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HI I’M MALCOLM IVINSON and I like tickling TIGERS.

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I publish this utility warehouse review site to give an independent view of this telecom plus business for customers and distributors.

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I joined the utility warehouse as a distributor and switched all my services to them in in 2004. After a few years I left my position to pursue making money online, which was the best step I ever made.

I have also made money investing in the shares of telecom plus the parent company of utility warehouse.

I have just recently decided to terminate all services from utility warehouse because of the factors you will read below.

Why I Left Utility Warehouse Completely After 11 Years

I was finding the customer service poor with such things as emails not being answered and taking three days to get an answer to simple questions.

Also my broadband service slow and getting slower at busy times so I approached uwclub to see if they had a deal on fiber broadband for existing customers because I thought  that they would have wanted to keep my custom for broadband phone and gas and electric.

I was wrong.

So I checked around for a better broadband experience and price that I found here.

Also I checked out other providers for gas and electricity and found a much better deal here.

I am also saving on paying for a club membership that by and large isn’t value for money.

Most people in the utility warehouse are there because they are distributors or are family or friends of a distributor because it is run as a multi level marketing company.

At first I found the discount club OK but now I have found better services at better prices.

utility warehouse review simple business

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 Posted on : August 15, 2013