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Utility warehouse video is used in the promotion of the Telecom plus Multi-Level-Marketing arm both as give aways and as promotion videos on the internet.

utility warehouse video screen

Utility Warehouse Video

There are many videos on uwclub and most utility warehouse video is produced by uwclub distributors seeking to recruit people into the company as customers or distributors.

As they are promotional videos from distributors they might be a bit biased.

Others are from those who have no connection with Utility Warehouse.

There are not very many of these.

For example the video ‘What’s It All About?’ is a 20 minute overview video of the Telecom plus business opportunity made by uwclub.

This Utility Warehouse Video gives promotional messages from more than 30 Distributors.

The video also covers the way Multi-Level-Marketing promotes goods and services by using word of mouth.

Its claim that people are far more likely to respond to a recommendation from someone they know and trust, than to a commercial on TV or a newspaper advert should not be taken on face value.

Because the value of any recommendation is greatly devalued when the person doing the recommending is getting paid as is the case with uwdc.

And there are other videos that are aimed at selling stuff to utility distributors to help them in there quest to recruit more and more distributors.

Some are Utility Warehouse Videos that are highlighting the various aspects of the Telecom Plus business.

Here you will find a couple of Utility Warehouse videos.

Here is a couple of related utility warehouse video.

Published on Mar 12, 2013 … A great night celebrating another great year of growth for The Utility Warehouse. And which utility employee is going to win an all expenses paid trip to New York…

DON’T JOIN Utility Warehouse by Sean Nicholls

These videos are given to give you a taster of the different utility warehouse video there is produced.

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 Posted on : September 13, 2013

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