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This is not a sales pitch for the utilities warehouse. Or a site that says they are rubbish and a scam and you need to join my rival utility business.

It is my independent appraisal of the Uwclub that is part of Telecom Plus plc.

To check out any particular aspect of the UW club just click the relevant links throughout the site. Also at the top of the right hand column is a search box with sections underneath.

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Why I Left Utility Warehouse After 11 Years

I was finding the customer service poor with such things as emails not being answered and taking three days to get an answer to simple questions.

Also my broadband service slow and getting slower at busy times so I approached uwclub to see if they had a deal on fiber broadband for existing customers because I thought  that they would have wanted to keep my custom for broadband phone and gas and electric.

I was wrong.

So I checked around for a better broadband experience and price that I found here.

Also I checked out other providers for gas and electricity and found a much better deal here.

I am also saving on paying for a club membership that by and large isn’t value for money.

Most people in the utility warehouse are there because they are distributors or are family or friends of a distributor because it is run as a multi level marketing company.

At first I found the discount club OK but now I have found better services at better prices.

Who Are UWCLUB ?

The UWDC or UtilityWarehouse Discount Club is part of Telecom Plus plc business. And operates as a UK only membership club. This supplies gas and electricity, home phone, mobile phone and broadband services as well as a shopping service and cashback card for customers or members.

Their marketing message is that they will save you money on your home utility bills. Plus they will provide you with one simple to read utility warehouse bill.

<< >> Uwclub, sold its utility warehouse energy business subsidiaries Gas Plus Supply Ltd and Electricity Plus Supply Ltd to Npower in 2006.

The telecom plus company manages all aspects of the energy process under the DISCOUNT brand for these companies on behalf of Npower.

This includes contact, billing, utility warehouse customer service and metering.

The company operates a full land-line home phone service and a mobile phone service that is piggy backed on the T-Mobile & Orange UK mobile network.

It also offers utility warehouse webmail.

The selling side is done on a Multilevel Marketing model. Where new customers and distributors are recruited to recruit more members and distributors so they can make extra money.

Utility warehouse reviews doesn’t think this is a good business model.


Utility warehouse extranet says it doesn’t have shops or run expensive advertising campaigns. Telecom plus do however, pay celebrities to promote the company. Plus they pay out commissions and bonuses to those who promote them.

To me it doesn’t seem much of a difference to pay celebrities to produce a series of promotional videos than paying them to appear in an advert.

It is true that they don’t have shops but they do offer incentives for customers and distributors. There is nothing wrong with that but this is often overlooked by people looking for a cheaper gas and/or electricity provider. Sometimes a glowing recommendation from a neighbour or friend is influenced by the knowledge of a cash incentive. It is better if you can source independent utility warehouse reviews.

Utility Warehouse Reviews Business Model

The growth of the telecom plus utility business is done by word of mouth referral marketing. Also known as network marketing or Multi-Level-Marketing. The company is headed by Charles Wigoder but the main sales activity is carried out by independent distributors and representatives. These sign up people as their own personal customers. Plus they also recruit new distributors and representatives into the telecom plus business as well.

For this they get paid commissions plus bonuses.

The most cash is made by recruiting and not by selling. When you build a team of distributors and representatives, you earn a percentage of the bills of their customers, as well as substantial bonuses as your team grows. Utility warehouse reviews understands that distributors and representatives have to pay a joining fee. And then there is an on-going business registration cost.

Charity Funding

The telecom business has what are called Community Fundraisers. These fundraisers are able to raise income for organizations such as schools, charities, social groups, sports clubs, and places of worship. They raise money by encouraging their supporters to use the company’s utility services. The commission and fees earned from people switching their utilities are paid to the selected charity or community group.

Watch The Company Sales Pitch here!

NOW GET THE FACTS With Utility Warehouse Reviews.

Will they save me money ?

Maybe yes or no … check out independent reviews and comparison first.

