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Utility warehouse broadband review can be independent. But a lot of the time they are given by distributors who are seeking to sign people up for this Multi Level Marketing type company. And these reviews can be manipulated as you can see here.

I used to be with uwclub but after several utility warehouse broadband problems, I decided to switch. And it was a great move because I found I had cheaper and better service on moving. Consequently there is no way I would go back to uwclub broadband.

Great value Unlimited Broadband from an award winning provider

utility warehouse broadband review tablet

Online Utility Warehouse Broadband Review

I was on the phone for 3/4 of an hour, using my Mobile.  Because I just needed them to test how fast my internet was.

While I was chatting and asking questions they told me they cannot check at the moment. Because the machine had broken down, could I ring back tomorrow.

Hopefully it will be up and running then, forget it I`m switching.

Satisfaction     1 star

Speed    1 star

Reliability     1 star

Customer Service     1 star


Appalling service currently 0.1 Mb Varies between 0.8Mb at best to nothing! If I lived on the top of a mountain it would be understandable but I am just 4 miles away from a major town in Powys. Utility Warehouse Broadband is worse now than the old system !

Speed     3 stars

Reliability     1 star

Customer Service     1 star

Colin Duncan – Llanwern nr Brecon. Powys.        

Slowest broadband I’ve ever had. My mobile phone network is quicker.utility warehouse broadband review -ratings-am

Satisfaction     1 star

Speed     1 star

Reliability    1 star

Customer Service     2 stars

Andrew Birtles Atherton           

Good for the first few weeks. Then running 0.15MB instead of getting 20MB.

Satisfaction     1 star

Speed     1 star

Reliability     1 star

Customer Service     1 star

Mr stone            

      Utility warehouse broadband review continues.

I used to be with TalkTalk and that was good. Then I changed because I thought it was a better deal. Understandably it’s early days, but I expected more from them. I run a desk top and a lap top, the desk top was ok, but the laptop was very slow. Whereas with TalkTalk, it was as fast as the desktop. I may have shot myself in the foot with utility warehouse broadband.

Satisfaction     3 stars

Speed     2 stars

Reliability    3 stars

Customer Service     3 stars

Roy Hesketh      WN7    

Really good, always English call centre. Bit more expensive though + on the outset they said it would be anytime calls – 2 months into the contract they withdrew this offer and said we would have to pay compensation if we left. I can’t fault the rest of the package though. Just not as cheap as utility warehouse make out.


There are lots of negative reviews regarding the speed of the Utility Warehouse Broadband Provider. When I was with them they were using talk talk to provide broadband service. The offer a speed test on their own site. But at utility warehouse broadband review we think this independent speed test is better.

Utility Warehouse Broadband Review.

Things may have changed slightly since this review was published.

The cheapest warehouse telecom plus package is called Lite and this gives you a 2Gb download with up to 8Mb internet connection speed. There is free connection, free email anti-virus and anti-spam software with no minimum contract term.

Check out the lite deal against other cheaper packages on this page and by clicking here.

The middle warehouse  package is called Standard and this will give you 40Gb of download and up to 24Mb internet connection speed. This also gives you free connection with free email anti-virus and anti-spam software and a free router. There is no minimum contract term and this would be best if you want to shop online, watch some video content and download music.

Once again if this is the kind of thing you are looking for you should check out utility warehouse broadband standard against other median packages on this page.

The top utility warehouse set up broadband package is what the call the Max.

This deal will give you unlimited download capability, which is subject like most other deals to a fair use policy. You will receive up to 24Mb broadband connection speed with free connection, a free router, free email anti-virus and anti-spam software with a no minimum contract term.

This kind of utility warehouse set up is ideal when there are several heavy internet users in your household and you want an unlimited download allowance or you want more of a business package. Remember if this is the kind of package you are looking to make use of, you should check out the MAX utility warehouse broadband package against other top end packages on this page.


Uwclub Broadband Reviews

Who ever you choose to go with for your broadband provision always get some reviews from folk who are using the service because often the reality is less than the promise with some companies. That is why reviews and customer comments are worth reading.

Look for comments outside the utility warehouse company web pages as these will give you independent views and not just the views of utility warehouse clubhouse members..

You don’t want to end up like this person.

Review of Broadcall

Utility Warehouse Broadband Problems – “Poor Performance” – I took the Utility Warehouse broadband settings connection two weeks ago. On the understanding that the performance of their network was comparable to the BT offering. What a load of rubbish, my new connection is 10 times slower than before. I complained about the lack of knowledge of their agent and told them I would not be paying any fees for the service. Which they agreed to, on the basis that it was miss sold. My advice, stay away from utility warehouse and beware. Because swapping to another provider takes time and living with this service is a nightmare.

fibre beats utility warehouse broadband reviews

Click The Picture For Fast Results

While the above is a negative warehouse comment there are positive reviews of utility warehouse broadband as well and some positive reviews of the internet support. In fact there is good and bad for just about all internet service providers but some are worse than others.

There are some good reviews for the uwclub’s best broadband and phone deals. Just be wise and get an overview from the review sites, for utility warehouse broadband reviews.

For a review just type – “reviews of.. utility warehouse or [name of company]… broadband” – into your search engine.

The utility warehouse discount club isn’t the only choice for your money. Because there are many great internet service providers and re-sellers. And these are all vying for your business including the utility discount warehouse.

As with most things there are good, bad and indifferent, all for the same money.

The main areas for comparing are price of course. And reliability together with hidden charges, that sometimes can apply. Consequently it’s not such a good deal if you get a really cheap package only to find your connection keeps dropping out.

utility warehouse broadband review pc tune upYou need to take into account the internet speed you receive when comparing. Because often internet speed is restricted because of the settings of your computer and/or router.

One simple solution, that I use personally, is to use a PC utility tune up program. I use the one advertised on the right column. This utility certainly added to my internet speed.

Take the free trial by clicking the picture and see for yourself how this utility will speed up utility warehouse broadband settings.

This class teaches students about the various types of broadband technologies available to connect homes and businesses to the Internet. We discuss the pros and cons of the different options so that students can make an informed decision about purchasing their Internet service.


To find out information on utility warehouse speed test for broadband click here. Or click here to return to home page.

If you are paying for broadband then it makes sense to maximise your Utility Warehouse Broadband review advice.



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 Posted on : September 13, 2013

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    Hello, i watched your video said 8Bytes = 1bit you wrote on the board 1bit=8Byters Thanks kevin

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    Kudos Sirji, ur my network guru – very impressive.

  11. My ADSL was 6.5 meg for 6 years, now it’s 1 meg.
    my isp made me buy a new cat5e and a router, even after i told then it was a problem outside my setup.

    cost me £40 and having to wait 5 days for them to fix the street cab outside the house.

    funny thing is, we saw a engineer in the cab just before we slowed down Mmmm

    thinking of dumping ADSL and getting fiber at 50meg
    shitty uk isps

    not paying the bill till fixed 🙁

  12. Vishal Srivastava says :

    1 bit = 8 byte?

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    He explained it correctly but wrote it wrong.

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    I’m on DSL 25 mb/S down and 10 mb/s up

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    Learned a lot..

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    I have 20 mbit down and 3.5 up 🙂

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    4 bits = 1 nibble.

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