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Looking for my nerdy special someone

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These names used to be roughly interchangeable when distinguishing the social outcasts from the in-crowd in school. Yet, those social rejects were destined to rule the world in the form of Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, et al. Oh yeah, and billions of dollars.

nerd - Dictionary Definition :

Yet, some of these terms have grown up a little more than others Looking for my nerdy special someone even wriggled away from their negative connotations. In fact, there appears to be a hierarchy to these terms now. Based on popular usage of these terms, geeks and nerds are a new brand of cool kid.

Taking coolness and intelligence big factors with these words into consideration, geeks sit at the top of the Geekdom totem pole. Nerds follow shyly behind. Dorks possess a veritable degree of social silliness, and dweebs.

We wanted to explore what sets these terms apart and how the geeky totem pole came to be. And, they generally have absolutely nothing to do Petite blonde available for Texas release book-smarts and glasses.

Looking for my nerdy special someone heads off chickens. Ok, so first and foremost: Calling someone a nerd can be a compliment or a dis, depending on the person and context. So, be mindful! Alright, what sets these terms apart? To outline the general distinctions between these names, based on how people view and use them now, we call upon the magic of the Venn diagram.

The piece of pseudo-intellectualism below was created Looking for my nerdy special someone an anonymous armchair-sociologist who recognized the pressing need to clarify these confusing terms and rose to the challenge with a geek-chic graphic: The distinctions between these designations depend on where specjal terms fall within the interlocking circles. Each circle represents a major feature displayed by some or all of the people who are called or call themselves geeks, nerds, dorks, or dweebs.

These ofr characteristics are: Intelligence, Obsession, and Social Ineptitude.

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Dweebs tend to be socially inept, but intelligent although we beg to differ. Dorks tend to be socially inept, and obsessed again, not so fast.

Nerds tend to be equal parts intelligent, obsessed, and socially inept. Geeks so,eone to be intelligent and obsessed but—importantly—not socially inept. Now, what do we say about these terms.

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Another interesting divergence from the Venn diagram: Depending on the degree of silliness or ridiculousness displayed by a dorkthey may simply be endearing goofballs and not face-palmingly awkward in society.

Therefore, according to us, they climb the totem pole. So, what was that about penises and Dr. Oh Looking for my nerdy special someone, the bizarre biographies we were talking about.

Well, here are some of the fascinating lexical legends of Geekdom: Lowest on the totem pole is dweeb.

This word is the youngest of the four, born in the s. An odd author who calls himself Loking. Rufus T. Well, dork Fuck Tucsonia singles meant penisa long, long time ago.

For some people, everything looks phallic. How the word came to signify that meaning is entirely unknown. But, penises are funny, right?

The most frequently cited story is that Dr.

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Nerd had to have been around before Seuss, but the doc certainly made it more popular. Etymologists think nerd has a combination of influencesin addition to Dr.

Seuss and possibly informing his own use. Technological prowess was never a Looking for my nerdy special someone to be a nerd ; only that the nerd be extremely intelligent in any academic area to Looking for my nerdy special someone they paid attention while ignoring the trivial social scene.

A caveat though: Geek on the other hand. Geek surveys all of Geekdom from the top. Before becoming a sociable nerd, the geek had a strange life indeed. With the computer and tech revolution, geek boomed in popularity with its friend nerd. Unlike nerd, though, the word geek rooted itself more squarely with technology-related fields once it quit biting off animal heads.

Thus, because technology is so important in the Digital Age, so are geeks! They want to talk about their geeky passions in addition to studying them, and they try to find accessible ways to share their geekiness with others. For these reasons, we surmise geek has slightly cooler connotations than nerd, and thus may be why the term is welcoming to anybody with a hardcore passion Looking for my nerdy special someone some expertise: Menu Dictionary.

Everything After Z by Dictionary.

By this logic and, according to this armchair-sociologist: Popular Now. Sign up for our Newsletter! Start your day with weird words, fun quizzes, and language stories.