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The Utility Warehouse Discount Club also known as UWDC or UWCLUB is part of Telecom Plus plc business. It operates as a UK only membership club. This club supplies gas and electricity, home phone, mobile phone and broadband services. As well as a shopping service and cashback card for customers or members of the club.

The clubs marketing message is that they will save you money on your home utility bills. Plus they will provide you with one simple to read utility warehouse bill.

Uwclub, sold its utility warehouse energy business subsidiaries Gas Plus Supply Ltd and Electricity Plus Supply Ltd to Npower in 2006.

In 2013 Npower sold its energy subsidiaries to Telecom Plus in £218 million deal in an agreed a deal. The deal was to offload 770,000 customer accounts of npower’s Electricity Plus and Gas Plus subsidiaries.

the utility warehouse discount club information pictureThe telecom plus company manages all aspects of the energy process under the DISCOUNT brand for these companies on behalf of Npower.

This includes contact, billing, utility warehouse customer service and metering.

The utility warehouse discount club operates a full land-line home phone service and a mobile phone service. This is piggy backed on the T-Mobile & Orange UK mobile network, at the time of writing. It also offers the utility warehouse discount club webmail.

Because the selling side is done on a Multilevel Marketing model. New customers and distributors are recruited to recruit more members and distributors so the distributors can make extra money.

ADVERTISING – Who Are Utility Warehouse?

Utility warehouse extranet says it doesn’t have shops or run expensive advertising campaigns. Telecom plus do however, pay celebrities to promote the company. Consequently, they pay out commissions and bonuses to those who promote them. This is mainly self employed distributors. And there are rewards for existing customers who introduce new club members.

To me it doesn’t seem much of a difference to pay celebrities to produce a series of promotional videos. Than paying them to appear in an advert. Also the Multi-Level-Marketing  side can be very expensive. because of all the commissions, bonuses, free holidays, cars and other benefits provided. To a few super star distributors.

There is nothing wrong with this. But this is often overlooked by people looking for a cheaper gas and/or electricity provider. Sometimes a glowing recommendation from a neighbor or friend is influenced by the knowledge of a cash incentive. Therefore, it is better if you can source independent reviews such as this site.

The Utility Warehouse Discount Club Business Model

The growth of the telecom plus utility business is done by Multi- Level-Marketing. Or as they like to call it word of mouth referral marketing. Also known as network marketing. The company is headed by Charles Wigoder.

The main sales activity is carried out by independent distributors and representatives selling the utilities to family and friends. These distributors sign up people as their own personal customers. Plus they also recruit new distributors and representatives into the telecom plus business as well. For this they get paid commissions plus bonuses as mentioned above.

The most cash is made by recruiting and not by selling. So, when a distributor builds a team of distributors and representatives. They will earn a percentage of the bills of their customers, as well as substantial bonuses as their team grows. Utility warehouse reviews understands that distributors and representatives have to pay a joining fee. And then there is an on-going business registration cost.

Charity Funding

The telecom business has what are called Community Fundraisers. These fundraisers are able to raise income for organizations such as schools, charities, social groups, sports clubs, and places of worship. They raise money by encouraging their supporters to use the company’s utility services. The commission and fees earned from people switching their utilities are paid to the selected charity or community group.

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 Posted on : September 25, 2015