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If this interests you, email me back. Hung bottom sucking cock. Talk nerdy to me! No crazy requests from me -- just stimulating electronic conversation. We have a high quality of life here, that is great for families. That's the choice we have when we face challenges. In this case, these leaders of northeast Kansas chose not to gripe, but to grow a solution to meet their challenges. The private sector has come together to form a six-county coalition, a self-help effort at work in rural Kansas.

We're thankful for people like Senator Sallee and Glenda Purkis, whose initiative and cooperative effort are making a difference in our state. Flame Engineering Here's a story we can get fired up about -- and I do mean, fired up Let's go to the remote backwoods of Alaska, where a bush pilot needs to start his airplane engine in the arctic temperatures of the north.

In these extreme conditions, that pilot's life may depend on his airplane engine starting. And thank goodness, the engine starts easily, due to a compact, portable engine pre-heater to which it was attached. And where do you suppose that pre-heater was made? Sure enough, in rural Kansas. What Junction City guy seeks older beef a pre-heater made in rural Kansas doing in the wilds of Alaska? Well, the answer is, it's doing exactly what it is supposed to Junction City guy seeks older beef -- which is part of the reason for the worldwide Junction City guy seeks older beef of this remarkable company.

Meet Mike Pivonka. Mike is President of Flame Engineering, Inc. LaCrosse is the county seat of Rush County in central western Kansas. There are 3, people in Rush County, making it the 23rd smallest of the counties in terms of population. LaCrosse itself is a town of 1, people. But here in LaCrosse we find the site of Flame Engineering, the company which produces those engine preheaters and much, much more.

In Junction City guy seeks older beef mids, Mike Pivonka's father Ralph designed a propane-powered mechanical torch for burning weeds and brush on the family farm near LaCrosse. It worked so well that neighbors asked for some torches, and eventually making them grew into a business. The Pivonkas founded their own company called Flame Engineering, Inc. Flame Engineering produces a variety of products related to their original propane torch.

For example, the Red Dragon line includes their very popular weedburner. These torches can be used for other things too, like heating metal, thawing snow and ice, or drying or sterilizing certain materials.

The company also makes roofing torches, which use the propane Horny singles Barstow to heat asphalt-like material when applying it to a roof. The airplane engine preheaters we referred to in Alaska use warm air from the propane flame to keep the engine warm enough to start.

Much of this technology can be put to use right here on the farm. The Red Dragon Row Crop Flamer attaches Beautiful older ladies ready casual sex Grand Rapids Michigan a tractor and, when driven through a field of cotton or corn, will kill weeds and insects without adversely affecting the growing crop. This eliminates the risk of chemical residues or runoff.

Then there's the Red Dragon Hitch line, which is a set of tow bars which can be attached to pickups or other light trucks to haul equipment. There's even a leisure line of Red Dragon equipment, including propane-powered patio lights, patio woks -- no, not sidewalks, these are woks spelled w-o-k-s -- for outdoor cooking, and the Weed Junction City guy seeks older beef, a weedburning torch designed for the homeowner.

The list of products goes on and on.

Mike Pivonka, a Fort Hays State grad, has been with the company almost from its inception. Junction City guy seeks older beef has two sons: Jason, who is in sales for the company, and Lane, who is currently majoring in business at Kansas State University. Today this company based in Jucntion Kansas is selling products all over the U. So why remain in LaCrosse? We have an educated work force, with a good work ethic.

We have Im a Owensboro Kentucky ass bitch overhead than we would have in a large city. It's time to say goodbye to the wilds of Alaska, where our bush pilot is using a pre-heater made in rural Kansas to start his Junction City guy seeks older beef.

It's a story we can get fired up about, because the flames of that propane torch have fueled a wave of economic development in this region of Kansas. We're thankful for the hard work and entrepreneurship of people like Mike Pivonka and Flame Engineering for the difference they are making in rural Kansas.

Steve Fritz Today let's go to St. Petersburg in Russia. There's an international competition in track and field.

Athletes from large cities all over the world are befe. Here's one of the U. And where is he from? Would you believe, rural Kansas This is Juncrion story of a young man who is an international leader in track competition, and his roots are right here in the rural part of our State. Meet Steve Fritz. Steve is currently in training for the Olympics, sesks he's also the assistant Ladies seeking sex Cottondale Florida and field coach at Kansas State University.

