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Utility warehouse distributor review pages are seen across the internet. Many of these reviews are done by distributors enhancing the uwclub because they want to recruit more distributors to make their down-line bigger.

utility warehouse distributor money or not.

Are you a utility warehouse distributor or thinking about becoming one?

With Utility Warehouse you are a self employed home agent and you earn an income by either signing up customers or other distributors.

You can of course do both.

The success rate is low and you have to understand that you are building a business for someone else… NOT YOUR OWN!

I used to be a distributor and I left because of the control other people had over my business.

I moved away from this flawed business model to build a very profitable business for my self online. It’s my business and I own it and enjoy the profits it generates.

You could do the same thing too!

I think it’s easy and simple, certainly takes less time than utility warehouse or any other MLM type company.

For success online it’s a matter of following tested and proven steps.

My Utility Warehouse Distributor Review

I started with telecom plus when I’d retired to generate a bit more income. I wish I’d gone straight on to the internet instead but hey hindsight is perfect, isn’t it? I started fast and got the flying start award. Built a group of customers and distributors. But soon saw the drawbacks of this mlm type of business. I realised that I was building their business and not my own. That telecom plus had all the control and I had little.

So to cut a story shorter I left and went online. And it was the best move I could have made.

If you want to see how you can make the same move to greater profit and freedom. Click this link to see how you can succeed online.

I don’t know what kind of utility warehouse distributor you are, you may be one of the few really successful ones. Someone who is making a bit of money or one of the vast majority who is making a small amount or making no money at all. You may even, just be thinking about becoming a distributor with utility warehouse.

Wherever you are in the ‘stairway to success’ you’d be better off with your own online business.

Here is a brief outline of what telecom plus say about the distributor earnings and position.

The headline is … ‘Become A Distributor And Share In Our Success’ – there is a happy smiling face of someone saying “I’m building my own business”.

They say it is an opportunity of a lifetime and when you join them the money will start to grow as you earn an on-going commission every time someone you recommend takes their services.

You will earn every month, for as long as they remain a customer by being paid a small percentage of their bill. They also encourage you to build a team so you can build a substantial extra income.

As a utility warehouse distributor you will receive full training, free of charge, in how to promote the services and you can work full-time or part-time as best suits your circumstances.

When you click for more information you are sent to a video presentation.

You can see the utility warehouse distributor video here.

(There may be a later version on their website.)

The fact is, although there is no scam, you are not really building your own business. You are building the uwdc telecom plus business as an agent! You basically have one of the utility warehouse jobs  that builds their business.

There are basically two routes you can take.

The first is as a utility warehouse distributor which is a self employed commission only position.

There is a sign up fee but you will be able to introduce members to the discount club as well as new distributors. You also qualify for a cash money bonus if you introduce a certain number of members within your first 90 days.These can use gas, electric, phones or utility warehouse broadband services.

As a self employed distributor you earn commission for every new customer/member you introduce. On top of this you will, subject to certain conditions. Receive a regular monthly income based on how much the customers you have introduced spend with the club.

When you introduce new distributors you start to build your own self employed sales team. You can earn substantial bonuses as your sales team grows and you also earn a percentage of the customers or moneymembers spend on the whole of your sales teams customers.

There are other benefits too for those who are successful.

As well as utility warehouse distributors there are self employed representatives. Who make money selling to their contacts such as employees, customers and business networks.

Utility Warehouse Distributor Tips and Training.

Distributor and representatives are offered a training programme called the College of Excellence and also receive a package of manuals and marketing materials that you need to start building your self employed venture with the Utility Warehouse Discount Club.

This utility training is included in your signing on fee and is delivered online and at training centres throughout the UK.

Utility Warehouse Marketing Strategies.

The utility training is designed to help you understand the services and how to sell them in compliance with UK law.

The idea on customer gathering is to use word of mouth to your family, friends and acquaintances.

The terminology is you tell not sell but most folk realise, fairly quickly, that the services or business opportunity have to be sold if you want to make money.
If you reckon you can sell and you don’t mind building someone else’s business this opportunity may be for you.

The selling model used in the utility warehouse business is called Network Marketing.

It is also known as MULTI-LEVEL-MARKETING.

This is a company distributing products and/or services through a network of independent self employed distributors or agents. These agents in turn, market these products and/or services to the customers they find.

It is also called relationship marketing, home marketing and word of mouth marketing. Some of the most well known network marketing companies worldwide are Amway Corporation, Herbalife, Kleenezee and Avon. These are just four among thousands and thousands of networking companies.

These companies don’t pay salaries or straight commission but have what is called a compensation plan. This lays out what you can earn as an independent distributor or agent provided you meet certain targets.

So let’s take a more detailed look at utility warehouse careers as a distributor. You could earn by gathering customers for telecom plus. (as at July 2012). You could earn a customer gathering bonus (“CGB”) for each new customer you introduce. This money bonus could be up to £50 dependent upon how many different types of service the customer takes at the time they join the discount club. When you’ve gathered just three personal customers you become a Qualified Utility Warehouse Distributor.

You also get a share of everything your personal customers spend using the utility services. This is called this Residual income. When you build a team of utility warehouse distributors you also receive a share of everything spent on utilities by customers gathered by members of your team. All the way up the business pyramid someone makes money by getting a cut of customers bills. The are also other promotional and leadership bonuses available as you build your home enterprise as an agent.

The Truth About Success As A Utility Warehouse Distributor.

