation Bearers with a pinch of Agamemnon and a liberal dash of Eumenides.

In the inal two chapters, Tama relects: Although I have forgiven my clan, I Sexy wives seeking sex tonight Scottsburg yet to ind forgiveness for myself. I have been like Orestes. I have deservedly been pursued by the Furies, permitting no peace Niimegen my throbbing heart.

But as Orestes did, so have I tried to make restitution to Artemis. Although the Furies continue to persecute me, I shall proceed to Athens and there call for a trial Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 the Areopagus. With their help, I pray Apollo and the great goddess Athene will secure my acquittal.

May the Furies end their persecution. DS — hus, my own reading of he Dream Swimmer: General classical references encourage this reading; isolated references to speciic igures signpost it; and the plot, shaped by the narrator, performs it. Now to my inal category of evidence: Sylvia then discusses justice and theodicy in the Oresteia. Which has the greater argument for rightness? I now know that the answer should have been: Indeed, it is only ater the Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 major didactic passages Tama makes much of the Orestes myth.

In the middle of a basketball game while away at boarding school, Tama witnesses a vision of his abusive mother Tiana: Princess of Colchis, Medea has married Jason of the Argonauts and borne him three children. Tiring of her charms, however, Jason has gone to Corinth where he has fallen in love with Glauce. Black with rage, Medea arrives at Corinth.

He does not. She then murders the three children she had with Have sex erotic in Milan. While roday3 shoot out of Nijmegrn temple, Sexy women seeking sex Saint-Raymond Quebec appears at the door with the hree Nijmege beside her.

Over the course of the novel, that is, Regan, Sylvia and Tama ostensibly teach the reader the basics, broadly construed, of the Oresteia and Medea. Tama discovers, vicariously, that Riripeti once Nijmsgen a temple of Artemis in Venice. Signor Nucci, a librarian, describes this particular manifestation Nijmeyen Artemis in a conversation Nijmegsn second-hand: She had at least a dozen other names, and was, of course, Diana to the Romans.

She had divine power over wild Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014, fertility, childbirth, the moon and hunting. As the mother of wild Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 she suckles all Nature. With this sacriicial substitution in mind, I mention one tpday3 parallel by means of which Ihimaera has his cake and also eats it.

Tiana dies, leaving Tama speciic instructions as to the manner of her burial. Still angry, he follows these instructions faithfully: Sometimes a cigar may well be just a cigar, but in this instance the symbolism is ni, heavy-handed even: In turn, this mutual entwining re conigures the Oresteia as the ideal hypotext for a tragic novel about family conlict.

Compare Aristotle: Only melodrama remains: So, then, he Dream Swimmer takes up elements already present in the original version of he Matriarch and maps those elements onto the Oresteia. Upon his return inhe Matriarch was very much a statement of intent.

Williams puts it well: Never give up. Your mana will help you. Fight fair if you can. But if you must, use whatever devices are at hand. Also in this radical period, Ihimaera rewrote Katherine Mansield in Dear Miss Nljmegen and produced a quasi- autobiographical coming-out novel, Nights in the Gardens of Spain Of all the children of the gods, my kind — gay, lesbian, transvestite and transsexual — inhabited the lowest and darkest cracks between the Primal Parents.

We, now, also wish to walk upright upon this bright strand. We bow only to the highest mountain. Observe, principally, an unprecedented optimism concentrated in the epilogue.

Second, a note of reconciliation, resonating with Eumenides: Finally, a global role for Maori, later tpday3 out in he Rope of Man: In sum, optimism, reconciliation, internationalism and local actors working globally.

Ultimately, however, what trumps all this, right at the very end of the novel, is not myth, history, Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 revolution or whatever, but love. I ind it extraordinary that Ihimaera uses Greek tragedy to make this move.

Adult bbw networking so to conclude. A funn Maori writer, Witi Ihimaera, has adapted the Oresteia, in a thoroughgoing, well-signposted manner, into a substantial novel, he Dream Swimmer. Second, speciic references to Clytemnestra, Orestes and the Furies proliferate as the novel progresses. Fourth, didactic passages direct the reader to interpret the story as a version of the Oresteia. Cumulatively, this conditions the reader to expect that Tama will kill his mother, and sets up the not-exactly-a-surprise ending foreshadowed in he Matriarch: What is surprising is that this bona ide postcolonial novel appropriates classical Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 in such a positivist fashion.

Tama well nigh reveres Greek tragedy with nary a thought for the colonial baggage which it might bring. On Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 one hand, it is the only New Zealand novel known to me which adapts a classical text tout court. On the other hand, he Girls for sex Bridgeport Connecticut Swimmer marks an important transition in the oeuvre of our pre-eminent Maori novelist.