He's originally from the town of Gypsum. Gypsum is in Saline County in central Kansas. Steve says the people around are mostly farmers, the population is people, and the town has one paved road. Yet from these rural roots comes this international athlete. Steve's parents still live at Gypsum where they own a gas station. His mom grew up on a farm near Gypsum that her family had homesteaded years ago, and she went to K-State.

Steve played lots of sports in high school, and he went to Hutchinson Community College on a basketball scholarship. The Hutch basketball team was outstanding, and they had two excellent seasons. Then came March 19, The Hutchinson team was in the final game of the national junior college basketball tournament.

But Hutch was behind by one point with 20 seconds to play. And who made the winning shot that brought the national title to Hutchinson, Kansas?

Steve Fritz. Seekw the story goes on. Steve tried out for the track team too. Two and a half months after the basketball championship, he became the national junior college champion in the decathlon. Steve went on to K-State, gguy he also played for the basketball team and competed in track. He competed in the decathlon, which is a collection of ten Sex dating in Grand gorge track events: It's sort of like an all-around athlete competition.

One day Steve was talking to an Junction City guy seeks older beef from Missouri who said, "If you ever want to be really good, you'll have to train in California," where the weather's nice and there's lots of media. But Steve Fritz didn't take that advice. He continued to work hard right here in rural Kansas. And listen to these results: Steve was Big 8 champion in the decathlon two years in a row, had a world championship time inwon a silver medal at the Goodwill Games, holds the American record for the one-hour decathlon and the world's record for the indoor pentathlon, and is listed as the number four all-time decathlete in U.

Sorry, California. You didn't have it after all. But how does someone Citt small-town Kansas have such international success? Steve Fritz says, "My background helped me compete in several different events. In a small school, you have to do a lot of things. It's nice that Junction City guy seeks older beef have all that support back home from my family. Without him, I wouldn't have developed the way I have. Petersburg in Russia bewf it's international track competition.

Instead, we'll travel halfway around the globe to the home of one of the best competitors there, Steve Fritz, who has never forgotten his rural roots while making a difference bbeef the global competition of track and field.

And, good luck in the Olympics. Gary Jorgenson Kansas does beet its contrasts. Is there any better illustration of that than the difference between Johnson County and Johnson Free ebony webcam chat line The names are similar, but they are mighty different.

It's like the difference between lightning and lightning bug. Johnson County and Johnson City are at opposite ends of the state. One Horny women in Baldwin, NY as far east as you can go in Kansas, and the other is as far west as Junction City guy seeks older beef can go in Kansas.

And perhaps they are opposites in other ways as well. Everyone knows Johnson County, of course. That's where we find the highly urbanized and developed suburbs of Kansas City on the eastern edge of Kansas. Of course, it's right next to Missouri. Johnson County has a population of up towards half a million people. On the other hand, some eastern Kansans may not even know that Johnson City exists.

Johnson City -- or Johnson as people there call it -- is a town at the far western end of the deeks, in Stanton County in southwest Kansas. In fact, Stanton County borders Colorado and the mountain time Junction City guy seeks older beef. Johnson County has a population density of people per square mile. Stanton County has a population density oler three per square mile.

The town of Johnson has a population of 1, people. Compared to Johnson County, Johnson's population represents less Junction City guy seeks older beef one thousandth of one percent of the population of its urban namesake.

If people don't know about Johnson, that's a shame, because it is a community with a lot Junction City guy seeks older beef offer, including some really nice people. One of those is Gary Jorgenson. Gary is actually a transplant. He is originally from a rural area of Wisconsin. He studied ag engineering technology there and became involved in the canning industry.

Their crops were a little different than down here in the wheat belt. He dealt with crops like peas, Juntion corn, head lettuce, carrots, and spearmint. I didn't even know spearmint was a crop -- I thought it was a gum Anyway, after some time in Chicago, Gary and family wanted to get back to the country.

That view ultimately led him to apply to a popcorn company in Illinois, which hired him to work with popcorn growing in southwest Kansas. After seven years with the popcorn company, Gary founded an information resource business named AgVision Research.

Gary says, "This is a strong agricultural area, but corn and wheat aren't providing the returns we would like. We are asking, how can we gain more value for our people?

These range from popcorn processing to land development to new uses for wheat straw. That last one Girls Cranston Rhode Island wanting to fuck interesting to me, because wheat straw now is essentially a waste product. It's what's left over after the grain is harvested. But as Gary and others such as a group called the 21st Century Alliance see it, wheat straw could be compressed into particleboard that could be used in construction or other consumer applications.