Take a look at utilityware house reviews independent comparison service as it will compare UWCLUB with any other provider.

If you find uwdc is the best, you will need to join the club first and then decide which of the Utility Warehouse utilities you want to use.

The aim of Telecom Plus is to get people who join the uwclub to use four services.

And when this happens there are certain utility warehouse clubhouse benefits available.

To view Terms and conditions click here. (This may be out of date for a current copy ask the utility warehouse company.)

New customers switching to the utility warehouse clubhouse are required to be members and pay a monthly membership fee. Therefore it is necessary to treat this as part of the cost of switching to this service. The marketing arm is operated by Telecom Plus plc.

There are three bands of home energy tariffs.

Low is usually for houses with less than 3 bedrooms.

Standard is a 3 bedroom semi detached and high is 3 bedrooms detached and bigger.

The company will give you the tariff which is most favourable to you.

You also have the option to select your own tariff if you prefer.

There are three levels of membership. These cost more depending on what levels of benefit you want to pay for. However, you have to take at least the basic membership if you want to join. You need to bear this in mind regarding the true cost, if you decide to join.

For help and advice on making the right switching move, utility warehouse reviews offers you a free report.

You can download your report here.

‘Double The Difference Price Promise’.

This guarantee that you will save money when you switch your utilities to the discount club, or you’ll get back ‘Double the Difference. Isn’t exactly what you take it to mean.

This price promise is available to all new utility warehouse clubhouse members with Gold Status. For gold status you need to take four services from telecom plus. There appears to be many catches and exceptions. As usual you need to read the small print.

One example is UW doesn’t promise to be the cheapest. It just promises to be the UK’s cheapest provider when you compare standard Gas and Electricity tariffs. There is a host of tariffs offered by most utility providers!

Refer A Friend Scheme.

The refer a friend scheme is aimed at all their customers who want to reduce the money they pay on their bills. Whenever a club member introduces another member, they get a percentage deduction off their bill. This is for as long as the person they have introduced stays with the club. There is no limit to how many people members can introduce.

This is OK for the customer but of course it does tend to lead to a biased recommendation. Plus it also acts as a tie in for customers.

You can’t beat independent utility warehouse reviews such as you find here.

This is what telecom plus say on their website. If you love saving money with the Utility Warehouse Discount Club, tell your friends about it. Thanks to our Share and Save Plan you could save even more every month. Whenever someone you recommend becomes a customer. We’ll take 0.5% off your bill for each service they take. For as long as they take it.

For example, if they take four services we’ll cut your bill by 2% for as long as they remain a member. Get 10 people to do this, and you’ll be enjoying 20% off your bill, month after month, year after year. Plus there’s no limit to how many people you can refer!

This is a pretty strong incentive for club members who receive payment to overlook any doubts or short comings in the clubhouse. And they give a ringing top endorsement for gas, electric, phone and broadband. So always balance these views with utility warehouse reviews from independent sources!

pig savings

Can I make money with them ?

It depends you may or you may not.

A few make big money from this business model but you also have to realise that most do not.

The view of utility warehouse reviews is that you can make money easier and more securely in other businesses than with network marketing.

What else should I know about Utility Warehouse Telecom Plus plc

This utility warehouse review site is not promoting the Discount Club.

In fact this site actively encourages any uwclub member to compare their gas and electric prices with others in the market place. Do this by using independent comparison services and do not rely on the review of prices on the company website.

We at utility warehouse reviews simply think that independent is best!

By using an independent comparison service such as the one recommended by utility warehouse reviews at the top of the right hand column. You will be able to look at all the suppliers available to you. You’ll be amazed at what you can save on your utility bills!

You can also compare broadband services.

We at utility warehouse reviews would also love to have your comments. Plus views about the utilities warehouse. This applies whether you’re a telecom plus utility member or not.

You can give yours at the bottom of this page.

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This would be a great help to others seeking to find out more about telecom plus and utility warehouse reviews.

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