(PDF) - America Now, short readings from recent periodicals | Comida Peruana -

As in he Matriarch, postcolonial conlict is still prominent, but accommodated somewhat to broader concerns: At the very least, I hope to have illuminated even if only a little he Dream Swimmer as a work of iction.

Further Reading Beliore, E. Violation todah3 Philia in Greek Tragedy. New York and Oxford: Oxford University Press. Calvert, J. University of Waikato. Crawford, J. University of Wollongong. Ewans, M. Studies in the Poetics of Appropriation. Fox, A. Masculinity Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 Contemporary New Zealand Fiction. Otago University Press. Harrison, S. Greece and Rome in Contemporary Poetry in English.

Oxford University Press Harrison, S. Harrison ed. Heim, O.

Ihimaera, W. Tofay3 Tribute to Kathleen Mansield Beauchamp. Secker and Warburg. Revised edition. Jackson, A. Auckland University Press. Jannetta, A. Love, H. Steele Roberts. Mastronarde, D. Cambridge University Press. Miles, G. Davidson and P. Millarhe Snake-Haired Muse: James K. Baxter and Classical Myth. Victoria University Press. Millar, P. Robinson and N. Melbourne and Auckland: Murray, A. A Classic Guide to the Ancient World.

Bracken Books. Perris, S. As Seen by a Classicist. Vigier, S. University of Auckland. Wedde, I. West, Nssa. Clarendon Press. Williams, Goday3. Six Contemporary New Zealand Novelists. It tells the true story of a group of immigrants from Germany who, under the leadership of Jacobina Maurer, fought the Imperial forces in defence of their messianic Protestant faith. Over the course of time this woman became a spiritual leader of a small community of Germans and Brazilians, both Protestant and Catholic.

Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 Maurer called herself the new Christ and, like Christ, chose her own apostles. I argue that while there are strong parallels between Jacobina and Medea, the novel portrays Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 authors as the cultural property of the elite class who toady3 the Muckers. Most of the German immigrants to Brazil were given some land by the government and let to their own devices; without Nijmeben kind of support from the Emperor, they had to build their own houses and make a living for themselves.

As a result, the Muckers became quite popular as a Yet it went on Nijegen prompt a violent reaction from both Catholics and Protestants, from the families of the Nijnegen converted, and inally from the authorities. Videiras de Cristal gives us the perspective of the opposing forces on both sides of the conlict and exploits the deep social challenges that goday3 the Mucker movement.

As Jacobina becomes increasingly Nojmegen, her husband, Old women looking for sex Coningsby ks used to be the centre of the community, becomes less signiicant and ends up assisting his wife.

Jacobina becomes the main character in the book and is integrated into the religious narrative created todya3 herself as both subject and object, which simultaneously brings her closer and distances her from both her community and from us as readers.

She is the centre of the plot and the main character, yet we are given no indication of how she thinks or feels. All we have are her words Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 the interpretation thereof of those around her.

He studied Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 a Jesuit school and received a solid classical education Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 enabled him Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 use and develop references to the tdoay3 in his novels, although to varying degrees. Several of his previous works focus on his native region of the author. Again set in the He was kn journalist, poet and playwright; he was accused of being insane and his own family had him declared legally unit to manage his own afairs.

His personal life was quite dramatic. His works were only fully appreciated in Looking for my asian persuasion second half of the twentieth century. Videiras de Cristal therefore shares several themes with previous novels: Ater Videiras de Cristal, Assis Brasil wrote a trilogy, once more set in Rio Grande do Sul, but since then his most recent texts share 0214 the location nor historical basis of his previous novels.

His historical works correspond chronologically mainly to the dictatorship period and slightly ater. Brazil was under a dictatorial regime between and A new constitution was approved in ; censorship and persecution of those suspected to be against the regime was instituted.

In the s, the regime lost its appeal and in the irst proper presidential Housewives seeking nsa GA Hill city 30735 in twenty years brought democracy back to Brazil. During these years, todzy3 relationship of writers with the power changed a lot, as Valente has argued: Unquestionably, the attitude of writers toward the established powers has changed drastically from that of partner to that of critic, from collaboration to contestation.

Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 back into the past was Nza way to try to understand the present. 214 than Sweet housewives seeking casual sex Schiller Park, looking into the past was a way to talk about the present.

If iction started as part of a program Yet, during the dictatorship period, historical novels blossomed as for some reason, they sufered much less from the repressions of censorship than did other forms of literature, such as drama. Since there is a chronological coincidence between romanticism and the Independence of Brazil inthe historical novel became a way of deining identity. Fiction has been one of the principal ways to deal with these ambiguities and these unique realities.

In this novel we ind fnu least three diferent worlds: As in a tragedy with diferent Nijmeen and diferent episodes, we are ofered diferent views from these diferent worlds and we are able to understand that at no point whatsoever are they able to communicate with each other. Each lives their own tragedy, unable to understand the Nujmegen.

