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Sony Demos First Live 4KTV Stream At NAB Conference –

As we recently explored in detail ultra HD and 4K is very far from mainstream adoption thanks not only to shifting device standards (from HDR to HDCP 2.2) but because there’s really just not that much content available. While Netflix and Amazon are offering some original content in UHD, and a few cable companies like […]

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NOT long ago, Russia and Ukraine’s finances looked very precarious. But now one of those countries is doing a lot better. Surprisingly, it is not the country that has just been given a $25 billion bail-out from the West. Rather, it is the oil-exporter that is subject to a plethora of Western sanctions. So why […]

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AT&T Also Sues FCC Over Net Neutrality…For Good Measure –

In addition to lawsuits filed by USTelcom, the NCTA, the ACA and the CTIA, AT&T has also filed suit against the FCC over the decision to reclassify ISPs as common carriers. The filing comes as a surprise, given most thought that the phone and cable giants would be letting the trade associations do all the […]

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AT&T Is Bringing Its Gigabit Service to Parts of Atlanta –

AT&T’s highly-selective deployment of faster “Gigapower” gigabit broadband service continues, with the company announcing this week they’re launch the speedy option in parts of Atlanta and surrounding areas. According to the AT&T announcement, the company today launched gigabit services in parts of Atlanta, Decatur, Newnan, Sandy Springs and surrounding communities located throughout the metro area. […]

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