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Utility Warehouse Extranet Login For Distributor Login with Utility Warehouse Extranet Login

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The utility warehouse extranet login is mainly used by a utility warehouse distributor to get access to the uwclub information.

They can keep track of their utility warehouse business and get access to dates for training and business presentation meetings.

Using the utility Warehouse extranet login page they can also get access to scripts to use when trying to persuade people to meet, to attend business presentation meeting and of course to recruit folk as utility warehouse distributors.

If they are arranging to meet up with a prospective customer or distributor they can for example use this script.

“Hi (your friend’s name) it’s (your name). This is just a quick call. I’ve started a new business and have this fantastic DVD that explains it all. I’d like you to have a look at it for me as I really value
your opinion and think it could really benefit you too. How soon would you like me to drop it off?”

The utility warehouse extranet service also gives them help when they bump into an acquaintance, as you can see below.

“Hi, how are you?” …. wait for the answer … “I’m glad we’ve met. I was going to give you a call as I’m in a bit of a rush. I’ve just started a new business which I’m excited about and think there may be some benefits in it for you as well. I have a DVD which explains it. How soon would you like me to drop it off?”

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The utility warehouse extranet also gives a canned script for inviting people to the business presentation meeting to try and get them signed up as distributors.
“Hi (your friend’s name) it’s (your name), it’s just a quick call have you got a minute? What are you doing on Tuesday night that can’t be put off?”
If they say “Nothing”, then say “Great, I’ve just started a new business and I’m really excited about it. I would like you to come to a presentation with me on Tuesday. It starts at 7.30 and I will have
you back home for 9.30 so I will pick you up at 7pm. It’s smart dress and we can grab a drink after it’s finished. (Your friend’s name) it’s about making money. As there are a couple of extra
seats in my car do you know two other people who may also be interested?”
If they make their own way there just say “Great, I will see you at 7.30 and I know I can count on your reliability that you will be there.”

When distributors use the utility warehouse extranet login page they can get script help to send and follow up on an Email pack they send out.
“Hi (your friend’s name) it’s (your name). Listen, it’s just a quick call. Are you open to other ways of making money at the moment? I’ve just started a new business which I’m excited about and I know
there will be some benefits in it for you as well.” If they say “Yes”, then say “Great I’m going to send you an information pack via email. Can I just confirm your best email address? I’m sending it
now how soon will you be able to have a look?”
Immediately go to your own hosted website and enter their name, contact number and email address. The email pack will then be sent to them automatically.
Follow-up call: a crucial step!
“Hi (your friend’s name) it’s 8pm I said I would call you. Thanks for looking at the information.Which benefits suited you?”. If they reply, money, or time freedom etc then say.
“Great! How soon would you like to get together so I can show you how the money/time freedom works?”

The utility warehouse extranet login gives a wealth of information to UWCLUB distributors they main one being to keep things secret ie not using the name of utility warehouse in the scripts.

The Utility Warehouse Extranet login Telecom plus and mobile extranet login will ask … Please select an option. Login to Extranet. © The Utility Warehouse / Telecom Plus PLC. Reg’d in England, no. 3263464. Network HQ, 333 Edgware Rd, London …It will also inform you that this site uses cookies. By logging in you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

For free reports re utility warehouse extranet login and other aspect click on the link at the top of this page.

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 Posted on : May 2, 2014
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