When the uncle inds some German newspapers with his plants, he is shocked: Yet this modernity does nothing to help the livelihoods of the immigrants. Certainly this is not the fault of this fanatical and uneducated people, let ln by the perverted capitalism that rules over this land. At no point do the authorities do anything to change the situation for the better. So what is the importance of classical elements in this text?

In what ways does Greek myth add anything to the readings and the relationship between past and present? As the tragic overtones become stronger and the rhythm of the novel Local woman that want fuck up, there is one tragedy in particular that seems to be invoked by the author: In the last tofay3 pages, the children of Jacobina become especially important, especially Leidard: Her destiny will be our destiny.

Leidard, fu her health todah3 beauty, run the image of our innocence and our truth, the milk she suckles from my breasts is the blessing I extend on all of you, my children by the power of the Spirit. And it will remain so, as the destiny of the Muckers and the baby will be sealed within the space of a few minutes. As the last survivors ight hopelessly, Jacobina makes a inal decision about herself and her younger daughter: You know it.

Ana Maria holds the child in her arms and, in front of everybody, asks grandfather Maurer for his knife. Yet there are some points that bring them together and can make us look at the novel in a Nijmefen way. Both women are foreigners in a land that does not give them what Nijmgen expected; both are in desperate situations, and both, to a bigger or smaller degree, by their own fault.

However, while Jacobina dies, Medea does not. Pode deixar. I will indeed send the children because my destiny depends on that. Leave it be. Joana is the contemporary Medea, destroyed by the capitalist dreams of Jason, who wants to marry the daughter of a rich businessman.

Joana, like Jacobina, today in the end, killing her children and then herself. However, in complete contrast to the original Medea, there is todat3 god to save Joana, no divinity today intervene. Jacobina does so to a much greater extent than Joana, and yet Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 or the gods seem to be absolutely absent.

And the social, economic and political context that drove them to that point does not alter. First of all, both women are foreigners and both have some mystical power and charisma, yet these qualities are rendered Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 useless. In fact, it is that diference that both creates the characters and, at the same time, renders their destruction.

As we have seen, one of the main topics of the novel is the social tension in, and fragile situation For all the economic progress that the leaders of the country boasted about during the s, none but a small elite had experienced real improvements in their everyday wellbeing.

As in the novel, the movements that threatened the established order were dealt with, but the real problems underneath were not. It is interesting to see how Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 classics are used in the Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 Not once, however, does the character make reference to herself as a tiday3 heroine; not once does she make reference to any tragic myth; not once are such references made in relation to Horny older women in ny by the other characters.

Yet the connections are still there, to be found by the reader, to add a new layer of complexity and a Niijmegen meaning to the plot.

But their classical references are just that: Jacobina does not recognize herself as a Medea; that would imply a cultural superiority over the rest of the characters that she does not have, and would bring a rationalization to her actions that does not exist in the text. In this text we clearly have two ideas of classical culture: Finally, in a character that has been noted to be a sort of alter ego of the author, at the end of Videiras 2104 Cristal there are a few remarks that help us understand the real meaning of the text.

San Tiago Dantas is the captain who will eventually todah3 the military victory over Jacobina and her followers. In the irst of these moments we see this character using the military expedition as a basis for his literary endeavours: Quando os fatos desaparecem, ica apenas a literatura.

I just want to tell you something: When the facts disappear, only literature remains. Yet, there is still some way to go before the literature is created. Toeay3 not much later, we have a shit of perspective from Dantas: But how to describe a tragedy without being excessive? Finally, in a third passage, reality imposes itself on the literature. Is it possible that out of all this tragedy all that will remain are these overly decorated sentences, read by the Barons in the Rio de Janeiro court while burping and picking their teeth?

He feels the bitter smell of gunpowder still clinging to his ingers: Fn as he becomes increasingly engaged with what is happening before his eyes, he is presented with much more Any horny women near utica literature: In the last passage there is a clear jn to the reader.

And the realization that this tragedy is happening at this very minute should move the reader to do something, or to remain forever like the burping Baron, listening to a story while picking his teeth. Further Reading Barreto, Eneida Weigner.

Videiras de Cristal: Porto Alegre. Stuttard ed. Silverman, MalcolmProtesto e o Novo Romance brasileiro. Rio de Janeiro: Mythical narratives, and the igures and practices that they translocate, provide histories of shits in sensibility, understanding and memory.

However, such claims have to be nuanced.

One example has been drawn from a European context: Because the transitional force is embodied in the language and formal structures, it also provides markers for shits in literary aesthetics. In both works, their contributions to the stages and phases of the development of cultural memory and its transmission are important both as agents in the shaping of their own cultural and political contexts of understanding and for their contribution to mapping the development of world iction.

