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Utility Warehouse webmail or Web-based e-mail is a mail service intended to be primarily accessed via your web browser.

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Utility Warehouse Webmail

Webmail is sending and receiving emails using a web browser.

Using utility warehouse club for this is ideal when traveling or using another person’s computer or an outside computer, such as at the library or at a trade show.

It is one of the most useful web applications on the Internet, it allows you to access, send, receive and manage your email through a web browser. The great part of this is that you can access your mail from almost any computer around the world, as long as it has a internet connection and browser. It is widely used by utility warehouse distributors.

You can always use this uw club webmail program in conjunction with your usual program, such as Outlook Express.

What is the difference between Utility Warehouse webmail and client email such as Outlook Express.

Well a client email, such as Outlook Express ordinarily downloads and saves your messages to your computer, and then it deletes your messages from the utility warehouse servers.



Your  utility warehouse telecom plus webmail settings differs from traditional email in that it is stored centrally, allowing access from anywhere via the Internet and regardless of which device you use.

Some of the more popular email services available are Yahoo!, Google and Microsoft.

These services are usually offered for free to entice folk to keep coming back to their site.

Many people check their mail throughout the day which means these big companies can make selling advertisements on the pages we visit.

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The utility warehouse service is available free to all utility warehouse clubhouse members and is definitely worth using, even if there are odd issues from time to time.


The advantages of the uwclub webmail service.

The main advantage of using this service that is part of your utility warehouse broadband package is the ability to access your utility warehouse webmail  from any location that has a internet connection and web browser. You now don’t need to be shackled up to one computer at one location in one country to send and receive e-mails.

Many people in the utility warehouse discount club want more than one mail address and this makes it easy to have many addresses. For example you may set up an address for your family, best friends, school, work or other areas of your life. Also, if you are fed up of getting lots of spam simply create a separate address that all of these emails will be sent to. While this won’t completely get rid spam, you will definitely see a big drop in unwanted spam.

With the utility warehouse webmail service you can also store any e-mail you want to keep. You no longer have to delete them, if you don’t want to.



It’s not easy to say whether uwclub webmail or an email client like outlook express is better for accessing your mail accounts. It all depends on how you want to use the your account.

For instance, if you are a frequently away from your computer, webmail is definitely a better option. It’s all about what fits your needs and how you feel about it. If your not sure contact uwclub support who will help you. You can access the same account with both webmail and a client email program which might be the best solution for most people.

This video takes you through adding a Web Mail Account for a new user/employee etc.

Simple to follow, we take you through the simple steps of adding a new email account in your cPanel Hosting Account

The only thing one needs to take care of if you want to use the utility warehouse webmail service to store your messages is not to have the messages deleted from the server once they have been downloaded by the program. The option to do this can found under utility warehouse webmail in your account settings in your account.

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 Posted on : September 13, 2013

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  1. […] Utility Warehouse Webmail – – Utility Warehouse webmail or Web-based e-mail is a mail service intended to be primarily accessed via your web browser to send and receive email.Click here for more! […]

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