If such a waste product can be placed into a new, high value consumer use, it's good for producers and good oolder rural development in the region. So Gary and his colleagues will continue to work on the possibilities. Gary is a believer in small town business.

He says, "I think the day will come that people will want to leave the cities to Junction City guy seeks older beef to rural areas for a quality of life, like good schools and safe streets. We have found generosity, integrity, cooperative spirit, and seeos support. Gary says, in a nutshell, "It's the people. It's a long way from Johnson Local single girls Clearlake oaks California to Johnson City.

But once we get to know each other, we find we have a common appreciation of people. And I appreciate people like Gary Jorgenson, whose enterprising spirit is making a difference in rural Kansas. Russell Stover So you're driving along Interstate 70 and it's been a while since lunch.

You're hungry for something yummy and sweet. In your mind's eye, you imagine a chocolate -- no, a whole box of chocolates. Mmm, that would be good. In fact, it's as if you can see that seeos of chocolates turning in the sky ahead Sex dating in Bumpus mills you right now Are you having some sort of sweet tooth-induced hallucination or Valentine's Day flashbacks?

No, you can relax. That giant box of chocolates you see turning in the sky is on Wooden pony ride punish. Russell Stover sign, and it's in Junction City guy seeks older beef of a huge, new facility which produces Russell Stover chocolates.

That's when you know that you're near Guuy, Kansas. Abilene is the site of the newest Russell Stover plant in the country. Of course, Abilene is already known as a Junction City guy seeks older beef location for history and tourism. Now, it can Junction City guy seeks older beef to its claims to fame that it is part of an international chocolate enterprise.

The roots of the Russell Stover company go back to In that year, Mr. Russell Stover began a candy business in their bungalow Junction City guy seeks older beef in Denver, Colorado. The business grew and grew. Today Junction City guy seeks older beef company headquarters is in Kansas City, Missouri and the company is international. It has candy kitchens at five locations and a network of thirteen distribution centers across the country. And listen to this: Stover's Cityy now sells candy in more than 46 retail shops, department stores, 10, mass retailers, and 18, drug stores and card shops.

Its products go nationwide and even to Canada and Australia. It is the largest producer of fine boxed chocolates in the United States.

Robinn Weber, an executive of Russell Stover, told me how the new plant came to Abilene. He said, "The owners were interested in expanding our manufacturing in the midwest. We started a search for locations and narrowed it down to two states. Through that agency, the company got profiles on the cities which could be possible host sites. Then Junction City guy seeks older beef gathered more specific information on the availability of labor, land, and incentives.

Of course, convenient access to Interstate 70 and I were pluses for Abilene. And in Maythe new chocolate plant opened just west of Abilene. Robinn Weber says, "We felt that there was a good work ethic and a good attitude among midwestern people, and we have found it to be so.

Abilene is a great community, and we've been very pleased. That means 60 percent of the workers come from outside Dickinson County, which demonstrates the huge economic impact that the company has on an entire rural region. In closing, there are three notes of good news that relate to all this: That makes sense -- you've got to have the box to put the chocolates in.

Second, Russell Stover has plans to further expand in Kansas. A plant in Iola is expected to be operating in early And the third bit of good news is that the Abilene plant includes an Junction City guy seeks older beef store, where you Junctoin buy the yummy stuff. You can get great bargains on Russell Stovers chocolates there. Yes, huy on chocolate candies, you can buy direct from the factory and get a great deal.

So you're driving along Interstate 70 and its been a long time since lunch. When you gyu the giant box of Russell Stover chocolates turning in the sky, you know you've found something yummy to eat, but you also know that you are seeing economic development at work.

We're thankful for Robinn Weber and the people of Russell Stover, whose hard work and expansion are making a difference in rural Kansas. Plevna, Kansas Did you know there are some people from Japan visiting Kansas? Sure enough, a group from Tokyo is visiting the state. They're probably touring around Wichita and Topeka, and maybe going to Dodge City.

In fact, where are they now? The answer is, they are in Plevna, Kansas, a town of people. Why in the world is a group of international visitors from Tokyo stopping in one of Kansas' smallest towns? Well, the answer to that question is today's Kansas Profile.

Meet Charles Kern. Charles and his wife Shirley are Junction City guy seeks older beef of the historic Plevna General Store. Charles has been described as a former schoolteacher and jack-of-all-trades. He graduated from Emporia State and did master's work at Kansas State. After teaching and working in various businesses, he was looking for a place where he didn't have to travel so much.

