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Is the utility warehouse cashback card really the best among all the cashback cards out there?

Utility Warehouse Cashback Card Poster

Now I am not that well up on all the ins and outs of the cashback cards with utility warehouse as I just use my ordinary credit cards and get cashback on those.

However seeing this site is a utility warehouse review site I thought it right to give my readers some information on this utility warehouse cashback service.

Utility warehouse cashback Image by Wiltsplus via Flickr

 Utility Warehouse Distributor Video

Bit of a duff utility warehouse video!

Here is a blog on the utility warehouse cashback card I came across which it seems is written by a distributor and placed on the blog .


When it comes to the trend of using cashback, there is nothing that could beat the features and functions of utility warehouse cashback card. This is a typical cash back card, not just any ordinary credit card; it is, rather, a card that will be topped up with your money when you shop – you can read more about it on this at distributors URL You can use this card to get unlimited offers and cashback facilities while you shop with an astoundingly wide range of retailers in the United Kingdom. As you shop, your cashback amount will be automatically updated in your bill and paid to you.

There are some really good features of the utility warehouse cashback card, which makes it one of the most preferred choices in the United Kingdom. First of all, you can 3 to 7 percent cash back with the card partners – there are quite a lot of them, indeed. As you get cashback, you can actually save up to 25% on your purchase bill. The cash back amount will be paid on the monthly bill. You will not have any interest to be paid. You can even get the card topped up easily.

If you have one cashback card from utility warehouse, you can even request for a partner or siblings card, or both. These cards can be easily used online and in stores.

Because it involves the use of a payment card, you can even get Nectar points along with other special offers and discounts. It can be used widely across various leading retailers in the United Kingdom and their listed partners.


However which? doesn’t mention utility warehouse in their article in April as you will see below

Find out which cards reward best for brand loyalty … 01 April 2013


New research from Which? shows that you could be losing out on hundreds of pounds by choosing the wrong reward credit card.

Reward credit cards are one of the few products on the market where you can earn a reasonable return for staying loyal to a particular brand.

Our research shows, however, that this loyalty could be a false economy, leaving you up to £140 less well off in rewards between the most and least generous deals on the market.

Reward and cashback cards: the best and worst deals

The American Express Nectar credit-card came out top in our research, offering a generous £50 introductory bonus, 2% in-store rate and additional £2.50 worth of MorePoints for every £500 spent. Read more at Best reward and cashback credit cards revealed – April – 2013 …

Be the first to grab this worldwide cash back card. Registration is free. For personal assistance, and pre-registration,

Do you use a utility warehouse cashback card and if you do what do you think about this utility warehouse service?

Leave a comment below to help our utility readers decide on using utility warehouse.

Maybe you use other services that you consider to be better than the utility warehouse.

If you do leave your comments below for people considering using the utility warehouse.

Do you know of any reasons as to why people should not use the utility warehouse cashback card?

Spread the Word, like or share this page, your friends will also love it and thanks for it.

 Posted on : September 13, 2013

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  1. […] Utility Warehouse Cashback Card – Is the utility warehouse cashback card really the best among all the cashback cards out there? I thought it right to give my readers some information on this. […]

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