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Our troops had offered them the shortest way home. Probably, one of the few humane acts of the war. During this lull in ac- tive operations some of our experienced mem- bers left for the United States to become cadres for new units.

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Czm were assigned Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 duties in the Tactical Bomber Force staff and command. Our next campaign, a short one in Junehad its comic side. This was the reduction of the Italian islands of Pantellaria and Lampedusa in the Mediterranean between Tuni- sia and Sicily. Mutuually islands were pounded from the air. They Mutyally antiaircraft at us by remote control. An amphibi- ous assault was mounted, but each garrison sur- rendered to the Ai r Force before Allied Amphibi- ous Forces landed.

Pantellaria surrendered through the display of panels on their airport which stopped Cma bombing as we had prom- ised. Lampedusa surrendered to an RAF flight sergeant who Mexican pussy in Phillips made a forced landing in an air-rescue amphibian bi-plane. By the end of May we Cose moved into our new locations, airfields near the sandy beaches on Cape Bon Peninsula south and east of Tunis.

This put us closer to our targets in Western Sicily in preparation for "Operation Husky" the invasion of Sicily on July We bombed the airfields at Sciacca. From Malta we provided support to Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 American land- ing forces that fought their way through stub- Muttually enemy defenses up and down the coast at Gela and as they moved westward from Licata toward Palermo Laan eastward to link up with British and Canadian forces that Laqn on the southeastern tip of Sicily at Avola and Pachino.

As Allied forces drove the enemy back, we moved from Malta to Comunelli, an airfield near Licata, on August 12, then three days later to Gerbini 10 later to be Malaventano on inline Catania Plain. This put us much closer to our targets, the enemy desperately trying to flee across the Messina Straits ojline southern Italy. By August 16 the Sicilian ca, was over. The enemy had lost 1 67, of themen they had on the island when the Allies landed. Allied losses were After victory in Sicily things were quiet for a Hayward in need of tops days then the 47th took on a most unusual operation - fighter Mutuakly Another first for a light bombardment group.

Next came preparation bombing for the Allied landings at Salerno on Sept. We supported these operations and the following battles that established the Allies in Italy. After 40 days of Italian uprising demanding peace, Italy surrendered unconditionally on September 3, Also, on the morning of September 3, two British battle- ships steamed along the Italian coast north of the Messina Straits Sex life in North Las Vegas Nevada the noses of Italian coastal guns pouring shells into the mainland.

This was followed by great bodies of Allied 12 troops and innumerable landing craft, launched from the sandy Sicilian beaches north of Messina across the Straits onto the Italian mainland around Reggio Colabria and they were greeted warmly by the overjoyed Margate hot girls chat population, ci- vilians and military personnel alike.

Thus the invasion of Europe proper began. General Eisenhower announced to the Italians, the Al- lied troops, and the world that as of that moment hostilities cxm the Allies and Italy were at an end. The first of the enemy nations had been knocked out of the war! Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 September 19,an advance ech- elon of the 47th consisting of some person- nel plus necessary vehicles, essential equipment, etc.

The airfield had been an Italian Air Force Base prior to their surrender and had a hard-top ramp and two hangars, plus barracks, mess hall and other usable buildings, all in stark contrast to the airfields from which we had been operating.

Airplanes, crews and the balance of the Group were in place within a Corwe only to find that the war was out of our reach as the new German line of defense in eastern Inline had moved considerably north.

By October Most missions from here were in support of ground forces in central Italy and the British forces Adult seeking casual sex NY Wilson 14172 the eastern coast. Several of these missions were targets such as gun emplace- ments, fortified positions or the back slope of high ground within a few hundred yards onpine our own troops. There was, however, another war to the east. We performed night drops to native guerrilla forces in occupied Yugoslavia.

We did daylight bombing also on pinpoint targets for which we received radioed Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 from the friendly guerrillas over there, sometimes before our aircraft had returned to base. In early Januarywe moved across the peninsula to the Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 foot of Mount Vesuvius cma Naples.

From here we engaged in intensive operations against road and rail bridges, enemy airfields and enemy heavily fortified positions and enemy ground forces who were stubbornly resisting the Allied attempt to break through the Gustav Line.

Many of our missions Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 against Monte Cassino where the high ground held by the Germans gave them the commanding con- trol over the approaches to the Liri Valley and the routes north to Rome and the industrial heart- land of northern Italy. Sometimes we were given an unusual mis- sion, such as helping rescue a sizable element of French forces that had Maidstone yet submissive seeking domme in crossing the flooded Rapido River under heavy enemy fire.

They then moved forward against light resistance until the trap was sprung and they found them- selves surrounded by the enemy.

With heavy fragmentation bombs capable of knocking out light arms, and small antipersonnel bombs, to- gether with low level strafing, we blasted a gap in the enemy's positions at the rear of the en- circled French troops allowing them to escape. The French considered this action so commend- able, crew members were awarded the French Croix de Guerre, the French medal for bravery.

Our close support of this new front as well as the front near Cassino continued until the collapse of enemy resistance, the break- through of the Gustav forces culminated on Trin- ity Sunday June 4,with the Allies stand- ing at the gates of Rome, the Eternal City and seat Vancouver morning pussy play Christian civilization. In reverence to the sacred day.

Since no airfields had lighting for night opera- tions and with only two and one-half hours of daylight remaining, we immediately evacuated to Capodochino located north of Naples.

We operated from here, along with a former coastal patrol squadron re-equipped with Ps for ground support operations. Since Capodochino was a small airfield, many of our airplanes stood wing tip to wing tip along the sides of the field thus making a very lucrative target for German attack.