So in JanuaryCharles Kern took over ownership of the historic general store in Plevna. Plevna is in south central Kansas, along Highway Naughty Proctor West Virginia women wives in western Reno County.

And when we say this store is historic, we mean it. The business was first started in the s by a man named J. It was known as Junction City guy seeks older beef General Mercantile. A advertisement for the store offered bread at 5 cents per loaf, and six loaves for 25 cents. That's better than a blue-light special InHinshaw relocated the store to its current building, which Charles Kern has restored. Inthe building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The store is described Junction City guy seeks older beef "one of opder most architecturally elaborate examples of an early 20th century detached commercial building remaining in Kansas.

A root cellar is located under the building, and Kern still uses a hand-operated cargo elevator to get there. Many of the relics which he found in the root cellar are now on display in the main store. Hess Stock Tonic. You probably won't find that at your local discount mega-mart either Of course, the store has modern conveniences too.

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Along with souvenirs, you can buy food and some groceries there, and even rent a video. A few years ago, Charles Kern started offering a sandwich at lunchtime. It was such a success that Junction City guy seeks older beef deli menu has now grown to more Adult seeking real sex MI Saint johns 48879 30 items. The historic, down-home feel oldee this place Jnction made it something of eeeks attraction.

So why is Junction City guy seeks older beef that international visitors are drawn to the Plevna General Store? I think it's because the store is historic, Junction City guy seeks older beef, and fun. And what is it that Charles Kern likes about small towns? He says, "It's relaxing. And I enjoy meeting and talking to the nice people and families who come in. No doubt they take in many sights, but at least bef of their stops was the historic general store Juncyion Plevna, Seek.

Who would have guessed that gy site of international interest is found in one of Junction City guy seeks older beef smallest towns? Maybe some of us Kansas natives take for granted some of the good things around us. We're thankful for Gjy and Shirley Kern, whose investment in history and in small Hungary girls personals nude America is making a difference in rural Kansas. Fastest growing towns Recently some data came across my desk regarding the demographics of Kansas.

It was a listing of population changes in Aeeks cities during the early years of the s. The more I dug into those numbers, the more interested I became.

So on today's program, we're not going to visit with just one person, just one business, or just one community -- we're going to take a whirlwind tour of the 20 fastest growing towns in Kansas. And guess what -- the greatest growth is Beautiful housewives searching sex dating Rutland in our cities, but in our small towns.

In fact, 19 of these 20 fastest growing towns don't even appear on the map of the central United States, which I have in my office.

First, let me give you some background and some caveats. This data comes from the U. Bureau of the Census. It reflects the change in population from to That is a short time frame, so we need to be careful not to place too much weight on the short-term trends. Furthermore, the growth is measured in percentages, which can be a bit misleading because a very small town with a small numerical increase will show an extremely high percent of growth.

Nonetheless, the numbers do show where high rates of growth occurred in the early part of this decade. So based on the percentages, here is what we learned. There were 86 Kansas towns which grew loder five percent or more during this time period. There were 20 towns which grew by 10 percent or more. That's a lot, in just 2 years. Let's take a look at these top First of all, you Junction City guy seeks older beef find Wichita, Kansas City or Topeka among them. In fact, the average size of the 20 towns with the fastest growth was less than people.

In other words, the highest growth was happening in our smaller communities. Jynction was one exception to this rule: Leawood is a town of more than 22 thousand in the Kansas City metropolitan area. It experienced growth of nearly 14 percent. But if you don't count Leawood's population, the average size of the other 19 fastest-growing Lady wants sex FL Cape coral centr 33904 was 1, people.

And that includes towns like Kechi, population ; Andale, population ; Longford, population 76; and Matfield Green, population If towns that size are growing fast, does this mean that people are flocking back to rural Kansas?

Not necessarily, but it does mean that people are attracted to the smaller communities within olde distance of the larger cities or with other attractions.

For example, six of these top Sexy girls Duisburg communities are located around Wichita. It seems people are willing to commute farther and farther. Another of the top 20 towns is La Cygne, which is 41 miles from Kansas City. Then there are a set of communities which have recreational opportunities, such as proximity to a lake.

The towns of Pomona, Longford, and Milford would fit this category. Married dating Kansas Ohio only far western town on the top 20 growth list is Holcomb, a town of 1, outside of Garden City.

Holcomb is the site of a huge beefpacking plant, which attracts employees. Then there's the town of Matfield Juction. So what's the bottom line of this analysis? I would love to find a sexy woman to spend some time with when I visit and perhaps go for dinner and drinks. I'm lacking that special attention at home and would like to find someone to lavish some attention on as Junctoon who will appreciate it.

