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Can I make money with utility warehouse business ?

pig to make moneyIt depends you may or you may not.

A few make big money from this business model but you have to realise that most individuals who join the utility warehouse business do not.

This is seen in the accounts published by the owner of utility warehouse.

Telecom Plus plc – REPORT AND ACCOUNTS YEAR ENDED 31 MARCH 2015. Click to download.

“Significant numbers of new Partners (distributors) joined the business during the year, taking the total number of registered Partners at the year end to a record high of 49,539 (2014: 44,056)”

So there were only 5483 new distributors added over a year. This means that on average each existing distributor added 0.124% of a distributor a year. Not good for making money is it?

TOTAL CLUB Members grew by 57,181 which means the average distributor or partner introduced 1.3 new customer a year. Again you won’t make money with these figures.

If you compare the actual figures from telecom plus financial reports, going back years, you will see a great gulf between what they say you can achieve in the business and what the actual figures are.

The website businessopportunityplus says …

Free Training To Guarantee Success With Your Home Based Business

utility warehouse scam yes or noThe Utility Warehouse offer free training to guarantee success with your home based business.

The company has a series of classroom trainings which have been put together by some of the most successful distributors, specifically to benefit new distributors.

The Utility Warehouse courses are based on successful, proven methods that work!

You can attend training as often as you like – sessions are free to attend and will teach you how to take immediate action to grow your business. They will prepare you for what it really takes to get to the top and build a fantastic long-term income.

My first reaction is there is no guarantee for success or for you to make money. So they are not being honest. Also their own figures say the company isn’t putting into practice successful, proven methods that work or the average distributor would be making money.

They say it’s … “A Business Opportunity Which Allows You To Work From Home and Make Money.
If you are looking for a UK Business Opportunity which allows you to work from home, either full time part time or even just from time to time. The Business opportunity from the Utility Warehouse is the perfect solution. The whole team at the Utility Warehouse will be behind you every step of the way to ensure your success. Full training is also provided at one of the Utility Warehouse College Of Excellence Training Centres near to you. Many of the distributors are earning substantial incomes working from home, many earning more now part time than they did full time, Now that deserves a thumbs up!”

The truth is they can’t and don’t ENSURE YOUR SUCCESS, or that you will make money. Also the figures would suggest that it is only a few not many who are earning substantial incomes.

I was a distributor with uwclub and claimed the flying start etc. But I made more money investing in their shares than anything else. (read my story here)

The view of utility warehouse reviews is that you can make money easier and more securely in other businesses than with utility warehouse.

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 Posted on : September 25, 2015