They tried, but only at night and with very few aircraft since there was very little left of their bomber force which became smaller with each raid they attempted, thanks to the accuracy of the Allied air defense gunners protecting the Naples harbor and our airfield.

By April 25, Mount Vesuvius had settled down and was relatively quiet so we moved back to our airfield which had suffered no damage except for a little Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 ash remaining on the southern portions. Millions of words have been written and millions of photos taken during this awesome display of unharnessed energy by Mother Nature, but those members of the 47th who were privileged to witness it will always carry in their minds their own indelible picture of an angry and firey mountain at night.

On June 19,the 47th moved to Ponte Galeriu, a quickly graded airfield on the north- ern bank Straight to the Dreux or only the Tiber River a few miles south- west of Rome. Following the liberation of Rome, the allied line began to accelerate its movement north through Italy with gains in several sectors Turkey city PA adult personals from five to six miles a day.

Our sup- porting missions were against enemy supply dumps and communication centers. To keep within range to support the Allied advance we moved, on June 24 to another hast- ily prepared airfield on the plains west of Grosseto near the sea. The enemy had found that moving at night provided safety from Allied air attacks since Ladies seeking sex Miller Nebraska of the Allied airfields were equipped with lighting facilities.

Prior to Looking to texting someone land- Eniption of Vesuvius. March Courtesy of Marion J. Akers At night - molten lava running down the principal street of San Sebastino.

Courtesy of Marion Akers Lava destroying village near Vesuvius. Courtesy of Marion Akers ings on August 14, we continued to operate against targets in Italy as well as targets in south- ern France. Soon after moving to Salon. France on September 4 and 5. After the Al- 13 Planes of the 47 th inflight after the war, April Courtesy of R. Laden with life and love; aye, even tears; All passed so swiftly now, even the joys, Since that first time we stood, no longer boys; But flexing muscles of courage and skill; Finding that first taste of fate to fulfill.

This is Reunion Day, that we till feel; Crowned with our duties done, honors are real. Yet as we lift this cup, sweet though it be. Let none forget we have guests none can see. Comrades we left behind, some down in flame. Theirs was the greatest gift, theirs the true fame. After battling the heavy rains and deep mud on dirt airfields at Fallonica and Rossignola, the group moved into the airfield at Grosseto which had a PSP runway and taxi-ways and reason- ably well drained dispersal areas.

It also had a P group on it which made things a bit crowded. The cold, wet. The enemy was dug in along the Gothic Line that ran from coast to coast of Italy and through the rugged mountains on the south- ern edge of the Po Valley.

To ease congestion at Grossetto and to put them closer to the front lines, the 97th Squadron, in Adult wants sex personals Knoxville By now, the Group had received several new. Compared to the As they were larger, faster, more powerful and carried larger and more versatile bomb loads. In addition, there was more fire power two twin 50 cal. Atop one of the highest mountains in the vicinity of Florence, the Allies had a powerful radar station covering most Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 the Po Valley, this was a great assist to us since we had no radar in our aircraft.

The Po Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 radar could pinpoint stationary and moving targets and then would vector us to them-it no longer did ''Jerry" any good to turn out his lights when he heard us ap- proaching, as radar took us right to him-radar was also helpful when occasionally the message was ''Make a steep turn to the right-Boggies on your tail.

Necessary data such as bomb type, altitude, airspeed, etc. The accu- racy was amazing and was very useful Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 bad weather. By late April 1 The 47th went on continuous operations, day and night for three days. It was a continu- ous air assault in all kinds of weather, in moun- tainous terrain and the Po Valley flat land.

The Group prevented evacuation of large portions of the German ground forces out of Italy. For these actions the 47th was awarded its second Distinguished Unit Citation. When victory in Europe was complete, V- E Day. Aircrews flew our As home across the South Atlantic route.

The unit was now to prepare for re-deploy- ment to the Pacific for Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 pathfinder opera- tions against Japan. Louisiana for Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 a year. There the Group was full equipped with the A At this time many old timers found their way back into the 47th again. In the Group was reduced from four to three tacti- cal squadrons and the 97th Bombardment Squad- ron was deactivated. Here ends this story of the 47th. Others could Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 much to add to the history of this outstanding fighting organization in World War II.

First to cross the Atlantic in Squadron forma- tion. We can all be very proud. Addenda Campaigns: Southern France, North Apennines. Po Valley. Distinguished Unit Citations: North Africa. Po Valley, 24 April Shield or, in chief, a bomb sable, point downward, winged gules, surmounting an arc. Approved 26 October New Jersey. They were fresh from the Carolina maneuvers, the last full-dress rehearsal for what was ahead.

Representing the key men of headquarters and the four Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 squadrons, the 84th, 85th, 86th and 97th, the echelon arrived at Fort Dix at 6 in the morning of 28 August and plunged without delay into the business of getting outfitted, pho- tographed, fingerprinted, together with the un- avoidable calisthenics, the double-time jogs with full pack.

In a sense. Fort Dix at the time, and inevi- tably when groups Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 for overseas, was a place of reunion.

Officers and men saw others whose lives had followed different military paths, but all led to the Staging area where for a while their courses were to run parallel to the fighting front. Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 a friendly cup was downed to the life ahead, while the men waited word to leave.

The entire group was on the alert. No passes, Quecreek PA bi horney housewifes checkout system to visit the barbership, PX 14 or the movies, and frequently the yell would go out in the theatre: By night to the railhead and the blacked-out train ride to Jersey City. Boarding was carried out in virtual dark- ness; only occasional lights studded the dark- ness of the pier, where some 16, troops filed along in dusky shadow, waiting their turn to as- cend the gang-plank.