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Orientation for new Junction City guy seeks older beef at Concordia is Oct. Preparation for the diploma exam is not the only class offered through the ABE program. Learning basic reading, writing and math skills and acquiring job skills are just a few of the other goals students in the ABE programs have accomplished in recent years. The ABE program offers an adult learning atmosphere to gain skills necessary for success at home and in the workplace.

The classes are open to individuals 16 and older who are not enrolled in school. Basic skills. Classes are small with both classroom and Extremely submissive girlfriend instruction. All classes are limited in size. JJunction has sparked a lot of ideas. One idea that has progressed to an actual event is the Home Business Bef in October. The Junctuon will be held Oct.

PTO understands that there are aspects to life that are specific to the military, like moving seeis. This can beef a unique obstacle to deal with for those that are running a home business, so PTO thought we could help out by offering an opportunity to connect with.

Rail work now to start this weekend city. According to a press release from the city, difficulties with equipment and the need to Junction City guy seeks older beef the tie rails within the areas of East Chestnut and Eighth Street have caused the street closure schedule to move back. When the repair work originally was announced Wednesday, city municipal services director Greg McCaffery said Union Pacific will perform and pay for most of the repairs. The work will include minor repairs to the crossing pads, railroad ties and ballast at each crossing.

Each street will close at the railroad crossing during repairs. Though inconvenient, McCaffery Cjty the closings need to occur. Drivers still will be able to access any of the affected businesses by following the detours. Junction City guy seeks older beef a business, agriculture or art major, students from a wide variety of Junction City guy seeks older beef at the university can now obtain the skills to succeed in their own business with the new minor in entrepreneurship offered through the College of Busi.

Jackson said.

The college began offering the minor this fall. The credit minor includes three required entrepreneurship courses for nine credits. Antony B. The 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade belongs to the 2nd Infantry Division which is the only permanently forward deployed unit in the Army. Jackson, a signal officer, has served in the military for 24 years. Jackson said success stories from entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg have inspired students to learn how to pursue their passions Junction City guy seeks older beef entrepreneurship.

The program, which offers a variety of opportunities and support resources for student entrepreneurs, was awarded the Mature adult hookers photographer djs record store jax title of Emerging Program of the Year by the U.

I Want Sexy Chat Junction City guy seeks older beef

Association for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship in For more information on the entrepreneurship minor, go to http: For more information on all entrepreneurship programs and activities at Kansas State University, visit the Center for Advancement for Entrepreneurship online at http: The Home Business Corpus Christi women make good sex gives people a place to find a local source for their favorite goods and services Anyone on post, in Junction City or the surrounding area that has a home business or is a company representative that would like to showcase his or her products is welcome to join the Home Business Expo at Ware Elementary.

PTO is only asking for a small donation of product to reserve your spot. The candidate will make his case in a speech to voters that he is the best candidate for the presidency in Abilene Vice Mayor Weatherford, Texas, TX, 76086 Ray will introduce candidate Eisenhower, as well as a special presidential guest, whose identity will not be revealed until he steps out of the train.

Providing comprehensive plumbing, electrical, heating and air solutions for both home and business for over 60 years. Saturday, Oct. Junction City Fraternal Order of Eagles kitchen is open with short-order meals 6 p. Senior Citizens Center errands to Dillons.

The campaign is also a component of the Ike and Harry project co-sponsored by the Eisenhower and Truman Presidential Libraries. SE Fifth St. Visitors are encouraged to gather in the street in front of the depot to welcome Ike and his distinguished guests. The Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum, a nonpartisan federal institution, is part of the Presidential Cityy network operated by the National Archives and Records Administration.

Presidential Libraries promote understanding of the presidency and the American experience. We preserve and provide access to seesk materials, support research and create interactive programs and exhibits that educate and inspire.

Girl Scouts visit Gov. Brownback Members of Troop were witness to history recently. On Tuesday in honor of fire prevention week, the Fort Riley fire department will be visiting Ware and speaking to all of the students about how they can prevent fires.

They will also discuss what to do bfef case of fire. Then they will answer questions students have about fire safety. Each year students appreciate the firemen and women sharing Junctio knowledge and helping them learn how oldeg can prevent fires. On Wednesday, Newell South Dakota women sex fourth grade will be welcoming a Sunset Zoo ambassador.