To be a successful with this role you must educated yourself about the network marketing business. Be suspicious of people claiming big incomes after a few months. The truth is that less than 5% of people who operate in this role will make significant money.

Don’t leave things to chance and avoid procrastination because in network marketing it is a thief.

You have to face the fact that it was chance as to who introduced you to the utility warehouse. They might not be that good at networking themselves.

You also have to acknowledge that UWCLUB are small fry when it comes to network marketing. So be wise and learn from the greats who have built strong and profitable teams. Be sure you get to the truth and don’t be taken in by the B.S.

If you are going to be a T+ executive and you want to make money, do it right and be a great utility warehouse distributor!   You can EDUCATE YOURSELF HERE .

However I think you are settling for less working for utility warehouse as a utility warehouse distributor because you could be building something that you own and control. Send for your free report.

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 Posted on : September 13, 2013

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  1. You can buy aftermarket timing brackets. The bracket bolts on with the timing cover bolts and fits around the balancer. The bracket has all the timing marks on it. Hope this helps!

  2. Did this work out for you?

  3. Hi. what should I do if I don’t have a marks on my chain cover?

  4. 360gamer0102 says :

    Thanks – I’m going to try this. I have a 350 5.7 Chevy.
    2000 Chevy C2500 5.7 350 block

  5. MudRFunR says :

    It really doesn’t matter as long as the rotor faces #1 on the cap when you drop the distributor in. You could face it in any dirrection as long as your wiring will reach to plug into the cap, this is just how I like it to face.

  6. Connie Hawkins says :

    after matching the timing marks up, should the rotor be pointing exactly at the number #1 cylinder? my seems be 5-10% clowkwise in front of the #1 cylinder.

  7. Swat Raven says :

    Hi thanks for the info. I always have this problem every time when I put the distributor back in. Drives me crazy.

  8. Sorry, I didn’t notice this comment till now. I see you got an answer. Hope you made out ok.

  9. collieman001 says :

    if i understand your question right, the firing order of the distributor cap is what you make of it. It is going to rotate in a clockwise motion, so you would then simply arrange the spark plug cables in the firing order of the engine on the cap, starting at 1 and then continuing around in a clockwise motion 1, 8, 4, etc…

  10. How did you make out with your 79? I wasn’t sure how to answer this. I’ve never got into the way a switching valve works.

  11. Lance Bogert says :

    Do you know the purpose of a fuel return line on a 79 gmc 1/2 ton carburetor truck with 2 fuel tanks. Can the fuel return line be blocked off? Will it damage the tanks switching valve? I want to use an electric fuel pump

  12. AmericanCarnage says :

    Very helpful video. I’m still a little confused though. I can find TDC no problem and I know the firing order but I’m stuck on the cap. Does it work like a clock? Like the first tower is 1 then the next one down is 8 then 4 and so on like on a clock?

  13. Steve Babich says :

    I pull my distributer at least once a year . I have a steal billet cam in my Big Block so i have to change the dist gear it is bronze. Very good video.

  14. Did you have the distributor out? If so, the rotor may be facing #1 when the engine is at #6 firing position.( I’ve mistaken this before) First of all the firing order on the cap should be 1 8 4 3 6 5 7 2 in a clockwise direction. If that’s OK, line up the mark on the crank to 0 and take distributor cap off, lift the distributor up enough to turn the rotor to face in exactly the opposite direction. (at #6) I don’t think a chain could be worn bad enough to make the starter kick back that hard.

  15. chevysled54 says :

    Hows it goin, well i tryed to adjust it but still having some issues with it.As far as the firing order im pretty sure i have it right as in if your facing motor,on right side starting in front from radiator 1,3,5,7,…I then tryed to retard the timing back to around 8degrees,and basicly didnt help at all,my starter is kicking back so hard it wont let engine turn over.As far as the timing chain is there a way to determine if its worn without pulling it out? Thanks for all the helpful info.

  16. Crap, I forgot to get back to you. You probably got it done already, but, my guess would be either the timing is too far advance or the firing order is wrong. If it’s a carbed engine, I usually set the timing by ear. Sometimes a worn timing chain will throw the timing off just enough that it may not always run best at the recommended setting. Injected engines are fussier and you should set it with a timing light.

  17. chevysled54 says :

    Is there a typical timing degree for a 350 sb chevy? i set it at 10 degres from what ive learned from other videos, but when i try to start my car the starter is kicking back as i try,any useful tips or knowledge?

  18. I also have installed many engines wirth the distributor out just so it won’t break, but this engine was for my 87 Chevy mudtruck. It has lots of room under the hood. 

  19. Thanks, I enjoy sharing things that my dad taught me.

  20. this vidio help me alot with my 305 thanks

  21. Anytime, hope you subbed and liked!

  22. Rusty Shackleford says :

    I really appreciate the time you have spent on this. It is very helpful to see a regular Joe, like myself, performing these jobs.

  23. Thanks, comments like this make all the time spent worthwhile. Enjoy!

  24. Ol dirt McGirt says :

    Thanks bud! I installed my 350 Chevy engine in my 1979 Z28 Camaro pretty much myself. I had help from my nephew to actually stab the engine. Then I set him free and have been doing the rest myself. I had a vague idea of how to do the distributor but you made it very clear!!! Thanks a million man. I looked up a lot of videos on YouTube. I was looking for a good ol boy to show me how to do the step by step. Didn’t find a good one til I found yours. thanks again.

  25. I honestly don’t know, always done most everything myself.

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