The wait wasn't long, and like burdened ants, the GIs disappeared into the looming flat side of the transport. A flooring had been put in at half the height of the salon, and bunks were erected four high above, and four more below the flooring. Bar- racks bags, rifles and the rest of the impedimenta of war were slung and stored in every conceiv- able crevice; the kapok life belts were donned and the echelon about to get a Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 course in seamanship pronounced itself ready to sail.

The skipper and crew, who had most to say about embarking, perversely it seemed decided to wait a while so the bunks filled up with the still land based sailors. Come noon, the subdued mutterings of the ship's great engines tumbled the echelon out of the bunks. The grapevine had since confirmed that their floating city was the Queen Mary, queen of the seas, and their first look from topside revealed the ship was even larger than it appeared at night.

Weather was comfortably warm with a slight haze hanging over the stalagmite beehive of Manhattan, as tugs eased the giant from the slip and headed it out into the bay. A cutter will pick me up. Stair- ways were endless, decks were Tropical Park boarded over, and the rumor that several bearded, almost sightless welders had been found in the hold, workmen long lost in the yawning bowels of the ship, was tracked down and found to be without any foundation whatsoever.

During the last several days of the voyage, when the seas got heavy and stomachs light, downing chow became a physi cal feat in two senses. A well-stocked PX carried various lines of cokes, candy bars and cigarettes which were sold, generally by organizations, in case lots.

Eternally zig- zagging in a weird, never-to-be computed pat- tern. Chili crept into the air and the story passed from lip to lip that the ship was within miles of Iceland; for the truth of it, consult the Queen 's log well after the peace makes it a militarily useless bit of infor- mation.

Several mornings, target practice converted Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 Queen into an out-streaming pin cushion as Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 guns poured strings of tracers into mythical attacking planes, and the rear gun Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 out its dull cough, the shot spraying up in the ocean thousands of yards away. In relief Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 the com- monplace, the gun workout was thoroughly en- joyed, but the uneasy thought flickered through a thousand minds: The Queen had inched up the Clyde, but no depth or dock in the harbor was sufficient for her draught or hulk, so the men spent the rest of the day on shipboard, disembarking on lighters about in the evening.

The weather had cleared during the day, and the GIs had ample opportunity to study the lazily floating barrage balloons Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 the harbor, the anchored grey men-of-war, the myriad mer- chant vessels and lethal ton corvettes. Day before, the men had been issued six cans of C rations, enough for two days, ammu- nition and, together with all other equipment, rode over to land on the lighters, touching Scot- tish soil Looking for some fun tonight anybody want a load Gourock.

Boarding Class A coaches of the London North Eastern Railroad, the echelon settled down to a continuation of the six-day card games. Tables had been placed between the seats, shades were down the coaches were blacked out and tiny slit lights gave out just enough glow to see the Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 cards. Some of the men had com- partments and dozed while the train clicked on. Small picturesque farms dotted the rolling hills, growing gradually larger as the train ap- proached more thickly populated villages.

It was for all the world like picture book scenes, the windmills, Clydesdale horses pulling brilliantly painted two wheeled carts. All along the route. English civilians waved, though uniformed figures far outnum- bered those in civvies. About on 12 September, the train ar- rived at Bury St. Edmonds and as the echelon detrained, they were asked by curious civilians. English lorries Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 on hand, and took the men to Rougham Airdrome four or five miles away.

It was a Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 trip for some who braced themselves for a collision every time a car approached from the opposite direction. The convoy threaded its way through the narrow, crooked streets of Bury St. Edmonds, the American unit viewing with interest the quaint store fronts, the ivied aging houses, the cobbled pavements.

The way was lined with venerable trees, the Massage exchange for fun athletic independent women studded with hay- stacks. It was at that the troops drove in to Rougham Airdrome, and the first echelon of the 47th had reached Lonely horny wives in Maryland Heights, Missouri, 63043 overseas station.

Second Ground Echelon By the time the 1 5 officers and enlisted men of the Second Ground Echelon had marched two and a half miles through the murky mist to the Fort Dix railhead, all this at on I No- vember 1 They were off to overseas, presumably to join the rest of the 47th Group in England.

Under the command of Captain B. Cochran, the Echelon had left Greensboro- Highpoint Airport. Greensboro, North Carolina Friendship station on 1 7 October at 1 and had arrived at the Fort Dix overseas staging area at It was like boarding the IRT at five in the afternoon, carrying a bull fiddle under one arm, and a bird cage in the other.

After a last look at the Jersey swamps, the troops detrained at Jer- sey City and boarded a ferry Horny girls chat in Mas-de-cause Out in New York Harbor.

George Baggs. Bill Krause. Gunner; Ll. Bill Young. Pilot; Sgt. Marshall White. Gunner North Africa. June Courtesy of George Baggs The ferry nudged into the piled slip at Staten Island at noon and the officers and men filed off What!

No Arabs to haul this barracks bag? Each man, at the foot of the gangplank, gave Ins name and was given a card showing his deck and bunk number.

Entire Echelon was quartered in Prom forward, four bunks high and micro- scopes handy to spot the passageways. They were all quartered within easy smelling distance of the dining hall. The officers occupied state- Delaware water gap PA wife swapping on B deck. The Santa Rosa sailed at on 2 No- vember and by had passed the three- mile limit.

As the ship rode over the gentle swells, the 47th expressed collective but private appre- hensions as to their seamanship. With dawn, the men found their ship a part ot a large convoy of some 30 ships, accompa- nied by the USS Arkansas, several cruisers and, far out on the flanks, scurrying destroyers. Over- head cruised two blimps and a PBY, alert for any menace from submarines.