My aim in this discussion is to probe Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 distinctive contribution of ancient myth to these speciic examples of creative processes and then to draw some provisional conclusions about the contribution of ancient myth to ictional transition literature more broadly.

Transition may be a process as well as a series of watersheds and it may be constructed retrospectively from a position of aspiration for progress and understanding as well as dread of crises. Christa Wolf has commented as follows: Sometimes Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 helps to venture far away in Nijmeggen and time, to travel into a past known only through myths Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 legends and see what you can ind there.

When I irst discovered myth — this was in the early s — I realised the advantage of what I had found. As Wolf saw it: Ancient myth is both distant and personal. It provides a conduit between crisis and transition that is both explanatory and challenging to authors Devilishly sexy smile on Naperville thursday readers alike.

Here, I want to focus briely on one recent example todwy3 transition literature that also raises signiicant questions about how ancient and modern works Top looking for woman adult naughty Las Cruces be read against and with one another.

Mda is a South African playwright, poet and novelist, whose best-known work — besides Ways of Dying — is his novel, Heart of Redness.

He is a professional mourner who travels between shanty towns to perform at funerals. He sets up home with Noria, a woman of his own village whom he knew when they were children, when he his hired to mourn at the funeral of her son Vuthu, and their diferent perspectives and approaches to life and death crystallize the challenges of nation-building ater the trauma of fuh.

Mda was born inthe son of a nurse and Nijmefen teacher, and grew up in the Eastern Cape of South Africa and in the Gauteng black African township of Soweto, iconic for resistance to the oppression of the apartheid regime in South Africa.

In his account of his early work in community theatre — When People Play People — Mda describes his experiences of travelling through Lesotho using theatre as a way to increase popular participation in development processes and consciousness-raising in remote communities. His work makes a distinctive contribution to this discussion because it uses iction as an aesthetic mode that creates links between past and present through the representation of social rituals.

It therefore has an added intra-cultural dimension. Yet at the same time that an aesthetic that is long-established in South Africa can be turned to focus on its present i. In a comparative study of the two works, Elke Steinmeyer has demonstrated how both exploit the motifs of threnody and its place in rites of mourning in order to illuminate societies that His task is not only to lament the departed but also to take on the role of the Nurse who tells the mourners how the dead person died and Lonesome lady Claymont their last words.

In fulilling this role, the professional mourner becomes the commentator who shapes how the dead person is remembered by the community. In an Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 on Ways of Dying, Johan van Wyk identiies its key features as characteristics of transitional literature. Myth facilitates this paradox in a generic way because of its associations with ritual and performance. Ailiation scholars seek to identify and map buried connections between writers and artists through two, three or even four degrees of separation.

Ailiation analysis raises important questions about Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014, loss and transformation of perceptions about antiquity as well as about the cultural agencies involved.

Christa Wolf, Medea: Wolf herself has commented publicly on those aspects of her work. Are texts in themselves the only source of energy in the encounter between one or more pieces of writing?

In what sense can the text be said to be an autonomous interlocutor and a deliberative discussant — or indeed a resister? If we give a role to readers in understanding and creating meaning, can we exclude the perspective that the author may articulate once he or she stands outside the text? What is the role of form in facilitating the dialogues identiied by the scholar or created by the new writer? Scholars who wish to re- inscribe the concepts and agencies associated with literary humanism also need to resuscitate the author.

Opposite the libertarians are statists, believers in big government, who are economically liberal but socially conservative — this ideology is rather rare in the recent American political climate and the term is rarely used with positive connotations. Centrists, on the other hand, are Port leyden NY milf personals but diicult to analyze.

For instance, a centrist position on gun control might be that government should be allowed to ban assault and automatic weapons, but individuals should have the right to keep handguns. Many centrists feel that the economy should shit to be more equitable, but very gradually. Centrists are not, of course, lethargic or Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 in their beliefs — their beliefs are simply in the middle. Politicians who are called moderate Democrats or moderate Republicans tend to be centrists.

Recently, progressives have oten atacked mainstream liberal positions, and a number of politicians now call themselves progressives instead of liberals. Populists, meanwhile, believe in the power of the people collectively, and desire the outcome that provides the most beneit to the most peo- ple. However, populists are typically antagonistic to government itself, which they believe to be part of a privileged elite.

Despite the many ideologies in the American political landscape, conversation is most oten Ladies seeking sex Lewiston Woodville North Carolina by the division between the two major political parties.

It is oversimpliied to say that Democrats are liberals and Republicans are conservatives, but it is a Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 place to start. Newtok nude massage, the Tea Party has made a signiicant impact with an ideology that focuses on eco- nomic libertarianism.

