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This first utility reviews page is to help you decide whether this utility first company is for you. Is it good value for money and what is the service like are two important questions you need answering before you make up your mind to switch to them or not.

firstutilityThe first thing to do is to have a look at their amazing offers especially on the dual fuel deals. To see what you have been missing!

Ed Miliband Former Labour Leader and Fair Energy Prices Campaigner Switches Home Gas and Electric! Revealed who to at the 3.44 min point.

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First Utility UK provides gas and electricity to homes and businesses in the United Kingdom.

The company, based in Warwick, was launched in 2008 by co-founders Mark Daeche, Darren Braham and Marcus Citron as a spin-out from First Telecom.

In January 2012 the company appointed the former CEO Ian McCaig as its new CEO.

First utility savingsUnlike the Big 6, the company does not generate electricity, instead purchasing it from international markets. The company has a relationship with Shell, which sees it act as an intermediary to purchase wholesale energy on the global market.

Being a small new entrant to the market without the burden of having to migrate large numbers of customers from legacy systems allowed the company to experiment with new technology .

First Utility ltd was the first energy supplier in the UK to offer smart meters to its residential customers. It has also partnered with various other providers including oPower and Google Power Meter to provide customers with access to usage data.

In October 2013 the company was ranked as the seventh largest supplier in the UK, making it the largest outside the Big 6. By September 2014 the company had a market share of 2%.

First Utility are committed to giving customers greater control by sharing the knowledge they need to lower their energy spend.

This is why they are developing new technologies to:
Improve customers home’s energy efficiency
Make sure customers get accurate, not estimated bills
They say they want to save money not just once, but everyday for their customers.

My Energy from First Utility login puts you in control of your usage like never before. With a variety of simple tools you can quickly see how to save money by making a few small changes like changing your light bulbs or turning the TV off standby.

firstutilityIt’s easy to discover how much you can save and tailor these utility savings to your own household. You can even find out how energy efficient you are compared to your neighbours with first utility!

First Utility smart meters are being roll out to all customers before 2020.

Smart meters are ‘smarter’ than digital and mechanical meters because you usually don’t need to take readings.

With a smart meter:
Your energy use readings are taken automatically. They’re then sent via mobile communication technology such as SMS and GPRS to your energy supplier. The readings data is used by the supplier to produce an accurate bill. You Smart Meter is also connected to our online energy management tool giving you even greater insight and control into your usage and spend.

First Utility tariffs is one of the reasons that it is the UK’s fastest growing energy company and was the first independent supplier to reach 1 million customer accounts.

The significant milestone followed consistently high growth, which saw a ten-fold increase in customer numbers in under three years. It is also the only energy supplier to be ranked in the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 every year since 2011.

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First Utility complaints dearth and popularity now means it accounts for over 2% of the residential energy market, while the Big Six’s share has reduced from more than 99% in 2011 to 92% currently.

One of the reasons for this could be the slowness of any First Utility price increase.

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 Posted on : May 1, 2015