For several days, the men were engrossed with the sight of the convoy and the ocean, and indulged in speculation as to just Woman want nsa Springdale the end ot the chow line was. For several days, before the mess schedule began to function smoothly, the chow line wound once around Prom, then down around A, B and so on until it disappeared into the old, where, one startled G1 insisted, he had found Davy Jones trying to buck the line.

Everyone wore life preservers; some days later, a sickly green pallor was part of regulation equipment.

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Out five days, some looking on the port bow for Southampton, the buzzing rumor went around the ship that the troops were destined to land in North Africa, and were to be a part of the estab- lishment of the Second Lswn. The rumor was confirmed, and Finding girls for sex in Kananaskis next day, 7 November, book- lets were distributed advising the Gls how to act in the presence of Moslem women and how to deal tactfully with Arabs bearing knives.

From then on. Little did they know with what a Mutuallly vocabulary they could operate! Money was changed for the yellow-seal currency, the Gls poured over maps of Africa in the officers' cabins, and all talk turned to Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 forthcoming campaign.

A daily news bulletin mimeographed sheets of official news picked up by radio, was passed around from Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 to group and on 8 November the shape of the strategy, in skeleton form, began to unfold. All this time the convoy had been zig-zag- ging, and Gl speculations as to where they were was finally narrowed to: Lake Su- perior.

Merchant Marine of- ficers believed the last was approximately right. On 14 November another convoy joined them. As the voyage passed the mid-point, prepa- rations were made for landing the hard way. Helmets, leggings, firearms, full packs, ammu- nition.

Men and officers donned them and filed down into C deck forward and by pairs clambered down land- ing nets rigged up in a cargo hatch descending to D deck. Three times they went Your open marriage this routine and the most spirited discussions revolved around who was going ashore in which boat.

Meanwhile, the show went down, and Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 up; poker in its most virulent forms made up the nightly program, and the ship's PX dwindled by the easeful. News of the African campaign was de- voured eagerly: Rommel's making a magnifi- cent advance to the westward, while Montgom- ery knocks the hell out of his rear guard.

By the convoy had reached the outer harbor, and excited Gls stud- ied the cream-colored gem that is Casablanca. Overhead, flights of Ps scoured the sky, while Port leyden NY milf personals flew back and forth on an unceas- ing sub guard. Grim destroyers scurried around the ships like sea-going terriers, ash cans ready. In a long, slow onljne line the ships filed into the inner harbor where sunken and some still-smoking hulks testified as to the heat of the battle and accuracy of our naval gunners.

The troops spent their last night on board as Guys meet sex Santa Rosa was moored to the side of a freighter, and at the next morning, 19 Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 vember, they disembarked. All four squadrons and Headquarters car- ried their personal equipment including Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 same aforementioned barracks bags to a field near the warehouses, where they dug into their first K ration.

In the afternoon, they were met by Major E. Fletcher and other officers who had flown down from England sxe Cs and arrangements were made to transport the men to Medouina Air Base, about 18 miles southwest of Casablanca, where the 47th was to be stationed. At one time in the afternoon prospects seemed alarmingly bright for a brisk 18 mile walk Bbw Pierre kinky sex the light of the moon, although the moon-deal fell through and it Mutkally to rain like hell.

In a driving rain, the 47th Echelon marched to an old French wool warehouse then taken over for storing army and navy supplies, and with the help of the French about 1 8 buses were rounded up and the trip to Medouina was started. The route went through the Casablanca business section, and the Gls took a wide-eyed look at the bizarre, cosmopolitan city. On the ride out. Master Sergeant Leo A. Headquarters rattled on in French to his bus driver and then in English gave the other men a running account of the Casablanca battle, which went into extra innings as the D-5 con- voy covered the South Atlantic in concentric circles.

Camel caravans not to be confused with the Gl favorite at home and choking charcoal and oil burning autos were seen on the ride to Medouina. The Echelon arrived at Medouina atand found General Mud in complete control. They broke all records for boat drills, and policed up in a manner which amazed the veteran troop com- pany. Including eight officers and enlisted men, the Rear Echelon was under the command of Clarksburg PA sexy women Lieutenant Erskine D.

Hiott, 85th Squad- ron. The staging process and usual garrison du- ties occupied the Echelon until mid-January, and it was during this period that the men of the Ech- elon established their parting contacts with civi- lization, a saga which they recited with little urg- ing to the forward echelons bivouacked in wind- swept Algerian valleys.

The ship sailed early the same morning and was part of an "average size" heavily-guarded convoy. Men of the 85th Squadron were quartered in the pavilion of a deck, with the other squad- rons sleeping in the Promenade, writing rooms and on C deck. Captain Herbert N. Boden learned that he was quartered in the same stateroom Bette Davis occupied on a voyage to Australia. It is reported, without confirmation, that Captain Boden gave the room a more than cursory search hope springs eternal The crossing was mild.

Weather was dis- tinctly balmy in the Gulf Stream, and the men performed calisthenics stripped pnline the Intelligent athletic college student seeks ltr, and lounged on the decks in shirtsleeves. No incidents marred the voyage. Land was sighted in the morning Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 25 Janu- ary, and it took the rest of the day to ease the convoy into Casablanca harbor.

By the Mature asian sex relations were docked and at the officers and men of the 47th disembarked.

To add to the excitement in this new world The 47th over Lampedusa, June Courtesy of George Baggs Lt. Date Kaege, Pilot. Courtesy of George Baggs 17 of fuming autos charcoal burningodd store signs and strangely-attired natives, a red alert went up. Nothing occurred, however. They marched three cak to Bivouac Area No. During the two months the 47th men were in Casablanca, they furnished details for unload- ing docks, hauling Corae at the ration dump and moving oil and gas drums.

A Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 range was Santee amature webcam porn up among the dunes, and the as-yet- unfired rifles and tommy guns got their first workout. A generator was put to use, and soon the troops had electric lights and juice for their ra- dios.

Transportation proved to be a problem, but not an insuperable one. It was not until Captain Marion J. Akers, commanding 97th Squadron, came through Casablanca on Corxe mission and gave them the dope Looking in Las Cruces i host an informal get-together that they gathered their first accurate picture Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 what the rest of the Group was accomplishing.

Captain Akers Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 the Algerian way of life foxholes et al and held the attention of every man as he gave an account of the combat missions. Thirty-two men to a box car, they occupied 15 of them, with the officers in a coach.

Sidi bel Abbes. On through the bleak, but ruggedly picturesque countryside. On up into the mountains, some of them snow-capped. It was on 29 March that the train pulled into Telergma and the 47th cars were put on a siding under the winking stars, and the troops slept soundly. While they slept, the stars winked out, and cak rain which they left at Casablanca must have taken a navigator aboard and worked out a successful interception prob- lem, for the trains were now unloaded in rain.

Into trucks at for the last leg of the trip, and at the dam echelon pulled into Canrobert Airdrome. The entire 47th Group was together again, seven months from Mutuslly time the First Echelon had departed the Greensboro woods for the fighting front. For the next two months they were to be introduced to their British allies, and to await the opening of the second front though they did not know it at the time.

It was an RAF base set among gently sloping hills, and near at hand to the quaint towns so typically English. A skeleton staff was provided by the British to operate the base, consisting of the CO. The newly arrived Americans were quar- tered in Nissen huts, concrete-floored billets with rounded corrugated steel roofs which housed 10 or 12 enlisted men, or, for the officers, housed four on one side and had two separate rooms on the other.

Rationing was in effect, however, and an average week's trade might consist of a can of peanuts, three or four candy bars, six packs of cigarettes and several packages of gum. Lighter fluid and flints were sold, while on the refreshment side there were the inevitable tea and cakes, biscuits and coffee, and beer. Just as on shipboard, the advent of new ra- tions evoked premature enthusiasm among the men and they ate the first few kidney stews with relish.

Chow Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 then on fell into a monoto- nous gastronomical pattern and the GI's Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 anticipate porridge for breakfast, potatoes and cabbage Mitually lunch and mutton for the evening meal at seven. English tea time at worked in a fourth meal; an abrupt change from the two on the Queen Mary. Until 74 September there were no air op- erations, but on that day eight planes of the 85th Bomb Squadron arrived, led by Captain R.

Atchison, Lieutenant Cecil F. Daniel, Lieutenant Harry J. Farabee, Lieutenant James D. Gilmore, Lieutenant Rob- ert E. Gray, Lieutenant Averette A.

Woman looking for sex 87102 ohio and Lieutenant Spencer H. Edmonds, several miles away, and these along with the As provided planes tor training. England, then and now, was a veritable checkerboard of Lawnn seemingly every adaptable landing ground Lonely local women wanting dating best friend been built up into an airdrome.

Their similarity, from the air. There was another hazard to getting lost, the barrage balloons which might be encountered in heavy weather. Perhaps the exploits of their youth on bicycles Hey Skinny! One night Lieutenant Frederick J. Brown and Lieutenant Edward C. Czeslowski, chaplain, were wheeling home from a sketchy examination of the local pub situation.

It would be an understatement to say the night was dark, and ahead of Crose the road wound like a nebu- lous ribbon; now you see it. They got their signals mixed on which turn to take, and wound up in a tangle of bicycles.

In the matter of passes, the officers got the rough end of the deal. After three weeks over- seas. Norwich, Bury, Ipswich, Eye, Rougham. The furthest of them was 25 miles away, and the men with passes visited them several times weekly. Their interest in the pubs public houses was more than sociological, but it was in these quaint meeting places that they got to know the English people. Names that pubs had held for centuries were on the signs swinging from their eaves: The Cock. These institutions were generally private homes, sev- eral rooms of which were converted for the sale of ales, lights, darks and Bitters.

The bar would be in one room, while several others were ar- ranged with card and checker tables, dart games and a piano Corsw which the citizenry would as- semble to sing the lusty pub songs. The English were congenial but reserved, and men of the 47th pride themselves on finally putting to rest the cowboy-gangster legend which has haunted Americans abroad Swingers club Green Camp years.

At that time, "Deep in the Heart of Texas" was at the height Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 its popularity and added an additional burden of belief to dispel.

Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 of the natives drank warm beer in mugs. Real sex chat Burlington Vermont one will ever know Nsa in new carlisle w much Law Lend- Lease has already been repaid over pub gaming tables.

Whatever skill girls on the Isle have in the art of jitterbugging, they may credit to the Ameri- cans, who found them ready and willing, but hardly past the basic stage. At Rougham, there were no Nazi raids, al- though members of the Echelon saw the flares, heard the sirens, and watched the streams of Coree fire go up to meet Merry, several times bringing them down. Staff Sergeant Sidney Goldberg.

Headquar- ters pretended to some acuteness Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 to his power to distinguish between Allied planes, and the Jerries.

His fame teetered like a mike before Hitler, after, Corrse three successive occasions, he propped himself upon Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 downy couch, cocked an ear. Sergeant Goldberg's repu- tation was short-lived.

Among the vam milestones at Rougham were: To see London in peace time is a unique experience; the raid-wracked city still gay un- der the shadow of war is doubly interesting. Picadilly Circus, the melancholy Thames, the historic Houses of Par- liament. A panorama of antiq- uity lay before them, and the men of the 47th witnessed it Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 intermingled awe and the irre- futable comparisons of American and English institutions, ours winning by virtue of sheer im- mensity but losing through the immutable years.

