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At utility warehouse reviews site you will find all the information that you need and more. This is not a sales pitch for the utilities warehouse. Or a site that says they are rubbish and a scam and you need to join my rival utility business.

This is my independent appraisal of the Uwclub that is part of Telecom Plus plc.

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Utility Warehouse Reviews Martin Lewis says,”Utility Warehouse’s energy price promise is hilarious and the cheapest energy guarantee isn’t true. Switch Now!

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To check out any particular aspect of the UW club just click the relevant links throughout the site. One link you may be interested in for example in utility warehouse broadband reviews.

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Reviews  Of  Utility Warehouse

A word of warning from

Before we dive into the utility warehouse reviews again. You should know that Utility Warehouse customers and distributors have a bad reputation. Because of a minority who write aggressive comments under any articles that include a negative word about the business.

The posters often don’t admit that they have a financial incentive in defending the company.

Other people write unbelievably glowing reviews of the company. Which many loveMONEY readers consider to be dubious. Can anyone really get that excited and emotional about an energy company?

Consequently bear this in mind when reading any comments later.
 1). DO NOT TOUCH!!!! They are criminals and thieves. They will do anything they can, including claiming they’ve sent you a bill when they haven’t, to send you a debt collector bill for hundreds of pounds even though they know you don’t owe the amount. Why? Because they also own the debt collecting company – Utility Debt Collectors Ltd. It is a complete scam and I feel sorry for people that fall for it. I’m currently taking legal action against them. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

2). utility warehouse has nothing to do with service just a bunch of mlmers seeking to get rich quick.

3). I have been with the Utility warehouse for over 12 years and I have never been so disgusted, I have been messed about three times regarding fiber broadband the last straw was a date was made for the engineer to call round on the 20th of this month but on the 7th of this month I had a message via my phone to give Utility Warehouse a call.

Upon calling yesterday the 20th I was told the installation had been cancelled. I have been let down again and I have booked time off work the chap who I spoke to asked me when would be a good time to rearrange which we came to a mutual time and date at which he told me that had gone too.

Why should I stay with Utility Warehouse you give me no incentives and they cancel dates without asking you and give no form of compensation but they expect it if customers miss Utility warehouse appointments. This is totally disgraceful disgrace. Mr P R Butcher

Utility Warehouse Reviews – Who Are Utility Warehouse Discount Club

The Warehouse discount club is part of Telecom Plus holding company but operates as a separate multi-utility provider business from its headquarters in North London, England. The uwclub supplies customers with landline telephony, mobile telephony, broadband, gas, and electricity throughout the United Kingdom. Customer acquisition is done through an army of independent distributors using a multi-level marketing model . Worried about a pyramid scheme ? click here

The public utility company was founded in 2002. In 2006, Telecom Plus UWDC partnered with n power to supply energy as in gas and electricity to its customers. This involved selling two subsidiaries Electricity Plus and Gas Plus to N Power. However, in 2013, Electricity Plus and Gas Plus were bought back for £218 million. This made the discount club into one of the largest independent energy suppliers in the UK with over 500,000 customers and 770,000 gas and electricity supply points. It was the emergence of a “Big Seven” in place of the existing big six energy suppliers.

The company cites Institute of Customer Service, USwitch and consumer group Which? in it’s marketing but you need to read between the lines.

utility warehouse reviews membership cardsThe Club does not sell from shops or engage in traditional advertising, they rely entirely on word-of-mouth referrals from their independent distributors and existing customers or members.

Their telephony and energy services are often bundled to theoretically reduce costs for customers. The company sets their own tariffs and levies a membership fee for each of its members/customers.

The Guardian reported that Telecom Plus’s rates were generally average, and as much as 20% higher than the best deals. They also do not rate well in comparison websites.

 What This Utility Warehouse Reviews Website Is About !

This utility warehouse reviews site is not promoting the Telecom plus Discount Club.

In fact this site actively encourages anyone or uwclub member to compare their gas and electric prices with others in the market place. Do this by using independent comparison services and do not rely on the review of prices on the utility warehouse extranet website.

We simply think that independent is best!

By using an independent comparison service such as the one recommended by us.

You will be able to look at all the suppliers available to you.

You’ll be amazed at what you can save on your utility bills!

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We at utility warehouse reviews would also love to have your uwdc comments. Plus your independent  views about the the club and subjects like utility warehouse webmail.

If you are a distributor  please state so this applies whether you’re a telecom plus utility member or not. You can give your views and comments at the bottom of this page. Just scroll down. For utility warehouse distributor reviews click here.

This would be a great help to others seeking to find out more about telecom plus and are seeking reviews on the clubhouse.

Further areas covered in this website are : – utility warehouse login, extranet, utility warehouse problems, utility warehouse jobs, utility warehouse contact and  utility warehouse complaints.

You will also find helpful independent uwclub reviews at money saving expert.

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Transcript of Review of Utility Warehouse Video

utility warehouse reviews header

In this review of utility warehouse services and business plan you will discover why I left the utility warehouse discount club as a distributor and as a customer after 11 years. Please keep watching this video till the end as I have a gift for you.

Hi my name is Malcolm Ivinson and I love tickling Tigers. I used to be a UW club customer and distributor but I’m not anymore and you will discover why in this video.

You’ve arrived at this page because you were thinking of becoming, or you already are, a uwclub member or customer. You are seeking either to reduce your utility bills or looking for a way to make some extra money or perhaps both.

I applaud your desire for both of these things, because you have shown yourself to be a person of action and it’s clear you’re prepared to act to make things better.

utility warehouse reviews information pictureHowever, you can only make the right decisions when you are aware of all the facts.

It’s only then that you can make the right decisions that are best for you. (utility warehouse reviews martin lewis)

Most individuals join Telecom plus because they were introduced to the club by a friend a relative or someone they know. And it seemed like a good idea at the time , to save or to make money with uwdc.

In my case I join online after I retired early. And I was looking for a way to keep busy and earn some extra cash.

So I began to use the services of Telecom plus which were a bit cheaper and to build a group of distributors. I’d listen to all the hype about the business and understood the stairway to success and how to be successful. However, as time went on it was clear that the sales system was flawed.

I also discovered I could make money faster and easier in other ways.

So I quit as a utility warehouse distributor.

Even when I quit being a distributor I continued as a utility warehouse customer in the belief that the services were better and cheaper and that uw had the best customer service.

Then in June of 2015 I wanted to get the uwclub fibre broadband and as I used the services of gas,electricity, Internet and phone I made utility warehouse contact and approached customer services to see what the best deal was. And whether there would be a deal for a long-standing customer.

The bottom line was that there wasn’t a deal so I looked around for the best fibre Internet and phone deal. I found to my surprise that I could get faster speeds for a much better price. I also found that the service was a lot better to. You can also take a look about this by following the link below this video.

So because of what happened with the internet.

I thought I would look at gas and electricity to see if I could improve things.

And yet again I found I could save a bundle by switching compare gas and electric with utility warehouse reviewssuppliers.

Again I got better service as well. You can check this out by following the link below this video.

So if you are thinking of becoming a member do yourself a favour and check out the links below the video you be glad you did. Or if you are already a uwdc member check things out because I think you, like me, will be surprised.

But maybe even now you’re still fully committed to trying to earn extra cash with Telecom plus because of your situation and that’s your choice. I wish you well in what you choose to do so I have even included a link below to help you make money with the UW club.
I hope this review helps in whatever way to put more money in your pocket. Thanks for watching.

Utility Warehouse Reviews Problems Solved.










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