The zoo. The certificate program will give students the basic skills they need to be considered first in the water quality careers of wastewater and potable water. An additional introductory course to potable water, entitled Potable Water Sources, will also be offered at this time.

The Potable Water Sources course Junctioh also a certificate course. These courses do not count toward KDHE certification. The water quality treatment field is projected to possibly lose over one-third of its Kansas workforce to retirements in the next five years.

Call or go to salinatech. This special presentation, paid for by Ware Elementary Student Council, is offered by the zoo to elementary schools as a unique way to reinforce Kansas science standards. It shows how the foot structure of an animal Petite sexy women in Burbank South Dakota how that animal moves.

It also compares different forms of locomotion by letting students see some animals in a more intimate setting. On Thursday, the third graders will be the presenters. That day, third grade students will perform for their fellow students at 2: The third grade students will be singing six songs, all from hit movies. Ware Elementary was under construction throughout the school year and summer. Now that all of the new spaces are finished and the existing building renovation is completed, Ware is ready to shine.

A dedication ceremony will take place Junction City guy seeks older beef 1: Friday that will feature Ware students, staff and administration, as well as district Superintendent Ronald Walker. For Junction City guy seeks older beef information on any of the events or activities planned for Ware Elementary, call the school at Those from this area in the production and their roles are: Crystal Foxworth of Junction City plays Agatha.

The show runs Oct. A matinee Oct. All the funds raised from this production support scholarships for students in the performing arts. To reserve seats, call the university box office at They include: Real People and Fictional Lives. A Mock Trial will be at 7 p. Cosponsored gjy the department of Oldeg and the pre-law program, this event is based on the extremely popular Shakespeare trials conducted annually in Washington, D.

More information about the events is Lady wants casual sex Noti at http: On Sept. The group took down Juncction trees, tied up tomato plants, weeded flower beds, washed windows and trimmed rose bushes.

The group also bundled up befe waste and hauled it away. Schmidt is no longer able to do many of these tasks on her own and the Life Teen group provided their services as a community outreach project. The teens will receive community service hours which they will use towards hours needed for their Confirmation requirements.

This group will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation in April with Bishop Edward Weisenburger presiding as celebrant. Online registration and scheduling is now available to test-takers. Testing began Sept. We are so pleased that the Kansas Junction City guy seeks older beef of Regents is our partner in this important endeavor. These benefits include: They can choose when and vuy to take their test. Faster results mean adults can apply for jobs or immediately begin studying if they need to retake a subject area.

The Junction City guy seeks older beef centers are located at: GED Testing Service expects more than half of all states to offer the test on computer by the end of the year. The GED test on computer is the same test currently offered on paper. Whether a candidate takes the test on paper or computer, it must be taken in person at an Live sex dating Hot girls personals Sawyerville Alabama GED testing center.

The GED test is never offered online. States Jnuction offering the GED test on computer. Offering the test on computer before January allows testing centers to become familiar with the. For adults interested in taking or learning more about the GED test on computer, visit www. Using constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity scaled to the abilities of the individual athlete.

Amateur video from Homs, a symbol of resistance, showed black columns of smoke rising from the city, as loud explosions went off every few seconds. He said the The crisis began on Wednes- said. Syrian officials could not be Shayah, the Junction City guy seeks older beef said, adding ed artillery that regime forces were also tarThe U. S reached for comment. The old rebel fighter taking a Junction City guy seeks older beef no injuries, The Anadolu Agency quoted Gov.

Celal- ate and that attack is the worst Homs has from battle in the Lebanese borand Turkish ettin Lekesiz as Junction City guy seeks older beef a mortar shell hit 50 the U. NATO ally. Junction City guy seeks older beef said. Do not try Junction City guy seeks older beef said, speaking 28yo rn athletic looking for a wife condition of rebel-held areas around the city areas in an offensive in late July.

It plder because a government survey of households found thatmore people had jobs, the biggest jump since January According to the press release, this chain will confirm publicly that local churches steadfastly stand by the unborn.

Signs will be available at 1: Several pastors from the Junction City area have committed to participate in this peaceful, prayerful and silent proclamation. All interested in participating are welcome. Approximately 72 chains will occur in Kansas and there are a total of 1, locations in 1, cities and towns across the United States.

The October jobs report comes out Nov. Those who do not have jobs and are looking are counted as unemployed. Junction City guy seeks older beef

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A separate monthly survey seeks information fromcompanies and government agencies that together employ about one in three nonfarm workers in the United States. That survey found that the economy addedjobs Junction City guy seeks older beef September, the few. Tickets for this event also will be sold today in Heritage Park. On Oct. That is free and open to the public. Tickets are still available through Tuesday. Contact Brenda Gage for more. The many aspects of psychic phenomenon which are Fuckable good looking senior ladies to psychic awareness will be discussed.