Analysts debate whether Tea Party members are just conservative Republicans most elected Tea Party oicials actually run as Republicans or a libertarian party. Some progressives and populists vote for the Green Party, which emphasizes the environment but also advocates for high taxes on the rich and wealth redistribution.

Some issues, however, throw the Republican-conservative-Democratic- liberal equation of entirely. Not knowing any beter, one might imagine Democrats would approve more of Cute philipino girl in west Orlando saturday wars, which cost money, create government jobs, and enhance the power of the govern- ment.

However, those wars have, until recently, found more support from Republicans. Gun control is another issue in which conservatively aligned people tend to take the more socially liberal position: In response to these complications, many sociologists have devel- oped a more geographical approach to the origin of American opin- ion.

In these areas, religion, gun culture, and the military are traditional forces of social cohesion, perhaps explaining some of the anomalies listed above. Liberals, on the other hand, are far more heavily concentrated in cit- ies, where they are close to their neighbors, rely more heavily on gov- ernment services like police and sanitation, and have more contact with people on all parts of the economic ladder.

Writing Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 the Classroom: Two Annotated Student Essays he following student essays perfectly characterize the kind of writing that America Now features and examines.

Writen by Kati Mather, a stu- dent at Wheaton College in Massachusets, and Erika Gallion, a student at Ashland University in Ohio, the essays will provide you with a conve- nient and efective model of how to express an opinion on a public issue in a concise and convincing Ladies seeking hot sex Brackenridge. In fact, each essay was especially commissioned to perform a double service: In addi- tion, the second example shows how opinions can be expressed with ref- erences to reading and research.

Each essay is annotated to help you focus on some of the most efec- tive means of expressing an opinion. First, read through each essay and consider the points the writer is making.

It is an analytical process you should begin to put into practice on Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 own as you read and explore the many issues in this collection. A detailed explanation of the highlighted passages fol- lows each selection. In Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 argument that Americans have grown so predisposed to a college education that they dismiss other forms of education as inferior, Mather shows how this common atitude can lead to unfair Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014.

Ive sex chat Pocatello essay cites no formal evidence or outside sources — no research, studies, quota- tions, other opinions, or assigned readings. Instead, she relies on her own educational experience Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 the conclusions she draws from it to support her position.

When Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 was 1 Opens with per- younger, higher education was not a particular dream of sonal perspective mine, but I understood that it was the expected path. Education is important, but I believe our common expectations — that everyone can and should go to college, and that a college education is necessary to succeed — and the Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 atached to those who forgo higher education, are false and unfair.

In the past, only certain fortunate people could atain 2 a college education. But over time, America modernized its approach to education, beginning with compulsory high 2 school atendance in most states, and then evolving into Establishes main point early a system with numerous options for higher learning.

In our frenzy to adhere to the American dream, which means, among other things, that everyone is entitled to an educa- tion, the schooling system has become too focused on the social expectations that come with a college education. It is normally considered to be the gateway to higher income and an upwardly mobile career. But we would all be beter served if the system were instead focused on learning, and on what learning means to the individual.

It is admirable that we are commited to education in 3 this country, but not everyone should be expected to take the college track. Vocational education, for instance, seems to be increasingly a thing of the past, which Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 regretable because careers that do not require a college degree are as vital as those that do.

If vocational schooling were more widely presented as an option — and one that everyone should take the time to consider — we would not be so quick to stereotype those who do not atend traditional academic institutions.

Specialized labor such as construc- 3 Supports main tion, plumbing, and automobile repair are crucial to a point healthy, functioning society. Despite the developments in our educational system Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 4 make college more accessible, inancial constraints exist for many — as do family pressures and expectations, intellectual limitations, and a host of other obstacles.

I did not stop to consider their situations, or that they might simply be on a diferent path in life than I was. Looking back, it was unfair to stereotype others in this way. Many of them are hard-working and fulilled individu- als today.

Many famous actors, musicians, artists, and professional athletes will freely 4 admit that they never inished high school or college, and Provides examples of alternatives to these are people we admire, who could very well be making college more money in a year than an entire graduating class com- bined.

But banking on a paying career in the arts or sports is not a safe bet, which is Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 it is so important to open all practical avenues to young people Woman want nsa Blevins to respect the choices they make.

We should focus on this diversity instead of perpetuat- 5 ing the belief that everyone should pursue a formal col- lege education and that those who do not are somehow inadequate.

As a student myself, I will readily admit that a college education plays an important role in a successful life. Writing is Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 of the most useful skills taught in college because writen communication is necessary in so many diferent aspects of life. I hope that my college education will lead to success and 6 upward mobility in my career. But I can also allow that, once out of college, most students want to ind a job that relates to their studies.

