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Will Switching To Utility Warehouse Save Money ?

energy compare to save moneyMaybe yes or no be sure to check out independent reviews and comparison first.

Take a look at proper reviews and check this independent comparison service as it will compare UWCLUB with any other provider.

If you find uwdc is the best, you will need to join the club first and then decide which of the Utility Warehouse utilities you want to use.

The aim of Telecom Plus is to get people who join the uwclub to use four services.

And when this happens there are certain utility warehouse clubhouse benefits available.

To view Terms and conditions click here. (This may be out of date for a current copy ask the utility warehouse company.)

New customers switching to the utility warehouse clubhouse are required to be members and pay a monthly membership fee. Therefore it is necessary to treat this as part of the cost of switching to this service to compare if you will save money. The marketing arm is operated by Telecom Plus plc.

There are three bands of home energy tariffs.

Low is usually for houses with less than 3 bedrooms.

Standard is a 3 bedroom semi detached and high is 3 bedrooms detached and bigger.

The company will give you the tariff which is most favourable to you.

You also have the option to select your own tariff if you prefer.

There are three levels of membership. These cost more depending on what levels of benefit you want to pay for. However, you have to take at least the basic membership if you want to join. You need to bear this in mind regarding the true cost, if you decide to join.

For help and advice on making the right switching move to save money, utility warehouse reviews offers you a free report.

You can download your report here.

‘Double The Difference Price Promise’.

This guarantee that you will save money when you switch your utilities to the discount club, or you’ll get back ‘Double the Difference. Isn’t exactly what you take it to mean.

This save money price promise is available to all new utility warehouse clubhouse members with Gold Status. For gold status you need to take four services from telecom plus. There appears to be many catches and exceptions. As usual you need to read the small print.

One example is UW doesn’t promise to be the cheapest. It just promises to be the UK’s cheapest provider when you compare standard Gas and Electricity tariffs. There is a host of tariffs offered by most utility providers!

Will switching to utility warehouse broadband save me money?

broadband compareSpeaking from personal experience (read my story here) I doubt it.

Also the quality can vary quite a bit.

A complaint to the ASA has resulted in the complaint being upheld by the ASA against Utility Warehouse.

The complaint was over a letter that claimed “The UK’s cheapest Home Phone The UK’s cheapest Home Phone and Broadband bundle The UK’s cheapest Mobile tariffs The UK’s cheapest standard Gas and Electricity”.

The complainant felt the price claims were misleading, and questioned whether they could be substantiated. The Utility Warehouse response is interesting in that they admit that it is impossible to exhaustively check the prices and provide comparisons to save money, and there may be deals they are unaware of.

Also Utility Warehouse says they do not advertise direct to consumers, but rely on independent authorised distributors and in the case of this complaint it was one of these distributors that was using marketing material supplied by Utility Warehouse.

How independent these distributors will be when to quote Telecom Plus (the company behind Utility Warehouse) ‘Every time your customers make a phone call, switch on a light, turn on the heating, or go online… you could be getting paid’ is difficult to know and hard for you to know if you will save money.

Refer A Friend Scheme.

The refer a friend scheme is aimed at all their customers who want to save money on their bills.

Here’s how it works.

Whenever a club member introduces another member, they get a percentage deduction off their bill. This is for as long as the person they have introduced stays with the club. There is no limit to how many people members can introduce.

This is OK for the customer who saves money but of course it does tend to lead to a biased recommendation. Plus it also acts as a tie in for customers.

You can’t beat independent utility warehouse reviews such as you find here.

This is what telecom plus say on their website.

If you love saving money with the Utility Warehouse Discount Club, tell your friends about it. Thanks to our Share and Save Plan you could save even more every month. Whenever someone you recommend becomes a customer. We’ll take 0.5% off your bill for each service they take. For as long as they take it.

For example, if they take four services we’ll cut your bill by 2% for as long as they remain a member. Get 10 people to do this, and you’ll be enjoying 20% off your bill, month after month, year after year. Plus there’s no limit to how many people you can refer!

This is a pretty strong incentive for club members who save money by receiving payment to overlook any doubts or short comings in the clubhouse. And they then give a ringing top endorsement for gas, electric, phone and broadband. So always balance these views with utility warehouse reviews from independent sources!

If you really want to save money compare,compare,compare!

It’s common sense.

Spread the Word, like or share this page, your friends will also love it and thanks for it.

 Posted on : September 25, 2015