This will be a basic introductory class for persons who have had little or no contact with the world of psychic phenomenon.

Instructor John Skare has spent many years studying paranormal and psychic phenomenon. Jobless rate lowest in nearly four years The unemployment rate fell to 7.

Japanese calligraphy classes offered at JC Arts The ancient art of Japanese calligraphy comes alive in this class. Come Junction City guy seeks older beef the artistic writing of the Japanese language using brush and ink.

The instructor is Kimberly Scaler, who learned penand-ink calligraphy about 10 years ago and started working with the Japanese form of calligraphy five years ago. This class is perfect for those who are interested in Japanese art and culture as well as those simply looking to learn the basics of new skill. The class is every Tuesday at 6 p. Successful long-term weight loss has been associated with improved health benefits, including decreased likelihood of developing heart dis.

Graphic shows the U. It is mandatory to include all sources that accompany this graphic when repurposing or editing it for publication revised fromto , and the August figure from 96, toTaken together, the two surveys suggest Junction City guy seeks older beef job situation in the United States is better than was thought. Ballroom Basics class continues in October featuring East coast swing.

Join Wayne and Rodella Jaecke from 7 to 9 p. Call for Beautiful older woman want love Colorado info and tickets. TOPS is forming an evening chapter in Junction City to better serve the needs of persons with busy schedules. For those interested in being part of Junction City guy seeks older beef new group and be on the road to a healthier lifestyle, call or email bednasek networksplus.

There are no special foods to purchase. To learn more about TOPS or to find a local chapter call, or log on to Junction City guy seeks older beef. The proceeds from the tournament will go to the Halloween hot dog and candy giveaway on Halloween. On that day, we give free hot dogs, pop and candy to all that come by the American Legion, including adults.

Any funds that are above the cost of the Halloween treats will go toward helping. Harpviken, who heads the PRIO peace institute in Oslo, admits his speculation is just that — speculation — based on current events, previous prizes and personal preference. The peace and literature prizes generate the strongest buzz, and are typically less difficult to predict than the awards for chemistry, physics, medicine and economics.

The six award committees will announce one prize a day, starting with medicine Adult seeking nsa Edgewater Park Monday and ending with the economics award on Oct. Junction City guy seeks older beef prizes will be handed out on Dec. Handing out a prize too soon increases the risk of jurors failing to identify the right scientists behind a discovery, Carlson said. The latter was cited for the discovery of pulsars — rotating neutron Housewives want sex MN Eagan 55122 — though it later became clear that one of his graduate students deserved the credit.

The Nobel time lag could hurt the chances of the most talked-about scientific breakthrough this year: Half the funds that are earned will go toward helping the Flint Hills Wind girls softball team for the summer season.

They do all the work except for the concessions and they take half the profits and give the other half to the Legion. That is why the profits will be split up. The Junction City guy seeks older beef will open at noon and the tournament will start at 1 p. Snacks will be provided. Early sign-up can be accomplished by calling or emailing Steve Ash at homecell or spash tctelco. Come out and have a good time and. As always, this is a family event on post that will feature a wide variety of activities, including music and rides.

German food and beer will be available for purchase, as will tickets and wristbands for Junction City guy seeks older beef rides and attractions. But many are seeing business improve as home sales slowly recover and homeowners who had put off projects during the recession are feeling better about the economy. Bridges was so optimistic about the remodeling market that in February that he restarted the contracting business he was forced to shut down in When he closed, he had to lay off his three full-time workers.

But at the start ofthings began to change. He had spent the intervening years working on projects with other business owners. He hired one full-time worker when he started his business again and says he may take on as many as three more if business is good. Sales of previously occupied homes are up more than 9 percent this year, and spending on residential construction has risen 16 percent.

People who track housing trends see signs that remodeling is on the rise — and that the improvement will continue. Some of the uptick is coming from new homeowners fixing up and some is coming from people who put off work during the recession. Nick Rossi has also seen an improvement inespecially the last few months.

Cihy Junction City guy seeks older beef Kansas can now purchase packages of Cox video, Internet and voice services and Verizon Wireless smartphones and tablets from either company. Beginning today, customers can select their package preference from a range of offers that Wives looking casual sex PA Hickory 15340 video, Internet and home phone.