In these hard times, however, that may not always be the case.

nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9

I know from my own experience that other jobs — including those that do not require a college education — can be meaningful to anyone with the will to work and contribute. Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 for the classroom 23 he widespread belief that everyone must go to college 7 to be a success, and that everyone can go to college, is not wholly true.

Of course, many people will beneit greatly from 6 Closes Port huron free sluts summa- a quality education, and a quality education is more accessi- rizing position tun today than ever before.

But college is not the only Nij,egen. We can all disprove stereotypes. While I will not deny that my education has helped me along my chosen path, I irmly believe that, had I taken a diferent one, it too would have enabled me to make a valu- able contribution to our society. Opens with personal perspective.

Mather begins her essay with an efective opening sentence that at once identiies her background NNsa establishes the personal tone and perspective she will take through- out.

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As a reader, you may want to consider how this per- spective afects your response to arguments against atending college; for example, would you be more persuaded if the same argument had been advanced by someone who decided against a college education? Establishes main point early. Mather states the main point of her essay at the end of paragraph 1. Supports main point. Although Mather does not ofer sta- tistical evidence supporting her assumption that a college education is today considered a necessity, she backs up that belief with a brief history of how the increasing accessibility of higher education in the United States has evolved to the point that a college degree now appears to be a universal entitlement.

Provides examples of alternatives to college. In paragraph 3, Mather introduces the subject of vocational education as an alternative to college. In paragraph 4, she acknowledges how she personally failed to consider the Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 situ- ations and options faced by other students from her high school class.

Ofers balanced view of alternatives. In paragraph 5, Marriedbored home alone feeling naughty shows that she is atempting to take a balanced view of various educa- tional options. She thus avoids a common tendency when forming a comparison — to make one thing either superior or inferior to the other.

Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 this point in the argument, some writers might have decided to put down or criticize a college education, arguing that vocational training is even beter than a college degree.

By stating how important college can be to those who choose to atend, Mather resists that simplistic tactic and strengthens her contention that we need to assess all of our educa- tional options fairly, without overvaluing some and undervaluing others.

Closes by summarizing position. Her essay returns to a personal note: Had she decided not to atend college, she would still be a valu- able member of society. Expressing an Opinion in Response to an Opposing Opinion As mentioned earlier in this introduction, most of our opinions develop as a response to the opinions of others.

It is diicult to imagine having an opinion in a complete vacuum. Much of the writing we encounter takes the form of a response to opinions that currently circulate in the media.

In this case, the student essay is a response to a speciic opinion piece that the Washington Post published in Singletary herself was responding to the general issue by arguing that college was worthwhile but only if one selected a major that paid of with high employment and competitive salaries. Instead, she follows two of the most efective methods of com- posing an Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 essay: In fact, her essay implies that if a student selects a major that does not lead to a well-paying career right away, then atending college may not have been worth Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014.

She suggests that an English major, for example, with- out an internship will have no Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 ater graduation, whereas an engineering major with three internships will ind a job Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014, washingtonpost. Her argument that these majors are unequal is weakened because her example proves only that having one or more internships will beneit a stu- dent in a job search, regardless of the major.

Would she also have an equal chance of ind- Challenges oppo- ing a job? Academic courses are more than simply strategy- Supports alterna- sessions for a future career.

If students feel truly passionate about their majors their academic experiences will be much more interesting and desirable. Most importantly, Singletary overlooks how much stu- 4 dents learn and grow outside of the academic curriculum. Interestingly enough, only ten of these top ity lessons have anything to do with academics at all.

Most of these lessons involve cleaning, socializing, and making time for relaxation. College teaches more than just academics: As long as a student remains dedi- cated and determined, a major in any subject can be reward- ing and worthwhile. Rea- sources son, 19 March Singletary, Michelle.

Washington Post, 14 Jan. Smith, Jennifer. Daily Mail, 12 Nov. Cites opposing view concisely. But note that she will refer to various other points made by Singletary throughout the essay. With litle space to waste, Gal- lion clearly establishes Discrete wild play main point at the end of her irst paragraph. In crating an opinion essay that takes an opposing view of another opinion, the writer should exam- ine weaknesses in the opposing argument.

Here, Gallion objects to an argument Singletary makes to support her point that all majors are not created equal. Ofers an alternative argument. Supports alternative Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 with apt quotations. Ofers another view with support. Note that this source ofers more objective data in the form of a survey that examined what students actually learn in college.

As Gallion reports, these lessons have Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 to do with academ- ics and more to do with practical skills. Since the lessons learned in college have litle to do with the classroom and course work, majors are irrelevant. Or as Gallion points out: Summarizes her position. In her concluding paragraph, Adult seeking casual sex Surry Virginia 23883 lion summarizes her position.

Her inal sentences restate the opinion she has expressed throughout her essay: Demonstrates sources. What inspired you to write this essay?

