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Utility Warehouse gas and electric bills are to high when compared with other energy suppliers. This seems to be the general consensus of many review and comparison sites. Consequently, if you are a uwclub customer then it is worth doing a comparison check

Here is the uwclub energy pitch.

utility Warehouse gas and electric pig savingsTime to ditch the ‘big 6’?

Nobody likes big energy bills. That’s why we guarantee to beat the average of the cheapest variable tariffs from the ‘big 6’ energy suppliers.

So, once you switch to us, you will never have to switch again. Guaranteed savings, forever.

Here is the reality.

Most, if not all, other suppliers will beat the average of the cheapest variable tariffs from the ‘big 6’ energy suppliers. The guaranteed bit would also apply to other suppliers.

I was a loyal customer of utility warehouse for 12 years. When I looked to switch my gas and electricity away from them. I was amazed at how much I saved each month. My utility warehouse bills were simply to big. Click here to see if you can save as much as I did.

Originally the utility warehouse club was sold as the cheapest but they had to change that under the advertising rules. It has had complaints about its utility warehouse gas and electric advertising upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority, more than once.

Also the Guardian highlighted that customers persuaded to switch to Utility Warehouse can usually find better savings elsewhere. Utility warehouse tariffs are broadly in line with the mainstream providers.

guardian views on utility warehouse gas and electric

But are around 20% more expensive than the best deals.

It pays to check the small print before making the switch. Utility Warehouse tries to grab customers with the lure of big discounts when they buy all its

products. But a Money publication analysis of its complex tariffs suggests most people are better off elsewhere. Those with above average consumption would save more by switching away from utility warehouse gas and electric.

Beware Of Utility Warehouse Gas and Electric Reviews

Money Saving recently commented on reviews for the company. It said, “Utility Warehouse is a network marketing company. This means many of its customers also spread the word and sell the product, which can positively skew its votes.” There is nothing to stop UW distributors (salespeople) posting reviews on review sites to make things appear better than they are.

Love said this about utility warehouse, “A word of warning. Utility Warehouse customers and distributors have a bad reputation on reviews. The posters often don’t admit that they have a financial incentive in defending the company. Other people write unbelievably glowing reviews of the company and utility warehouse energy. Which many love MONEY readers consider to be dubious. From our research we found better deals on energy than utility warehouse gas and electric.

utility warehouse gas and electric compare makes this comment on utility warehouse reviews. “I’ve tried reviewing their ‘services’ on various real review sites. But they have an army of agents who scour sites daily and complain to the review sites whenever they find bad reviews.” “After being a customer I wouldn’t recommend Utility Warehouse Discount Club to my worst enemy, let alone a friend. Don’t listen to how great they are and how much you can save. It’s all lies. Go to ANY other service provider safe in the knowledge that you can’t possibly have a worse experience!”

So if you are paying more than you need to with utility warehouse gas and electric. Now is the time to switch. And leave inflated utility warehouse electricity prices  behind.



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 Posted on : November 30, 2016