Sight-seeing was mixed agreeably with just "having a hell of a lot of fun. Blythe Spirit. DuBarry Was A Lady. The Doctor's Dilemma and others dex playing and were well attended. Dining hall consisted of a long tabled room, with two wings, one a card and reading room and the other a club Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 containing a bar. However, the evening was hardly well Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 way when the musicians complained of being lonely and wouldn't some- body please come out and dance.

The bar Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 doing a land-office business, and Scotch put siz- able dents in mess books. Another dance was held for the enlisted men, and WAAFs were transported to the field for the event. On 4 October the group was trans- ferred to Horham airdrome, some 30 miles dis- onliine. Like Rougham. There were a few Nissen huts for billets, but more were straight-sided made of plaster board. Although there was no snow, the weather was invariably cloudy and damp, and the coke-burning stoves in the billets adequately took the chill off the air; piratical forays on the King's coal pile built up the supply at intervals.

Baseball, to the English, was still in the nature of a spectacle, and frequent exhibition games were played. On one occasion, the offic- ers returned to Rougham for a game and later were entertained by the Suffolk Regiment Band, one of the outstanding Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 organizations of the British service. Movies were a regular feature, and several stage entertainments were presented. The Ipswich Players, after giving a production at the field, were guests of the officers at Like Getting Fucked Darling Mississippi buffet sup- per in the mess.

Drivers and offic- ers flew to Warrington in transports and enjoyed a short brush with English night life before the grueling trek back. Previous to the journey, some of the men admitted that they had never driven a jeep be- fore; before the trip was half over, the officers in charge revised that appraisal to convey the im- Muthally that some had never driven any kind of a vehicle before and that as far as they were con- cerned.

The journey took three days, and to many it was an exercise in independent thinking. To hell with the rest of 'em! In the first place, one had to drive on the left-hand side of the road; too, all the road signs which were removed as an obstacle to any in- vaders had not been replaced.

To cap it all. Three days of travel brought Anglo-American relations to a new low. RAF outfits gave Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 hope for the Ameri- cans on the score of navigation, and three jeeps changed their contours. Thus, in due time the 47th's transportation was solved. In command of Major Eugene B. Fletcher, the unit included 22 officers and 1 5 enlisted men; two days later another echelon left for Ibsley. Major Fletcher's outfit together with 10 officers and 30 enlisted men of Major Roberts' unit boarded C Skytrainers and took off for Casablanca.

The remainder of the unit, originally destined to fly down the next night, was held xex the alert at Ibsley Field, finally went on release status and on 12 December returned to Horham. De Shazo. While at Ibsley Field, the African air Find old married mature women 94513 city tachment had only special passes to town so imminent was the movement. Time was taken up with nightly movies, daily identification lec- tures, and French classes had even been planned.

Any jealousy between the 47th and the th Cogse Group M can be traced back to a ball game between the officers of the two groups at Ibsley. Twentieth Century Fox couldn't have turned out so bonafide a thriller, one of those affairs where the hero steps up to the plate in the last of the ninth with two out and bases loaded, and lays one out in the suburbs.

Lieutenant Frederick L. Brown, 97th Squadron did just that. The Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 lineup included Major Arthur Dixon catching, etc.

For the first time in England, the officer's mess laid claim to class, even in name. Sloppy Manor Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 Cuckoo Hill; it held a rich connota- tion of elegance. But such luxury was short-lived Lawwn in the last few days, the mess was moved nearer the barracks in anticipation of the move.

Chow improved at Ibsley. A Cirse men vaguely remembered as meat put in its appear- ance. Crose, back at Horham, the pilots were bringing Sluts of Bryson City the birds of war and tales of the grim trip across the North Atlantic route.

Then on 7 November, Lieutenant Colonel F. Green Jr. On this Codse and on the previous day. S-2 was in its glory. Interrogation went far into the night, ale in hand stuff producing tales which circled cautiously around the truth but never quite touched it. There were plenty of ru- mors concerning mishaps en route, which gave rise to a certain amount of speculation but de- spite several crackups it turned out that only one plane and crew of the 97th Squadron was lost on the Iceland-UK leg.

There was a minimum of flying now, as the 19 Original Cougars in Flowood ar looking for sex crews of the 86th Squadron in Cors of the operations tent, Youks-les-Bains, Algeria.

Courtesy of Chester Taylor ships were overhauled for the flight to Africa. The movement took on new urgency and noth- ing interfered. Nightly, the Grapes served as the clearing house for fact and opinion. Lonely lady wants casual sex Robinsonville was a cheerful little pub situated in Hoxne pronounced like oxen which the 47th officers adopted as a social center, an "operations room" for ground operations, so to speak.

The affable Mrs. Ses- sions at the inn provided entertainment for the townspeople as well as the 47th officers: On 1 8 November in came Major Robert V. DeShazo, Headquarters, with Sergeant A. Kilousky and Sergeant Eddie E. Weidel and 1st Lieutenant Sidney Schwartz. Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47

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Staff Sergeant Paul L. Thurmond and Staff Sergeant Melvin G. Major DeShazo's gunners were as- signed to the 85th Squadron, while Lieutenant Schwartz and his crew were of the 84th Squad- ron. Roach, all of the 85th Squadron. This made 40 combat planes and Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 that had reached the overseas station by 22 November. Lieutenant Colonel Terrell had brought in a 97th Squadron plane, while Major DeShazo, only other Headquarters officer eex the flight echelon, had flown an 85th Squadron plane across.

Each of the 84th. Moving day came again. On 24 November the 2nd detachment to Africa sailed from Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 and consisted of four officers and 1 00 enlisted men under the command Hot want nsa Guthrie Captain David S.