Gallion E. I wanted to stress the importance of learning about something an individual loves and show the positives of majoring in things like the arts or humanities. Are your opinions unusual or fairly mainstream given the general climate of discourse on campus?

More and more parents are stressing career- driven majors instead of valuing the education classes within the humanities for example. And that worries me. Who was your prime audience? I wanted to speciically write this for potential students thinking or worrying about what to major in. I also wanted to write to the current students majoring within the majors that Singletary views as unnecessary.

I think it is empowering and comforting to see someone advocate for the opinions you have. How Lady seeking sex NC Raleigh 27608 did it take for you to write this piece? Did you revise your work?

What were your goals as you revised? I drated this about three Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014. It took me about two-and-a-half weeks to completely inish it. I also focused on cuting things out that were unneces- sary to the piece as a whole.

What do you like to read? I love reading novels, short stories, essay collections, memoirs, poetry. Anything, Women seeking no couples. As far as magazines go, I love reading Time and National Geo- graphic. My heart lies in the literature realm. What topics most interest you as a writer? Issues surrounding multiculturalism and diversity.

Are you pursuing a career in which writing will be a component? Being able to write well is essential in any career. What advice do you have for other student writers?

Make time for it! I know how busy being a student is, but in order to develop writing skills, you have to sit down and spend time writing. The Visual Expression of Opinion Public opinions are expressed in a variety of ways, not only in familiar verbal Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 such as persuasive essays, magazine articles, or newspaper columns. In newspapers and magazines, opinions are oten expressed through photography, political cartoons, and paid opinion advertise- ments or op-ads.

Photography At first glance, a photograph may not seem to express an opinion. But on reflection and careful examination, we can see that photographs can express subjective views or editorial opinions in many different ways.

Ater a irst lag rais- ing was photographed, the military command considered the lag too small to Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 symbolically efective though other reasons are also citedso it was replaced with a much larger one and the kn reshot. A photographer can deliberately echo or visually refer to a well- known image to produce a political or Macae socks can be sexy efect.

A photographer can shoot a picture at such an angle or from a par- ticular perspective to dramatize a situation, to make someone look less or more important, or to suggest imminent danger. See photograph on page A photographer can catch a prominent igure in an unlatering position or embarrassing moment, or Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 a latering and loty fashion.

A photograph can be cropped, doctored, or digitally altered to show something that did not happen. Dartmouth College has created a Web site that features a gallery of Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 news photos. See htp: A photograph can be taken out of context or captioned in a way that is misleading. Hant III, a graphic designer, in an August photography blog. It is relatively simple to doctor a photo and everybody knows it.

I think toady3 has something to toda3y with a human desire for photographs to be true. Likewise when we see news stories that conirm our beliefs we want them to be true. Almost from the start, political cartoonists developed what would become their favored techniques and conventions. Because cartoonists hoped to achieve an immediate intellectual and emotional impact, usually with imagery and a brief writen message, they soon realized that exaggeration worked beter than subtlety and that readily identiied symbols were more quickly comprehended than nuanced or unusual imagery.

Rarely does a political cartoonist muddy the waters by intro- ducing a mixed message or entertaining an opposing view.

A cartoonist, unlike a columnist, cannot construct a detailed argument to support a Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014, so the strokes applied are oten broad and obvious. Please note that the following cartoons are included for illustrative purposes only. Many other recent cartoons could just as easily have been selected. First, a ij about context. In other words, most cartoonists expect their audi- ence to know a litle something about the news story the cartoon refers to. Unlike the essayist, the cartoonist works in a tightly compressed ver- bal and visual medium in which it is unusually diicult Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 summarize the political context or the background the audience requires for full com- prehension.

Documents leaked in the summer of tody3 that the National Security Administration NSA conducts extensive telephonic surveillance of people, including U. Notice how much the cartoon- ist expects the audience to bring to his cartoon, however. Note the elements of iconography. Iconography is the use of short- hand images that immediately suggest an incident, idea, era, institution, and so on.

Such images are intended to relect immediately and clearly what they stand for. For example, a teenager with a pack of cigaretes rolled up inside the sleeve Portsmouth IA adult personals his T-shirt is iconographic of the s; a cap and gown indicates an academic; a briefcase represents a business- person or a public oicial; a devil is traditionally represented with horns and a pitchfork.

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In this cartoon, the Capitol Dome immediately suggests not only Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014, but also all that American Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 is sup- posed to stand for: On the other side is another icon — the parabolic dish that immediately conjures up thoughts of espionage, secrecy, and invasion of privacy.

We are not meant to think that Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 Capitol Dome actually conceals a spy satellite, or — what would be equally ridiculous — that the contro- versial phone monitoring is going on in the Capitol building itself. In expressing it as a cartoon, of course, he takes obvious liberties for the sake of demonstrating how big of a problem he thinks the alleged spying is.

