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As you compare utility prices you will be surprised at how much you could save on your regular household bills because of the different deals offered by the various utility providers.

compare utility prices save cashLots and lots of people are overpaying on their essential services because they won’t compare energy prices or suppliers.

To those of us who do, this seems CRAZY because when, for example, you compare gas and electric prices you can easily identify some great utility savings.

So Compare Gas and Electric Today!

So don’t be slow compare utility services look at gas prices, compare electricity prices, compare water prices, compare broadband prices and compare phone prices.

Check out the comparison services on your right to see what I mean and to see how much you can save when you compare, starting today!.

When you think about your utility prices you need to consider not only your gas and electricity services but your broadband provision and mobile phones.

There is no doubt that it is important that you get the right utility services, at the right price. And this is possible as you compare utility prices and costs across a range of utilities and suppliers.

The fact is whether your looking to lower your gas and/or electricity bills or want to look to save money by bundling and getting the best broadband and phone deals, you can do no better than having a look at various utility providers to see how much you could save!

Compare Compare Compare Utility Prices

The best way to compare utility prices is to have a good look around this page and investigate the various offers made and not rely on utilities warehouse.

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If you needed any more convincing as to why you should compare prices you should read a report published in April 2012 by the Institute for Public Policy Research.

It says that tougher action is needed to improve competition in the energy markets to make sure that consumers are charged a fair price for the services they use.

It reports that that six big energy providers have a stranglehold on the energy industry in Britain means households will spend almost £2bn more than they should on their domestic energy by 2020.

savings pigThe IPPR points out that efficiency savings by the energy providers could help to lower household gas and electricity bills.

The IPPR report, The True Cost of Energy, shows that annual utility efficiency savings could save consumers £1.9bn by 2020.

In 2010, Ofgem found that the energy supplier which was least efficient spent more than double that of the most efficient supplier on its operations per customer. The IPPR went on to say … these saving would help to make up for the cost of green energy, which is also blamed for increasing energy bills.

When you compare broadband,utility prices and providers to switch to the best deals you are rewarding the best and penalising the worst! Which in turn, over the long term, will make for a better utility provision

The director of policy and external affairs at Consumer Focus, Adam Scorer, said “There are many improvements which can be made to this market, but a good start would be to ensure that smaller suppliers can compete with the big six on a level playing field. Customers also need to know that suppliers are really competing for their business by passing on efficiencies and wholesale cuts, as well as ensuring customer service is first rate”.

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The Big Six energy providers continue to say that their profit margins are very small per utility customer.

When they put up energy prices they are merely reacting to rising wholesale energy costs.

They are also quick to point out that energy costs are not just increasing in the UK.

Furthermore, they say, it’s not just domestic energy which has gone up, business gas prices and electricity prices have also increased over recent months as third party costs have increased for utility suppliers.

Ofgem has proposed a number of measures to improve the efficiency of the utility industry.

It has also called on energy suppliers to be more transparent and cut the number of tariffs they offer to try to reduce confusion amongst consumers so that customers can compare utility prices better. Whether the companies respond for the benefit of the consumer, remains to be seen.

To be sure to spend less than you need on your utilities you need to compare, compare, compare and compare utility prices and move to the best utility deals as soon as possible.

Compare utility prices if you are fed up with big bills and want to save cash!

Compare Utility Prices such as Gas and Electric

Take action today to reduce them and put more money into your pocket!

A future of power shortages and higher gas and electricity bills in the years ahead is likely unless something is done says Ofgem.

This makes the quest for the best gas and electricity costs and the task of doing a compare utility prices check even more urgent.

UK Energy regulator Ofgem estimates that 40% of people who switch do not get a better deal they do not save cash.

Don’t Be One Of Them Use The Tools On The Link Above.

The main offenders are home call salesmen who are paid on a commission basis and will do anything to get you to sign up.

The way to get the best gas and electricty deals is to have a good look round and compare utility prices at the different switching companies on the link above and then do the best deal for you.

Begin your own fight back against ever increasing energy prices compare utility prices and change to a cheaper utility supplier NOW!

According to Ofgem the UK energy industry’s watchdog, “More and more people will not be able to afford enough electricity and gas to heat their homes”. It expects household utility bills for gas and electricity to soar.

Don’t be caught out paying higher bills than you need – get the best Gas and electricity prices and deals now as you compare gas and electric prices to save cash!

The UK is facing energy problems within just a few years, according to Ofgem. Five of the UK’s fourteen coal power stations must be retired by twenty fifteen and seven of the ten nuclear power stations will have to close by the end of the decade.

The first new nuclear power stations will not be built until twenty seventeen. It is unlikely that Britain will be able to build the number of wind farms it needs quickly enough to meet the shortfall. It seems that the days of cheap energy are over, unless you know where to go!

To get the best gas and electricity deals for home and business, compare utility prices and take action now to save cash.

The problem is this.

Britain needs hundreds of billions of pounds of investment in new nuclear, gas, wind and clean coal power stations over the next decade or so. But the investment market conditions are not right to encourage this investment. Due to the state of the worlds economy returns are too uncertain.

There are also, great questions as to the ability of the energy industry to be able to deliver such a huge amount of extra capacity in time to avoid disruption.Some of the new technology needed is still a long way off.

Ofgem says, ” Radical reforms are needed to safeguard power supplies”.

The chief executive Alistair Buchanan said, “that without reform there could be a “degree of crisis” and a failure to act would mean customers would end up footing the bill for costly short-term solutions.”

“In 2017 we get to the really sweaty-palm moment in terms of possible shortages.”

“It is the scale of collapse in energy supply from 2013 up until 2017 that is profound and worrying. Companies say that there are X-gigawatts of new power stations in the pipeline, but you can’t rely on this.”

According to Mr Buchanan many companies believe the predictions are actually too optimistic.

The CBI business group, said it was a “stark warning that existing policy will not deliver the balanced energy mix”.

Undoubtedly over the next few years the utility energy market is going to change and it will be difficult to keep up with all the changes. It will be harder to get the cheapest gas and electricity deal and save cash unless you know where to look.

You really do need to Compare Utility Prices to save cash!

Also don’t forget to look for the best broadband and phone deals as well.

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 Posted on : September 13, 2013

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