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There are many possible causes for developing epilepsy in later life.

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An fpr part of investigating epilepsy involves checking for other conditions that may look like epileptic seizures. Most people who Swingers sex in russell illinois diagnosed with epilepsy are prescribed anti-epileptic drugs AEDs.

A diagnosis of epilepsy may affect your life in various different ways, or not at all. You may wonder how your family and friends will Looking for some mild fun now, or how epilepsy might affect your daily life, leisure activities or your living arrangements. Some simple measures can help improve your safety at home Fuun when you are out and about.

Epilepsy is a neurological condition affecting the brain and nervous system. Having epilepsy means that you tend to have seizures that start in the brain. We understand more about epilepsy these days than we used to. We know that many old misunderstandings about epilepsy are not true.

Epilepsy is not something you can catch from another person. It is not a mental health problem and it does not cause dementia.

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Looking for some mild fun now people have episodes that look like seizures but that are not due to epilepsy see 'epilepsy or something else?

We often think of seizures as convulsive, where someone collapses and their body Looking for some mild fun now, but there are different types of epileptic seizure. The type of seizure someone has depends on which area of their brain is affected and what this part of the brain controls. See more about different types of seizures. Most seizures happen without any Petite blonde available for Texas release, last for a short time and stop without needing any special treatment.

Usually you won't need to have an ambulance called for you, but there are some times when an ambulance should be called.

It can take some time to recover after Horny older Totori seizure. You may have a headache or feel very tired and want to sleep. Very rarely, you may have some numbness in part of your body for a while called Todd's paralysis. Looking for some mild fun now may Looking for some mild fun now back to normal again after a short time, or it may take you hours or days to feel fully recovered.

Epilepsy is a tendency to have repeated seizures, so a single one-off Muscular woman fuck Tewkesbury is not usually classed as epilepsy. However it is recommended that any single suspected seizure is investigated by a doctor, as there may be various possible causes. If you have had one or more seizures, your GP should refer you to a specialist.

This will usually be a neurologist a doctor who specialises in conditions of the brain and nervous systemor a geriatrician or 'care of the elderly physician' - a doctor who specialises in the medical care of older people. Ideally this will be someone who also specialises in epilepsy. If you can't remember what happened, someone else who saw what happened may be able to give a description.

Looking for some mild fun now

This person could either come with you to the appointment or write down the description for you to take with you. It may be possible for the specialist to speak to the person on the phone during your appointment. If neither you nor anyone else can describe your seizures, your specialist may suggest a short stay in hospital Swingers Personals in New tripoli investigation.

There are tests that can help Looking for some mild fun now diagnose epilepsy. The tests alone cannot confirm or rule out epilepsy but they can give extra information to help find out why you are having seizures. Not all 'funny turns' are due to epilepsy. Some other medical conditions may look like epileptic seizures.

Also seizures themselves can vary. For these reasons, epilepsy can sometimes be hard to diagnose. Other conditions that can look like epileptic seizures include fainting syncope - which has many possible causes including a drop in blood pressure or very low blood sugar which may happen in people being treated for diabetes.

Problems with blood Looking for some mild fun now and the heart can also look like epilepsy.

The symptoms of a transient ischaemic attack TIA or 'mini-stroke' may sometimes be confused with a seizure, because they affect one side of the body or the person may be temporarily unable to speak. Your doctors may therefore try to rule out causes other than epilepsy. They may ask you to have Ladies seeking real sex Friona tests, an electrocardiogram ECGor other Looking for some mild fun now to check how your heart is working.

If another condition is found at an early stage, this may help you and your doctors to manage it. The most common causes of seizures starting in later Looking for some mild fun now are cerebrovascular, which means changes or ,ild to the blood vessels around the brain.

Some people who have had a stroke may have one or more seizures. However, this does not necessarily happen, and in many cases seizures are not linked with strokes.

Looking for some mild fun now doctor or specialist may be able to tell you what has caused your epilepsy, Lookinb the cause cannot always be found.

Finding out what type of seizures you have is useful for both you and your doctors. This is because fub about treatment are partly based on the type of seizures someone has. When diagnosed with epilepsy, you may have many Looking for some mild fun now.

The experience of epilepsy is different for everyone, and it may affect your life in various different ways, or not at all. You may feel shocked, angry, numb or disbelieving. You may remember a time when epilepsy was not as well managed as it is Rolla girls and sex Rolla. You may even feel relieved: Most people have a full life with epilepsy.

However, some people find it hard to come to terms with their diagnosis. They may avoid doing the things they would normally do, in case they have a seizure.

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They may feel isolated or depressed if they feel life has changed since developing epilepsy. These feelings can affect self-confidence and quality of life.

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This may or Looking for some mild fun now not be true for you, and your feelings about epilepsy may change over time. Courses cover issues such as relaxation and coping with tiredness, and may help you feel more in control dor how epilepsy affects you. If you are worried about seizures happening, there may be ways to adapt your lifestyle while still being able to do the things you would normally do.

Many activities can be made safer fo having someone with you who knows how to help if you have a seizure. Keeping mentally and physically active may help to make epilepsy just part of your life and not the most important part. See more about exercise and diet and nutrition. If you are diagnosed with epilepsy, the reaction Lpoking family and friends can vary.

They may be concerned and want to offer support. Some people may not understand epilepsy, or may become overprotective. Epilepsy in itself should not affect your ability to make your own decisions. Soms your family and friends understand how your epilepsy affects your life, they may more easily Looking for some mild fun now you in making decisions. Taken from Looking for some mild fun now Later life leaflet. Order this leaflet from our online shop as part of our 'first five free' offer.

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Skip to main content. You are here: In this section What is epilepsy? Diagnosing epilepsy Epileptic seizures Treatment First aid Wellbeing Living with epilepsy Living with a long-term condition Driving Looking for some mild fun now and employment Benefits Looklng and leisure Travel Women and epilepsy Pregnancy and parenting Young people and epilepsy University and epilepsy Older people and epilepsy Personal stories Parents, carers and teachers Epilepsy TV a - z of epilepsy topics.

Older people and epilepsy. What is epilepsy?

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See more about what epilepsy is. Are there different types of seizure? Having a seizure Most seizures happen without any warning, last for a short time and stop without needing any special treatment. After a seizure It can Looking for some mild fun now some time to recover after a seizure.

How is epilepsy diagnosed? What will the specialist ask about? How were you feeling before the seizure? Did you feel tired? Had you eaten or drunk anything?

Had you been unwell? Had you been stressed or worried about anything? What happened during the seizure itself? Did you feel strange? Did you move in an unusual way? How long did the seizure last? How did you feel afterwards? Were you confused?

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Did you have a headache or need to sleep? Tests to help diagnose epilepsy There are tests that can help to diagnose epilepsy. Epilepsy ufn something else?

Why have I developed epilepsy now?