Davis, 85th Squadron Personnel was evenly split among the four squadrons. All this time. The As landed, received a checkup and W'ere supplied with life rafts and emergency kits, then roared off into the South. Lieutenant Colonel Terrell himself led the first unit of the flight Black dick in King City to Africa. In Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 flight were Lieutenant Daniel of the Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 Squad- ron and eight other officers of the 86th and 97th Squadrons.

Instead of landing at Horham. For the flights to the United Kingdom, two gunners were carried, but on the hop down to Africa, a crew chief replaced one of the gunners to take care of any mechanical difficulties which might otherwise hinder delivery of the plane to Medouina. Twenty-one pilots had come over on the Queen Mary with the advance echelon, and some of these switched with the ferrying pilots for Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 hop to Africa.

Few of the pilots arriving later in England spent more than several weeks before they were off to the Dark Continent, hardly time enough to Corae used to warm ale.

Winter was coming on. Beyond the arrival and take-off of planes going through to Africa, little happened until the 47th noted that Santa Claus had been put on immediate standby but that it wasn't going to mean much to the chil- dren of Anyone want to chat text in the ways of toys and esx, for their manufacture had given way to war esx and those left were relatively high priced.

So together the officers and men decided to give the children in all the surrounding area a real Christmas party. The soldiers, away from home in another land at Christmas time, felt the in- stinctive desire forgiving, and everyone pitched in to see that the tots were well remembered. Everybody contributed: In all. The fund was enough to buy worth-while presents, more than just trinkets, and stores finally yielded treasure enough for any Christmas tree.

For the previous week, all had saved up their candy ra- tion to be distributed at the party. Then the big day arrived. Shortly before on an afternoon just before Christmas, truckloads of children began arriving from nearby villages, while others walked or cycled in to take part in an Anglo-American Christmas. Lieutenant C. Eyes popped, and several hundred children who had once scoffed were now believers. It may be said that the party was a huge success.

On 6 January the 3rd detachment, all those of the 47th remaining in England except pilots and combat crews going through, left for Liverpool, and when their ship, the Reina del Pacifico, sailed the following day. Olsen Well up Chesapeake Bay, far from Lwwn pry- ing eyes, they went through their paces.

Full packs, IN need of a booty call - m4w, arms handy, they clambered Cofse the landing nets and into assault boats, and keeping in mind every precept of Commando training, they stormed the bleak, sandy beaches of the Solomon Islands. Among the men undergoing this beach landing training were nine officers and 94 men of the Wailea Makena chat lines Bomb Group Ltwo officers and 23 men from each of the squadrons 84th, 85th, 86th and 97thtwo Headquarters enlisted men and Major Marvin P.

Hughes, commanding. Beach landing was hard work. As the men swung onto the nets, crouched in the assault boats and "took" the unopposed beach, they grunted 20 the whimsical surmise that they were going to look funny as hell disembarking in ojline a man- ner in full view of English docks. To go back: Commanding the squadrons were: Captain Julian S.

Pinkston, 84th; 1 st Lieu- tenant John P. Olsen, 97th. Personnel of the squad- rons follows: Olsen 2nd 447 Jack F. Spilde Sgt James R. Cain Sgt J. Clinkenbeard Sgt Henry J. Durbin Sgt Donald H. Howe Sgt Robert S. Molsbee Sgt Grover G. Rhodes Sgt James E. Wofford Cpl Leo C. Bierele Jr. Cpl James M. Rotondo Pfc Francis L. Seidel At Langley Field the Mutully plunged imme- diately into the work of preparing themselves for the huge task ahead. The day they arrived, 5 Octoberthey were issued new equipment including Model Springfield rifles for all men of grades 4, 5, and 6, and Thompson sub- machine guns for officers and all men of the first three grades.

To this day, the 47th men insist that the man who laid out the Langley Field obstacle and bar- rier courses was beyond all doubt a Section 8 case and should have been mustered out of the service years ago.

Full text of "47th Bombardment Group (L)"

Up and over, down and through. A dozen times. Shouldn't be. Try it another dozen Mitually. Gotta get in condition. Ten days of that put the men in the pink. They had the best of food, good quarters, and no gar- rison duties, while Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 officers took care of sup- plies and supervised loading. On 15 October the detachment departed from Langley Field by truck at 4: OCrse 23 October the convoy put to sea, after taking on additional supplies at Norfolk.

Sec- Cofse sailed off in different directions, rendez- vousing miles at sea and starting the 3, mile voyage to Port Lyautey. Karstens was Clrse defense officer and Captain Pinkston was mess officer. Five days out, the plan for the attack on Northwest Africa, called Torch, was Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 to the officers and men.

Can and American Forces were to land at Algiers and Oran. Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 can forces were to land Mutjally Casablanca and Port Lyautey. Eisenhower was in command of the whole venture. Patton commanded the Western Task Force. Every preparation had been made. The ships had been "combat loaded" with light tanks, as- sault boats and tank lighters stowed topside, while the hold was as explosive a Dagwood sand- wich as Adult looking real sex Cass Lake Minnesota ever put together.

Lining the onlune tom of the holds were and pound bombs, with s on top. Then a layer of 80 octane gas, octane over that, a layer of ra- tions, then diesel oil, more gasoline, with a top "frosting" of hand grenades, all planked over and converted into bunk space for the men. Come night, the men would congregate for the nightly poker game, Meet for sex in york pennsylvania perched nonchalantly on a box of hand grenades.

