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Telecom plus share price can go down as well as up and the shares can be bought because the parent company of the utility warehouse discount club is a British owned plc listed on the London Market.

This is how they can offer their successful distributors share options. However, whether you should buy them or not is only a decision you can make and this webpage isn’t qualified to give you investment advice or price forecasts.

If you want to evaluate the shares price of Telecom plus then you could visit the London Stock Exchange

Telecom Plus Company Details

Company name: Telecom Plus (TEP)
Sector: Telecommunication services
Registrar: Capita IRG plc, Ilford (tel: 0870 162 3100)

<< >> Telecom Plus PLC and is a fully integrated provider of a wide range of utility services, spanning both the communications and energy markets.

The company owns and operates the Utility Warehouse brand which provide over 370,000 (As at august 2013) homes and small businesses throughout the UK with Home Phone, Mobiles, Broadband, Gas and Electricity.

This is built using a self employed sales force of more than 39000 distributors, according to the March 2013 accounts of telecom plus. The activity of these distributors is reflected in the Telecom Plus share price.

Telecom Plus Shares Perk

Often when investing there are added perks for shareholders.

The telecom plus shares give the perks below.

Qualifying shareholding details are 2,500 telecom + shares held in own name (non-corporate shareholders only).

Any qualifying Telecom + shareholder is entitled to be provided with a free mobile telephone connected to Mobile plus on which no monthly line rental will be charged, for so long as that person retains the minimum qualifying shareholding in the Company.

This discount is limited to one Mobile plus handset in respect of each shareholder (or shareholders) registered at any single UK address. All calls and other charges incurred must be paid by direct debit in accordance with the standard Mobile plus tariff.

Telecom Plus Share Price


Telecom plus shares are one option for an investor among many and the value of telecom plus share price may rise or fall.

The past performance of telecom plus shares is not necessarily an indicator of how well they will perform in the future.

which way will telecom plus share price move?

Share prices can fluctuate suddenly, and sometimes very sharply, and this is why shares are considered a higher-risk investment than cash, bonds and property.

It’s also the reason why they’re more suitable as a longer-term investment.

If you invest over a longer period, say 10 years, you’re in a better position to ride out any fluctuations in the market.

Before investing in telecom shares it’s vital to clarify your investment goals and risk profile.

<< >>

The value of  telecom plus share price may increase as company profits increase, or as a result of market expectation, but the opposite is also true.Telecom plus share price may fall.

The value of a share may fall, and if a company collapses, you may lose all of your original investment.

The risk of this happening depends on the profile of the particular company you want to invest in, but there is no certainty about the outcome of an investment in shares, unlike a fixed-interest deposit where you are certain of getting your capital back and earning a fixed rate of interest.

Telecom plus share price where is it heading up or down that is the question!


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 Posted on : September 13, 2013

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