Matson, published on June 17, However, cartoons can be equally efective without a caption, and with few or litle words to push their messages. Supreme Court striking down key aspects of the Defense of Marriage Act DOMAa law that refused gay and lesbian couples federal recognition for their marriages, even when states recognized them.

Lady Jus- tice, the personiication of blind justice familiar from courthouses, and the Statue of Liberty. Notice how the cartoonist tells a story with only one static image, rich in symbol.

Both characters look far more relaxed and joyous than they do in the well-known poses of the statues, signaling that this is a moment Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 jubilation for both. Yet advertising does more than promote consumer products. Every day we also encounter numerous ads that promote not things but opinions.

To examine carefully their verbal and visual Date hookup whatever — whether you agree with the message or not — will help you become beter acquainted with the essentials of rhetorical persuasion. Note that all three ads reproduced Discrete wild play consist of three main elements: When an individual or a group is featured in an ad, it oten signals that a particular audience is being targeted.

Note that the only character that appears in these three ads is someone young. Each of the headlines reprinted here demonstrates some common feature of an efective headline: Efective ads oten use questions in their headlines. Some headlines like to refer the reader directly to the image. Images can only do so much persuasive work. Imagine how you would respond to the image of the young man with a metal detector if you had no verbal copy whatsoever.

You would have no clue of what the image is intended to mean. Ads difer signiicantly in the amount of text used. Sometimes the persuasive elements Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 be simply an image and a headline. Two of the three ads encourage their audience to save money by packing their own lunch or cooking their own dinner and avoiding expensive take-out.

Writing as Empowerment 41 Do the math: But where, an atentive reader might ask, are these numbers coming from? Food may cost less at the supermarket than at a restaurant, but it still costs some- thing. Are the ads suggesting that readers invest the money they are saving in other ways the stock market?

And that there is no So sun music tonight come hang out Tag lines: In advertising and marketing, a tag line is a memorable phrase closely associated with the brand or message that is repeated oten in a campaign. Big bucks tomorrow. Small change now can Owned slave looking for cuddle buddy mulate into big bucks in the future.

Taking action: Most opinion ads oten conclude with a call to take some direct action — vote, write, call, redeem a coupon, register a com- plaint, and so on.

Because of the Internet, an ad today is able to continue and expand its message in ways that could never have been done in earlier times. Writing as Empowerment Writing is one of the most powerful means of producing social and polit- ical change.

It does not mean that your opinion or point of view will suddenly prevail. It does mean, however, that you have made your voice heard, that you have given your opinions wider circulation, and that you have made yourself and your position a litle more visible. And sometimes you get results: A newspaper prints your leter; a university commitee adopts your suggestion; people visit your Web site.

Such inluence is not restricted to professional authors and political experts. America Now urges you to voice your ideas and opinions — in your notebooks, in your papers, in your classrooms, and, most important, on your campus and in your communities. Reading, discussing, and writ- ing will force you to clarify your observations, atitudes, and values, and as you do, you will discover more about yourself Naked girls in New Haven the world.

Jump in and confront the Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 and issues currently shaping America. What Do We Gain? What Do We Lose? On weekends they pass in procession under my window, cosseted in their SUV-like strollers, screaming their heads of. Have they all dropped their sock monkeys?

Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 wife, however, has nicknamed our street Tantrum Alley.

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Andrew Santella is a writer and editor whose work has appeared in GQ, the new york times book Review, Slate, details, and the new york times Magazine, among others.

For Freud, the narcissism of kids was perfectly healthy and even necessary. Evolutionary biology backs him up. Born unable to care for themselves — compare human babies with the much more quickly self-suicient ofspring of other animals — babies learn to treat their par- ents like servants to ensure their own survival. Or servitude, if you prefer. So why does narcissism of the adult variety bother us so much?

We 4 see it everywhere. Disgraced bicyclist Lance Armstrong went on Oprah to call himself a narcissist. As commonly used, the term is not so much a diagnosis as an all-purpose slap-down for any- one we think has become too full of himself. In fact, the term may have more Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014 in popular culture than it does in medicine.

What bothers us about narcissists is that they demand and claim 7 more than their fair share of Nsa fun in Nijmegen today3 9 2014. In a time of economic anxiety, like ours, that kind of grasping tends to provoke a backlash.

But Lasch and others thought that economic forces had come to Looking for a taste this weekend the American character in disturbing ways. Pay atention!

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Look at me! Social networks depend on the belief that we all have a story to tell, 11 we all have some pictures to show and the world wants to hear from us. Sustaining that illusion requires at least a litle narcissism.

Ater all, who cares what I had for lunch? Who would possibly want to see a picture of it? But maybe the illusion is easier for some generations to sustain than for others.

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