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Did you miss your activation email? Author Topic: Brandon Sanderson and Sex?

Read times. Sex is pretty predominant in Fantasy but there is one author who I have noticed seems to shy away Adult want real sex Sanderson it I've been reading 'Mistborn' and whilst reading it I noticed there was a lack of sexual desire between Elend and Vin I find that a Sandedson far fetched in the kind of world Mistborn is set.

I didn't think too much of it though However after reading a review of Sanderson's about 'Wise Man's Fear' he puts Adult want real sex Sanderson a Hot housewives want nsa Sioux City emphasis on the fact that readers should be wary of the sexual elements of 'Wise Man's Fear'.

I don't know if you sant read this book I find the need to 'warn' fantasy fans a bit odd. I've only read Mistborn, so I was wondering is this a trait in other novels of Sandersons or is it just Mistborn? Way of the Kings or Warbreaker, etc - are they the same?

Adult want real sex Sanderson

Look forward to hearing peoples thoughts! Fantasy-Faction Anthology Aug Author: Fantasy-Faction's Grim Gathering. KomalJV Seeker Posts: Cool discussion by the Adult want real sex Sanderson I haven't read Sanderson's work, so I cannot really say on that account but sex in fantasy is an interesting one as a broader subject. IMO, I get the impression sometimes sex is just 'thrown' in I know that's not always the case - there a few times I think it's weakened the story and character rather than actually being rfal something that occurs South Portland Maine woman looking for men TV shows a lot these days as well.

Also, there's a lot more to sex or sexual-ness than the actual act itself, so I think a clever writer is one that really uses that in the plot. Only in our wanf places, we find our brightest light. Brandon Sanderson is from Utah Reaal a practicing Mormon, and makes no bones Sandesron the fact: Quote from: AllegedlyWriting Tribute Posts: I have read Way of Kings and no there is no sex in that particular work either I don't think theres Adult want real sex Sanderson much of a hint of sexual desire its strange I had never really thought of it before so I guess it must work for him.

The pen is mightier than the sword, and considerably easier to write with. He does say this: A wise friend an LDS writer once explained that in his opinion, glorifying violence or sexuality comes Adult want real sex Sanderson consequences are removed.

The scriptures themselves don't shy away from graphic content or descriptions scalps on swords, anyone?

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The important issue, however, is that the scriptures show the destructive effect that these things can have, even on the good people who are forced to engage in them. So, I consider that my charge. I don't sugar-coat my stories. However, I show cause and effect.

A person cannot kill, in my opinion, even for good reasons without it leave them scarred. I guess what he is saying is that although he features violence in his writing he doesn't glorify it Yet sexuality I guess would be impossible not to glorify? I think that the LDS religion—despite what Tacoma amature porn detractors may say—is far more open and accepting Adult want real sex Sanderson new thoughts and ideas than other religious cultures.

To an LDS reader, the concept of other populated worlds isn't threatening.

They are, however, sometimes a little violent. I've thought a lot about this issue. What do I want to do, how much do I want to show?

Can I have a brutal oppressive empire without acknowledging the kinds of things that empire would do?

I Am Look Sex Chat Adult want real sex Sanderson

My books are about hope, in my opinion. Hope, struggle, and victory. I've tried very hard to keep graphic descriptions out of my books rea, I can, but I can't always do so without undermining the story.

Horny sluts want sex. Name: Salome for my perfect little sub. Sanderson TX sex dating . Single swingers ready real porno adult asia dating. Sanford TX bi. Old married ladies looking wives looking for sex ANY WOMAN THAT LIKE THIS Looking for a real woman race don t matter; Adult wants sex Centerton. Apr 12, Sex is pretty predominant in Fantasy but there is one author who I have in it can hardly be called sex for one it is kind of out of body like and for two there is . too - and another fantasy saga with an odd lack of sex or real sexual sex to write a good fantasy book - but if the book is targeted at adults - you.

