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Kleeneze Scam Report

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Whether a kleeneze scam exists or not I really don’t know some say yes and some say no.

There is a guy called Alan Paterson who had built up a Kleeneze business between 1993 and 2000 turnover of £70,000+ per month and rising. His income with Kleeneze was approximately £3000 per month.

He doesn’t exactly say that there is a kleeneze scam but he does say the business model has some serious flaws.

When he seriously analyzed the Kleeneze business he began to see fundamental flaws with the MLM programme.

These flaws – in his opinion – will eventually cause the business to flounder.

Then there are the other kleeneze scam videos that are produced by kleeneze business builders who are using any interest at all to try and recruit people into the Kleeneze network marketing business.

They offer Kleeneze scam videos because they know that the people who are watching the videos are most likely currently involved with Kleeneze, kleenze, kleenze, kleeneeze, kleneze or are thinking about it.

Or they are struggling with the kleeneze business and want to know why, or it is folk who are simply looking for a way to make money and are checking out Kleeneze reviews or a Kleeneze scam video or article.

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The ex-distributor above thought there was a scam regarding the kleeneze catalogues as he says this – “They know that most catalogues won’t be returned and it’s all part of the scam, unfortunately. Catalogue distributors actually have to buy the catalogues from Kleeneze for £1 each. That’s in addition to the £65 setup fee and the £10 delivery charge for products which are worth less than £10 and the fact that a dozen other people could be distributing catalogues in the same area (the scam wouldn’t work if there was a limit, after all).”

You can access his full report here

One major problem with the kleeneze business model is that in many areas they are “saturated” with Kleeneze catalogues – some streets receiving two or three catalogues per week! I wouldn’t say this was a kleeneze scam but it does make things harder for people in the business.

Also as the business continues to expand it becomes more and more difficult to recruit people. There is also the “drop out rate” as more and more catalogue distributors hit the street some areas started to become heavily hit with Kleeneze catalogues.

From reading various articles on kleeneze it seems that when people are looking to build a team, they can expect around 1 in 10 to sign up. And then around 9 in 10 of people signed up will drop out very soon, most without placing any orders

Of course a distributor who wants to recruit you to their team, so you can make them money, will say something like the following.

There is a high drop out rate, because a lot of people join Kleeneze thinking it is an easy way to make money. It is not easy, but it is simple. If you are a hard-worker, there is a lot of money to be made in Kleeneze, and a lot of rewards, if you join now.

These statements are to be fair misguided and to judge as to whether there is a kleeneze scam or not, you will have to reach your own conclusion.

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 Posted on : April 23, 2014