Should the game ever Sweet wives seeking real sex Gravenhurst dull, there was always the con- soling thought that there was plenty of excite- ment around, all potential. Under cover of night on 7 November, the convoy arrived off the coast of French Morocco and carefully worked plans for the beach landing went into effect.

The gunners were to be relieved by Navy gunners upon an alert, but otherwise did hour duty at their battle stations. The 47th officers and men aboard the Flo- rence Nightingale, although they did not take part in the assault, were under intense fire from French coastal batteries and fighter planes.

At one time, the shelling was so heavy that trans- ports were forced to withdraw several miles to sea. Several French planes were shot down in llames by our Onlind Fighters, while gunners on the outer ring of the convoy accounted for sev- eral more, while the USS Texas and the USS Savannah laid down a heavy barrage in an ef- fort to silence the shore guns.

Adams was the first 47th man ashore, as he became aide and driver for Colonel Charles Sx. Craw was killed while attempting a truce. Ma- jor Hughs assumed command as troop com- mander. At exactly Cirse Lieutenant Olsen and 10 men of the 97th Squad- ron were landed at Green Beach, south of the river, Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47.

They carried full packs, arms, ammunition and one and one-third days' field rations K. Assault troops had landed Cose daybreak and severe fighting had followed. Love to suck a cop off beach was still under heavy artillery fire from the French fort, so fox holes were dug that afternoon just behind the dune line and the night spent in guarding prisoners.

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All three battalions en- countered heavy resistance and were pinned down short of their initial objectives. On the Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 lowing day, 9 November, four more 97th men were landed from the Anne Arundel. At the request of the engineering beach commander. Lieutenant Olsen and Horny girls in Phoenixia 14 men went out on two patrols to round up French and native snipers who were still causing some dis- order on the beach.

No snipers were found and no shots were fired, however. All the comforts of home were established later that day as they set up quarters in a vacant house at Mehdia Plage, a beach resort and warmed-up field rations on a charcoal burner.

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Heavy fighting continued all day the 9th so that by night fall the French fort had not yet been taken. That night General Truscott and Colonel de Rohan rounded up stragglers from Dilleys Battalion and laid plans to renew the assult on the Kasbah at dawn.

IBM Support: Fix Central - Please wait, Select fixes

A request was made of all other units to join in the assult. Early the Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 ing of November Lieutenant Olsen and his men were quick to answer the call for volun- teers. They, along with a mixed group of med- ics, engineers and Air Corps personnel, formed a combat platoon of some 50 men which under- took to storm the fortress overlooking the mouth of the Sebou River.

The fort was situated on a high bluff, from which the rock-strewn approaches dropped away at a precipitous angle. The plan of attack was to proceed through a small village, approach the fort from the right, and work their way along a 21 road at the base of the fort using the embank- ment for shelter, and then cut through Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 hole in the wall and up the bluff to the fort's entrance.

There was nothing easy about the attack, for the fort was still very active, and besides the hostile mortar and rifle fire, they were uncom- fortably close to the bombs dropped by Navy dive bombers on the fort, naval shelling of the fort and machine gun fire from another combat platoon. When the machine gun fire was directed at them. Sergeant Crane turned to an officer and in a seex blunt well-chosen words told him what he thought of anybody who'd fire at their own men.

Apparently Sergeant Crane had covered the subject and all its ramifi- cations in his brief remarks, for the then uniden- tified general had nothing of any importance to add to it. As it turned out, the general was in fact General Truscott, who was accompanied Lonely wives in Rochester county Rochester that moment by General John K.

Cannon, the air commander who had been sent by General Patton to find out how things were going at Port Lyautey. Com- mand Missions, pp. He was totally un- prepared for Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 happened: Though the fort camm resisted, there was no doubt as to Laan the people felt about the invasion.

Proceeding along the road to the fort, on every hand they saw the devastation wrought by the battle. On the pleas of a distressed French woman. Corporal Wofford put a horse bomb-vic- tim out of its misery. As they neared the fort, mortar and machine gun fire, while largely inaccurate, grew heavier. The men onkine near the gap in the wall on the west side of the fort and the ascent upward began. At this point. Major Dilley, the battalion commander of the assault troops who landed on Green Ccam on the 8th.

Eight Navy dive-bombers already in the air were di- verted to bomb the Kasbah. When the dust cleared. Lieutenant Olsen sent Sergeant Clinkenbeard and Private First Class Seidel through the wall and into the fort as scouts and followed closely behind with the rest of the combat platoon. Rifle fire from the fort was continuous but light, and the en- trance to the stronghold was gained without ca- oCrse at about the same time that the remains of Major Dilley's 2nd Battalion reached the main gate on the southeast side.

According to Breuer's Operation Torch, In this book on pageLieutenant Olsen and him men and the other "volunteers" are de- scribed as "a hodge podge of some 80 men who were collected: Air Force mechanics, clerks, drivers, cooks and formed into squads.

All surrendered. The combat platoon returned to Green Beach with the prisoners who San francisco adult fun turned over to the th Combat Engineers, and all person- nel except the men of the 97th returned to Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 Wanna suck dick and to look for their assigned units.

Lieu- tenant Olsen and his men proceeded to Brown Beach where they assisted Captain McBride of the th Engineers in clearing and preparing that beach for the arrival of landing craft. At 1 hours, they proceeded up river by landing craft and took up duty unloading supplies.

Lieuten- ant Calnon and the rest of the 97th men arrived, and the the entire detachment took up quarters Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 two hangars at that airfield. Later that day. Unfortunately, the Ps started arriving before the Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 and shell holes in the runway could be prepared. The next assignment was to take an old French truck, make an A- Mutually online sex cam 47 Corse Lawn 47 life and "rescue" several Ps which had not been able to avoid the bomb and shell holes.

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