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You Need To Compare Gas and Electric Suppliers, Providers and Deals … If You Want To Save Cash!

compare gas and electric lighteningTo compare electric and gas unit rates and prices is without doubt a completely sensible thing to do if you want to lessen your utility costs and pay less for your energy bills.

On the 9 May 2012 the Queen’s Speech announced that: “My Government will propose reform of the electricity market to deliver secure, clean and affordable electricity and ensure prices are fair”.

The Government, Ofgem and consumer bodies encourage consumers to compare and consider switching energy suppliers because it is a proven method to bring down energy costs for the consumer.

The problem is that many people are ‘sticky’ customers, who never look to compare and switch to save money.

As energy bills soar most folk could do with some help in lowering their gas and electric bills and keeping more cash for themselves.

The quickest, simplest and best way to do this is to compare and to learn how to find the cheapest prices and tariffs that fit your particular circumstances.

You can teach yourself how to compare gas and electric prices for each company and how to compare each tariff that will show you the best company to use for your supply.

This may not be utility warehouse!

If you then make a switch this will help to keep your energy costs down.

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How ever there is even a better way to compare energy prices so you can easily switch to the best energy supplier for you, that is to use a good comparison site like those on your right.

With rocketing energy costs and the uncertainty of supply within the energy industry, the age of leaving it to your present provider to give you a good deal has long gone.

We have to be pro-active and make a move to compare prices so that we can find the cheapest gas and electricity deals offered by each and every utility supplier, and the only way to do this is to compare utilities and prices.

compare utility prices save cashHowever the cost of your gas or electricity isn’t the only thing because the quality of service you receive from your supplier is important too.

Since the deregulation of the energy industry there are now so many gas and electricity prices, tariffs and companies to choose from and it is easy to compare.

But the BIGGEST question remains … am I getting the best deal for my gas and electric?

many gas and electric companies

By using a good comparison site to compare gas and electricity businesses and home prices you will be able compare utility prices with your present provider against all other providers.

With a good comparison service, like the one on your right, you will be able to feed in what you are using and spending now and it will in a few seconds compare gas and electric across the whole of the market place to find the best deal for you and your specific circumstances!

So go ahead and do a comparison now to see if your present supplier is giving you the best deal. It maybe the best for you or maybe you’ll only save a few pounds a year but what if you end up saving a lot!

You won’t know until you compare gas and electric prices so DO IT NOW!

When you compare the various gas and electric heating suppliers there are lots of various options that can end up saving you cash such as:

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Paperless billing which is an option of viewing and paying your gas and electric bills online often this entitles you to an annual discount on your bill.

Often as you compare you will find that there is discounts for taking both gas and electric in a dual fuel deal from the same energy supplier .

Discounts for paying by monthly direct debit is something that most gas and electric suppliers offer which will give you good saving on your bill. This is available for single and dual fuel deals.

Renewables are becoming more and more available and as this is produced from sources such as the sun, wind, water and plant material. Discounts can be found if you are prepared to use them in your gas and electricity.

As you see, to compare gas and electric deals isn’t hard work and can be easily done in a few minutes.

So stop thinking or talking and take action now to see how much you can save as you compare gas and electric prices.

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 Posted on : September 13, 2013

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  1. berenger karijeanne says :

    nobody knows? 344 641 not enough! please share : that’s a great band with (human) beings playing real music (wouah
    le bassiste!!)

  2. Love the keyboardist at 6:54…

  3. mudhens4ever says :

    Who is playing lead guitar here, and after PG & E broke up, did he go on to do anything else?

  4. Geert van der Kemp says :

    Gewoon heerlijke dansmuziek!!

  5. kingadants1 says :

    Pacific Gas & Electric – Are You Ready? [1970]

  6. I pulled up this video to hear the guitarist after reading about him and got totally distracted by the bassist. Looks like he’s having a blast

  7. Jon-Nolan Paresa says :

    I have always love this song!

  8. He looks CRAZEEEEE!

  9. thank you!

  10. Bellevue American Music says :

    Rick Durrett perhaps on Hammond?

  11. looboogie says :

    and King let the past be as beautiful as it was and enjoy the present

  12. looboogie says :

    I think pacific is the singer, gas is the drummer and electric is both the guitarist and the organ……

  13. THATS FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Does anybody know the name of the organ player?

  15. Dansir McCullough says :

    Thats Paul Warren on Guitar

  16. MaryJoMuser says :

    The great Glenn Schwartz on lead guitar still plays Cleveland Beachland Tavern all the time

  17. RoundThemUp says :

    MY HOT SUMMER…JULY 27, 2013

  18. Marc Florio says :

    Opened for these guys in L.A before this song hit the radio…..also in a group with
    Brent block later…….good people……sleepy marc

  19. I approve.

  20. Neil Richardet says :

    pure energy and simplicity - timeless

  21. nutbagbrew102 says :

    playing without any prerecording crap ! AWESOME  who could do this now? NOBODY –

  22. Craig Hancock says :

    So let me get this straight. These guys played music when they weren’t working for the utility company?

  23. RoundThemUp says :

    MY HOT SUMMER…JULY 12, 2013

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