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utility warehouse review

This is a Personal Utility Warehouse review.

And has no connection whatsoever with Telecom Plus or Uwclub.

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utility warehouse review report

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Sample of a uwclub utility warehouse review.

2.6 / 5 From 617 reviews

“Often get phone and broadband free!”

Written on: 21/06/2013 by Razzy (1 review written)

<< >> I was recommended this uwclub warehouse company to me by a friend. I went in for phone broadband and gas and electric, and the super cashback card.

We shop at sainsburys and get 3% cashback on groceries and petrol regularly and collect our nectar points religiously!.

After around 6 months i got fed up of orange hiking up my phone tariff as they went along and then wanted to charge me an additional fiver for data tethering services.

I decided to leave them and get a sim only deal from Uitlity warehouse no additional charges and unlimited talk, text and 2gb data for £20.00 pound was awesome, so now my wife moved her self from 3 network to Uwclub Warehouse too and has a sim only deal too as she did not want to tie her self down to a contract abnd liked the deals also.

Our bills are usually around £120 to £140 a month for all services but we have had some crazy months like the Janurary bill which was £33.80 for the lot! mostly due to cash back and a annual return on the energy of 10%.

Most months my cash back totals eclipse what i must pay for my phone and broadband so i get those services technically for free! And the land line is free 24/7 to all uk landlines and free to 10 countries and my broad band throttles at 10mb!

I have never had a contract with them and i find that refreshing, and they are british unlike many of the other lot. They often pick up the calls in 15 seconds and are mostly well mannered and curtious on the phones. Cant complain about uwclub and utility service… i really cant.

“Not impressed” review

Written on: 06/06/2013 by PhillyRindos685 (6 reviews written)

I’ve now moved on from the warehouse as I was having allot of problem, my uwclub utility bills were getting bigger and not smaller, everytime I was spending allot of time on the phone to them, they kept asking me for meter readings and blaming me for not having given them the right reading, hence the mistakes on my bills. I felt there were winding me up and finally gave up. From now on I will only stick to the major companies who have strict procedures in place that they must follow.


“Beware!!!!” review

Utility review Written on: 05/06/2013 by STEPH01706

I am on a low £12.00 montly contract as i am currently unemployed so cant afford any more than that. I have just recieved a utility bill of 800.00 for 2 months ! they are stating i have gone over my allowence which is rubbish as i hardly ever use my phone and certainly not enough for 800 pounds!!!. I recieved my utility bill which dosen’t add up at all i tried ringing customer services for help and the warehouse were useless. This is a very very greedy money grabbing company please be aware and don’t let uwclub have your money give it to a decent utility company that actually cares for customers.

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 Posted on : September 13, 2013

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  1. This was an honest review.

  2. NinjaPyro95 says :

    Awesome review Joven!

  3. Edgardo Laguna says :

    great review!

  4. Steele Zooism says :

    I have to admit, that was a very well done review. I liked the way you supported everything that you had to say, whether it was good or bad, with sound a very reasonable explanation. I know if I decide to get this, which I most likely will, what I am getting into. Your review was more sensible and unbiased than reviews on the media websites. Very good review man!!!

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  9. Ryan Throckmorton says :

    They do show you how to use Leo’s sword-staff in the dojo 🙂

  10. Awesome

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