And, the story comes first, for me. I guess that's the best answer we can get from it It seems now I think about Adult want real sex Sanderson I guess therefore the question is kind of answered? Next question Nighteyes Send me Leopard Erotica. Ringbearer Posts: Spoiler on my first remark - Adult want real sex Sanderson annoy any practicing Mormons on the forum Spoiler for Hiden: There is a great South Park episode about Findlay Pennsylvania lady sex horny moms Wilmot Mormons, and while watching it I thought they were ridiculously exaggerating certain aspects of the religion to get laughs, did some research afterwards, and they really weren't exaggerating April 12, ChristinaJL Chrestomanci Posts: Overlord on April 12, I think if you are going completely sex-less you need to address it.

Elend and Vin are probably early 20's?

They are both in their physical prime and there are lots of remarks about 'thighs' and 'beauty' and such They are quite clearly in love and have been going out for over a year in book To me that is strange, of course fantasy is strange too Blodeuedd Night Angel Posts: I didn't think about that since there isn't much sex in fantasy anyway, but if he said that about Wise then then I get it.

Ladies seeking sex Linthicum Maryland since I Adult want real sex Sanderson he is mormon. There are plenty of religions out there that don't believe in sex before marriage, so if this is also a Mormon belief, I can see why Sanderson has Vin and Elend in different rooms.

ETA - or where they married, I can remember when that happens? Hm, he wanted to marry she kept Adult want real sex Sanderson no I think they still went on and on about it in book 3.

AmyRoseDavis Guest. Well, several thoughts leap to mind here I knew Sanderson was a Mormon, and that was my first thought when I read the Overlord's initial post.

Adult want real sex Sanderson

I'm a follower of Christ I hate the word Christian because of all it's attendant baggagebut I don't Adult want real sex Sanderson shy away from sex, violence, swearing, drinking, or any number of other vices by both the "good guys" and the "bad guys. So I have a "good guy" who sleeps around and a "bad guy" who never swears, but that has more to do with their characters than with any particular perspective on my part.

Does that make sense?

I also think it's weird when a married couple or even an Adult want real sex Sanderson couple with clear sexual attraction are portrayed as completely asexual creatures. I don't mind skipping over the actual "act"--and I honestly think many of the randy scenes in GRRM's work felt just thrown in for the sake of adding some sex--but if it feels like it evolves naturally from the characters and situations, I Adult want real sex Sanderson don't mind reading a reasonably descriptive passage, either--especially if it's between two characters I care about who care about each other.

I remember thinking that during the one real sex scene between Ned and Catelyn there was no wxnt sex involved--just Ned getting up to open a window because he was hot!

I Looking Sex Dating Adult want real sex Sanderson

Anyway, I love reading about a married couple who can't keep their hands off each other, or even a seriously committed couple in a good relationship who act that way. If other writers choose to write more graphically, I don't mind, and I'll even read some of it, but here are my thoughts as I write my own stories Every Adult want real sex Sanderson in everything I write should do one of three things--drive the plot, develop a character, Sanderxon describe a setting.

If I can't justify it, I cut it. Birth control fails, diseases get spread, and spouses get jealous. I will give GRRM this much--he's open about the jealousy and birth control issues, although no one seems to get syphillis in fantasy But maybe that's just because I dunno. We'd rather write plagues or something So I don't know if that matters at all in Adult want real sex Sanderson to Sanderson, but I wanted to share my perspective.

Oh, and one additional thought I agree with The Hound that it can be "James Bond style" Fuck women hocker still be damn sexy It's the foreplay and afterglow that are usually the Adult want real sex Sanderson interesting, anyway.

We all know what happens in between, but the before and after are when Soul food on Martinique swingers characters are at their most vulnerable. Why pass rela a prime opportunity for character development in those situations?? I also think it should be said that some of the best scenes of sexual tension in literature have no sex or even touching involved--just some intense dialogue that made it rael what the characters were thinking.

I see no reason why a Mormon or Adult want real sex Sanderson or any other person of faith couldn't write that type of thing. Jane Austen did.