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Is the Utility Warehouse Clubhouse worth being a member of.

utility warehouse clubhouseWell it depends!

You can only access the clubhouse information fully if you are a member but you can preview information by visiting the main company site.

The page you visit is basically a doorway to the various services and promotions on offer from the discount club such as online shopping, find me the cheapest, your account page, the refer a friend scheme, information on the telecom plus cash back card, cash back card top-up, top up mobile phone, web mail services, online meter readings submission and a help page.

There is also a utility warehouse login page for distributors.

The utility warehouse clubhouse landing page also has pages as follows;

Legal, Small print, Terms and Conditions, Accessibility, Codes of Practice, Privacy, Cookies and Security.

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You will find information on the company here as there is information on investing, available shareholder discounts, how you can earn with Telecom Plus and how you can work with them.

Because the utility clubhouse is controlled by the UK plc, all the reviews and comments will be positive.

So for an independent view as to their services and costs it is always the best to compare with other suppliers of the service you are seeking!

You will find a good independent comparison service at the top of the right hand side of this page.

Members of the uwdc can be home customers or small business customers and can access help for billing, mobile help, broadband help, telephone help, moving home and energy information from the website.

Here is what Telecom Plus say about the utility warehouse clubhouse doorway page …

“The Utility Warehouse Clubhouse is a one-stop-shop for Club members, offering lots of opportunities to save money, and allowing them to manage their account easily, and securely. You can use the Clubhouse to use our exclusive ‘find me the cheapest’ search engine (which offers discounts at thousands of retailers, paid as a credit against your Utility Warehouse bill), manage your top-ups (for both our Cash Back card and Pay as you Go mobile services), view your email, manage your services, submit meter readings and much, much more. “

They have this to say about the find me the cheapest service.

“Find me the cheapest is another fantastic way for our members to save money, via our exclusive search engine. The way it works is simple; you click through via find me the cheapest to the product you want. We’ll receive commission from the retailer, but we’ll give this as a discount back to you on your bill! At some retailers, you can even use your Cash Back card to save even more!”

The question most people ask is,“is the utility warehouse clubhouse anything out of the ordinary and should I join?”

The Utility Discount Club is part of a UK based PLC company called Telecom Plus. The club make a lot about having one bill for all your utility services such as your home phone, mobile, internet, gas and electricity although this can be helpful the main thing to focus on is the service they provide and the cost.

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Membership also includes access to the utility warehouse clubhouse ‘find me the cheapest’ search engine.

This service is said to source the cheapest deal but when tested it seems to be below average for this purpose. Other dedicated discounted websites would seem to perform better.

The main point of the warehouse landing page is for members to be able to give meter readings and access the various services.

For a member to sign in they would need their account number and password to get through this doorway page to access the various services.

The uw clubhouse website doorway page is understandably a store front for all the services available from the discount club together with information about the company that owns the utility warehouse clubhouse -Telecom Plus Plc.

It gives prominence to the WHICH magazine survey and there is also a page for those who want to join the utility warehouse club as a member.

On the home page there are links to the various promotional videos produced by the company to promote their different services and to also promote the business model itself to recruit distributors and representatives.

There is also heavy advertising for the company’s cash back card. This card isn’t a credit card but a shopping card you top up with your own cash. You then use the card to get cash back when you shop with a range of retailers who have joined the warehouse scheme. The cash back card is then used to automatically be credited to your utility bill. You can get also get cash back by using the utility warehouse clubhouse doorway to shop online with the various partners.

If you are a uwdc customer it is imperative that you use the club house to submit your meter readings on a regular basis. If you do this you will avoid the hassle of overpaying or underpaying for your gas and/or electricity.

If you are not sure about meter reading then click here.

clubhouse internet page

To be fair to the utility warehouse clubhouse it has improved its website recently and it does make things easier to find for the club member but of course they are paying for it with their monthly membership fees. The warehouse web site promises savings, simplicity and service to members, and promises great value they believe you won’t find anywhere else.

For anyone looking for a cheaper deal on their utilities my advice is simple go to an independent comparison site as on your right and compare gas and electric, compare broadband, compare everything as this will give you this best deal for your own personal circumstances rather than the clubhouse.


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 Posted on : September 13, 2013

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