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The utility warehouse discount club is managed by Telecom plus PLC, an important UK organization whose shares are listed on the London index.

The Uwclub markets itself as a home based business opportunity that is creating wealth and a lifetime of residual income for thousands of existing distributors.

These distributors make money by selling the discount club services and recruiting others into the discount clubs business which is MLM or network marketing. It’s said to be the UK’s only completely sole supplier of a number of services such as home phone, mobiles, broadband, gas, electricity and non-geographic numbers. Perhaps, it is not surprising that in a recent survey, over ninety four percent of the utility warehouse discount club users said they’d highly recommend them to a friend.

The utility discount club makes a big play on the fact that it doesn’t do any method of advertising. You possibly not have come across the discount club before, as they usually do not advertise. Instead, they depend on clients and mainly distributors letting their family and friends know of the services the Company provide. They share the cash they save with their network associates and to people, like Paul Daniels,Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders who are paid to promote the utility warehouse brand.

utility warehouse discount club

Utility Warehouse discount club does not have any traditional stores.

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But they do have have thousands of distributors who work from their own homes selling the utility services and the business opportunity.

In the latest accounts the distributor channel of the utility warehouse discount club was standing at over 39000 that is like 39000 little home stores all selling the services and the business opportunity.

The utility warehouse discount club supplies support and coaching programs to those who join the business, which features a comprehensive package of study and marketing materials.

They say you will have all you need to begin to build your successful Telecom plus business.

However, if that is so why are so many distributors failing to make significant money with the utility warehouse discount club business model?

Initial training for brand new warehouse business owners is provided as part of the signing up fee at over twenty training centres through the country.

Listed below are some of some the benefits of becoming a distributor with the club in their own words…

* As a utility warehouse distributor you can make an increasing wealth by helping people save money. Truth a few do!

* You’ll generate a nice continuing regular monthly income. Truth a few do!

* No expertise is required to become an Utility Warehouse distributor with the utility warehouse discount club. True

* No cost coaching and help provided. Truth you pay for it in the utility warehouse signing up fee.

* Advance bonuses and amazing incentives. Truth … If you hit the targets.

* It is possible to work the times of day to fit you. True

* No inventory to handle or targets to meet as a distributor. Truth to be successful targets have to be met!

* Share option scheme. Truth, if you qualify!

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If you are interested in saving money or making money or both then utility warehouse/telecom plus utility discount route may work for you but the odds are it won’t!

The fact is that the vast majority of distributors do not make any significant money.

What you need to do is to find out as much as you can about the utility warehouse discount club and then base your decision on your findings.

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 Posted on : September 13, 2013

24 Responses to “Utility Warehouse Discount Club”
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  1. Ahad Qureshi says :

    I wonder what would happen if you put the TV first.

  2. Sam60793 says :

    do the tv first dummy

  3. Paul Choi says :

    thing is knowing me i wouldve put the tv on the bottom as the base ._.

  4. Mario dablife says :

    maybe u shuld put the tv under evrything

  5. In the Focus and the forte you could fit the Tv in if you weren’t challenged like tis guy at packing. Years ago I was a bag boy at a grocery store and those trunks could eat all that stuff with room for desert

  6. pumaallstar says :

    i guess this guy never played tetris before

  7. make a new video please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Why is there no Nissan Sentra?

  9. HelpSaveMotherEarth says :

    i can get all of that in there….my aunt has a nissan z and all of that type os stuff fits…

  10. im POSITIVE that tv could have fit…

  11. Nintenfreak606 says :

    I’m sorry you ran into these ignorant airheads here on YouTube. I think you review cars fine.

  12. Михаил Дмитриев says :

    If only people could “test drive” cars before buying… Oh, wait…

  13. ricepaddy69 says :

    Oh, and this didn’t take me more than five minutes to plan, either.

  14. ricepaddy69 says :

    2) If there are enough heavy items (bottled water, etc.), stack them as evenly as possible on the bottom. Then put the TV on top of those items, if they can hold the TV’s weight without being crushed. Then stack the soft and light items on top or on the side of the TV.

    Voila. You can fit everything featured on this shopping trip into the trunk. If they planned to buy these items, they should plan to make them fit into the car. You’re not going to leave anything in the parking lot, are you?

  15. ricepaddy69 says :

    Echoing many people’s comments on this board, the TV should have been loaded first.

    I would have done one of two things:

    1) Put the TV on the bottom, lengthwise if possible and to one side. Stack the soft items (napkins, toilet paper, even the box of chips, anything you know won’t damage the TV etc.) on top and put the other items on the open side. Place the heaviest items (pack of bottled water, box of Lean Pockets) next to the TV to keep it from shifting side to side

  16. ricepaddy69 says :

    Most people are fine driving the home appliance that is the Corolla. They don’t know any better!!! If they did, they would get the Mazda3. I would, big Chevron claymation grin and all. It just has the biggest fun factor to it.

  17. 4. the point of the series is that American families are downsizing and there might be a child in a safety seat in the back. That’s also why we didn’t fold the seats down.
    5. The hinges didn’t come into play during the test. If they had we would’ve said something.
    6. The overall point is, this illustrates just how useful even a compact car is these days and you’re not giving up that much space to a midsize no matter which one you get.

  18. A few things:
    1. Yeah, I should’ve untucked that shirt a bit. It’s going in the trash. I”m also down 10 pounds so give me a break.
    2. I didn’t put the TV in first because most people who buy a flat screen TV don’t want to throw other things on top of it etc.
    3. Do you really spend more than five minutes in the parking lot loading your trunk of food? Or do you race to get it home as fast as you can? I’m not packing for a cross country trip here.

  19. mrbigdom88 says :

    learn how to load a trunk …

  20. Михаил Дмитриев says :

    Well… What can i say? I own a ’00 BMW E39 M5. I average 7.5 mpg. The reliability is pretty good, but not as good as Corolla i think. BUT! How can you compare the joy i get when i put my foot down with pennies you save driving your boxes on wheels? It is freaking unbelievable, i’ll never get it…

  21. Yeah! If you packed the trunk correctly on the Kia, it would have all fit. You should put the big items in first… A.K.A. The TV. Very poor demonstration. 1 Star rating from me!

  22. If he knew how to pack properly he would be able to get everything into the kia forte trunk, and probably some of the other cars too.

  23. jefffreeh says :

    ha ha! Honda civic got disqualify!

  24. I know where talking about compact but the brand new impala has a huge ass trunk I belive bigger then all of those!

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