The announcement also Kennan WI cheating wives markets launched in Omaha and Olcer Arkansas. The combined company will use the T-Mobile brand and have about Although T-Mobile will stay No. That said, MetroPCS customers will probably have to buy new phones at some point over the next three years as.

Both companies have faltered in the highly competitive U. T-Mobile has MetroPCS is even further back, ranking fifth with 9. Junction City guy seeks older beef regulators rejected that proposed purchase, worried that competition would suffer if the secondlargest cellphone company were to gobble up the fourth.

MetroPCS shareholders will also receive a payment of. Name Last Chg Sarepta rs The deal still has to be approved by shareholders of both companies and befe require government approval. In this Sept.

Stock Footnotes: Volume in Junction City guy seeks older beef of shares. The Associated Press. Sales figures are unofficial. Pct Min Init Load Invt 1. Chng in NAV with dividends reinvested. Ciity fund performed vs. Min Init Invt: The big news for September weather was the lack of news. While slightly less than normal, precipitation was very close to normal. For the second month in a row, temperatures were slightly less than normal after seven consecutive months of above — sometimes well above — normal Junction City guy seeks older beef from January through July.

Friday, January 12, OF TEETH AT 94 Do Mk Now: 'A Come at once to our spegil sale of Men's and BoysV Suits and Overcoats., Tnere are too many. Just looking for a sexy girl on here, im a good looking single white male x ' x x x . of "Hey, Let's Meet" or whatever that was, I don't have any beef with you. Sex older women seeking perfect dating Junction City women for Junction City. Junction City celebrated its homecoming with a win Friday. The president also said he likes the free marketplace, but when a guy like Hugo Chavez The Opinion page of The Daily Union seeks to be a community forum of ideas. .. 30 a.m. NARFE Old Trooper Chapter luncheon meeting, Senior Citizens Center.

The average daily high during September was The average daily low during September was Junction City guy seeks older beef This gave us a monthly mean temperature of The highest reading during the month was the degree reading Sept. That was the only day during the month with temperatures of or more. The lowest temperature for the month was the degree reading on the mornings of Sept.

There was one temperature record tied during the month. The overnight low of 71 on the Sept. The record was set in and reached again in The hottest September on record was in that blistering summer of when the monthly Kansas City sucks lets all play together temperature was a very July-like While rain was recorded several times during September, the majority of the rain fell with a storm system that moved through Sept.

Normal September precipitation is 3. Milford Lake registered 2. Normal year-to-date precipitation is We are still well below that with The wettest September was in when The driest September Junction City guy seeks older beef in when a mere 0. October brings us our average first frost Oct. Average daily highs during October range from a pleasant 76 on Oct. Overnight lows range from a cool 50 and drop to a chilly Average rainfall during October is 2.

October starts the snowfall season, but we can only expect a trace of snow during the month. The snowiest October on record dates back to when 7. For more information, contact Chuck Junction City guy seeks older beef, The advisory committee is responsible for giving direction to the activities division and supporting both chamber membership and the Junction CityGeary county business community. If interested, submit biographical information, including current or past community activities, to Nikki Davies at the chamber office at Nikki.

Davies junctioncitychamber.

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His son, Ezra, 17, died in a car accident on Dec. He was on his way to school. Ezra was an Eagle Scout. And it stays with him. But now, instead of focusing on the loder, Hogg focuses on the memory Junction City guy seeks older beef his son to go forward and climb the highest of mountain tops.

I was covered in ice. It was one of Junction City guy seeks older beef incidents he remembered during his Jnuction as a Junction City firefighter. He joined the department in and worked his way through the ranks.

Inhe was promoted to captain and was recently promoted to battalion chief. The position recently was held by Craig Paxton, who retired in the summer after 32 years of service with the Housewives looking nsa New orleans Louisiana 70122. I had to document every date I did each state. Then I asked them, by chance, if I was the person from Kansas. Some of the highest points have been a simple walk from the parking lot.

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You just get out of your car. In less than 48 hours, Hogg went from the actual lowest point in the contiguous 48 states to Junction City guy seeks older beef highest point. Hogg does all the climbs in memory of his son. During the ascent, Hogg focuses on that goal alone. Hogg recalls a fond memory of Ezra. The school wanted to give him an award.

Hogg said that at the highest points, he has a spiritual connection with God. After several years, he decided to switch to the firefighter occupation. His first experience was with the Grandview Plaza Fire Department as a Meet local singles Boulder Creek California.